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Great swimming, Great views

Steamboat is my favorite local spot. The swimming is so nice, there is something to do for every age and swimming ability. The spots are good sized and most of them have good privacy. It is on Steamboat rd, and the good thing about this Campground, If it is full, there are about 15 dispersed campsites past steamboat on the main road.

Hello neighbor!

This campground has 0 privacy, even the picnic tables for the RV spots, you have to walk thru a tent site to get to them. Half the sites are reserve online. The entrance to the park is hard to find in the daylight, and near impossible to find in the dark. There is one good thing about this place, it is only a couple minute drive from a great hot spring….so if you can put up with everything I have already said, I strongly recommend you go just for that hot spring.

On the lake, no privacy, Hot spring?

This campground is good if you have an RV, or don't really care about privacy. The Camphosts were very involved. The views of Paulina lake are nice and if you have "lake toys" you will enjoy it. The trail to the hot springs isn't horrible, but isn't the easiest. The hot springs themselves are nice, the closer to the trail, the hotter they are.

Ludlum house - good for a few, good for many!

The Ludlum House is a great place to go and escape the loud noises and bright lights. The yard around it is big enough for dogs to run around happily.(Mine did) The house is cozy and feels very homey. Make sure you bring plenty of wood if you come in the fall or winter. Bring your little family, or call in the siblings and cousins. It's a big, beautiful and peaceful place, for few or many to have a great time as a family or a company retreat. There is a couple little trails around the house, one leads to a nice little Creek(pics). Make sure you read and write in the House Journal, it's part of the experience!

Privacy little, trails yes!

We liked the site we got(37) and there was a couple more that had some privacy, but most of them were right on the road. If you are "Camping" with a motor home this isn't a big deal, but tent camping makes it a downer(I'll show in pictures). The group site here is huge and has a lot of amenities (sink, electric, tables, and a covered area) 125.00/night.(pictures). The day-use area has one of the best view I've seen on the Oregon Coast.(picture) There is a nice Creek, and nice trails surrounding the place (picture of map) close to ocean and cool stuff like Thor's Well.(picture)

Really nice for a private group experience.

My family camped here and had a great time. We took 16 people, and only took up a small section of the place. There are lots of small holes(could be snake, gofer…who knows didn't see anything). There are a couple nice trails surrounding the place and a nice watering hole across the street. There were a lot of mosquito's and the standing cooking fire pits(2) are small. The ground cooking one is surrounded by grass, so come prepared. There is a good pit for a campfire though. We love this place, kids loved it because of the huge field and the parking lot (locked gate aloud them unlimited fun). Dogs loved having free reign. I recommend this place for any family gathering or just if you want some privacy.

Nice quiet place to camp.

I like this place, especially if you have kids. They have a park in the middle of the campground, and a Baseball field. They have a few sites that have enough space for my very large tent, not a lot of places do.