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Boise, ID

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I crave being outdoors, smelling the fresh camping air. My hiking backpack is always packed and ready to go.

Great Location ... but loud

I had the wonderful opportunity to stay the night at Salt Lake City KOA! I was trying to find a location that wasn't too far away from central Salt Lake City but wasn't right down town, that's when I came across the Salk Lake City KOA! After a long drive there is nothing better than a relaxing shower. The showers have a combination lock to prevent non campers from being able to use the showers. There is a wonderful dog run made more for littler dogs, but its still a great addition. KOA has a convince store available at the entrance with a very kind staff! There is a wonderful pool and hot tub! If you're late or arrive after hours don't worry about it. For your convince there is an after hours pick up box at the back of the building by the pool. If you made reservations you can pick up your information packet or pay for a space all at the after hours box! If you need help they do have staff on hand 24 hours. I loved the way this camp site is laid out, the tents are in one section and the campers have their own area. It is pretty common to see hammocks around this KOA, they have the best trees for it! The only complaint I had was the noise, but if you bring ear plugs that isn't an issue! This KOA has the cutest cabins of all sizes!

I loved staying here and will for sure stay there again! My camp site is in these photos my friend was just really good at taking down camp before I could take a photo. I forgot to mention there is full hookups for trailers and free WIFI. You can also find lots of good places to eat around this KOA!

Rough camping

To enter the South-Zion National Park camp grounds you have to go through the park entrance and the camp grounds are just behind the parks entrance. There is drinking water, flush-able toilets, picnic tables, fire rings, flat places for a tent, dump stations. There is not however, showers, shade which can get hot on 100 degree days, there is no power, the ground is too hard to stake down tents, no trees for hammocks, the bathroom have huge spiders and filthy, there are plenty of rocks to sleep on!

This is not the best camp site on the planet it is ok. It currently costs $35 to get into the Zion National Park and then it costs to camp at this site. With the amount of traffic this area gets and the amount of money flowing in they could put in a decent bathroom, one without bugs.

I have good news there are lots of trails for backpacking and biking. If you'd like to go for a stroll to shower there are showers a little less than a mile away that cost $15 for 12 minutes. They aren't wonderful but they get the job done. They are however also filthy! Thank goodness I had my Oofos Oolala flip flops on hand to save my feet from whatever nasty germs were living in the shower floor that was covered in hair. There are some great places to eat close by to this camp grounds and great coffee! If you need any souvenirs there are plenty of places to shop!

The South-Zion National Park campgrounds have a shuttle close by that drives guests to the trail for the well known, "Narrows". The shuttle comes with your park pass and is a hop on hop off transit. It is the easiest way to see some of Zions most precious wonders!


Close to popular trails

River runs next to camp

Close shopping and food

Potable water

Places to throw away trash


Bad bathrooms (rather go outside) + small stalls

No showers

Rough grounds

Potato Hollow Springs-- Oofos Oolala

Potato Hollow #8 camp site is part of the West Rim Trail in the Zion National Park. The hike to camp site 8, I would rate as difficult but it is well worth the trek. The view is fantastic and you encounter so much wild life (all different types of birds, baby frogs, horny toads, deer, snakes, raccoon), just watch for Rattle Snakes in the warmer months. To reach this camp site you might want to bring trekking poles because the trails can become very steep and eroded. At camp site 8 there are no restrooms, please pack out what you packed in. There is nothing worse than coming across other campers trash in such a beautiful place. You will need to pack in water as well! But there is a stream close by you will need a handy dandy shovel to dig down to it, also a good filtration system would be very beneficial. You do need a camping permit to camp here. So, be sure to plan ahead! We had an absolute blast pushing ourselves to the limit and enjoying what nature had in store. On this backpacking trip we encountered a thunderstorm every night at 5pm and with it came rain, hail, wind and whatever else nature decided would be a great addition! It was a bit intimidating but well worth the trip! You will need to purchase a discovery pass or Zion National Park Pass as well as your permits. You can bike to this camp site as well.


No safe water to drink without filtration system and you have to dig for it

No bathrooms, so leave no trace please

No trash cans


The difficult trail

The Views and wild life

Best quiet sleep of your life!

No power hookups or cell service

Ranger Review: Oofos Oolala at Potato Hollow Campsite #8

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get the wonderful opportunity to test products from time to time, today I am testing Oofos Oolala recovery shoes. These shoes are great recovery shoes and I have been testing them out to the max. I have used them as shower shoes at a KOA in Salt Lake. These shoes are very light weight and comfortable. The first time I walked around in Oofos Oolala Recovery shoe I lost my balance, it was pretty funny to watch. So, just prepare yourself before adventuring too far in them.

I took my Oofos on my camping trip to switch out of once we were done hiking and setting up camp. It was a great idea but these shoes aren't really geared for people who have blisters. They comfortably cradle your feet and help reduce the stress on your feet and knees after a long day, but they do have this amazing ability to press on every single one of your blisters after a long backpacking trip! Ouch. The rubber does tend to heat up too, so if you have dirt on your feet, the shoes cause your feet to sweat and the sweat rubs the dirt and then you're left with an odd looking rash. So, I wouldn't recommend taking these as an extra pair of shoes to switch out of after a day of backpacking. They are unstable to walk in on uneven terrain, much too hot, press on blisters not for the rustic life style.

I do recommend these shoes for urban use! I work and stand on cement floors every day and when I come home my feet are killing me. One day I decided to try my Oofos when I got home from work and these shoes helped relieve all the pain in my feet, lower back and helped with the extreme level of fatigue I was feeling. I felt as good as new! These shoes are a real feet saver after a full day at work or after a long run. They even work great as shower shoes! I love the color and style of them, they fit my feet perfectly. I am an 8.5 and I had to order a half size up. I did get the Oofos OOMG shoe as well but should have ordered a full size up, they are too short and I haven't been able to review them. =( But my Oofos Oolala are very comfortable, they do not slip off my feet (not even when they are wet) like so many flipflops usually do. They also float! So if they do fly off the back of a boat don't worry! They wont sink!

I give my Oofos Oolala 5 stars, they didn't really help out on my camping trip but they have saved my feet after a long week at work.

Thank you for letting me test Oofos Oolala!

Camp ground scope out

Camping season has finally sprung, so it was time to scope out a new camp ground and enjoy a road trip! That plan took me too Lake Owyhee State Park! It has to be on your list of camp grounds. The camp ground sites are flat which makes leveling a travel trailer nice or finding a smooth spot for a tent. Each site comes with a fire pit and a wonder view of the lake. The scenic drive to Lake Owyhee is stunning from the arches and natural walls of rock to driving through carved out rock. If you get the chance be sure to stop at the blue whole, it is absolutely haunting to think about a boat motor dying and possibly falling in. Eek!

Camping roadtrip

Located where desert meets the forest. This lovely area provides thrills for all. Bring your ATV'S, hiking boots, and fishing polls because this area has it all!

Rustic camping

This is a pack in pack out camp site. You have to hike to emerald lake! There is no potable water, no outhouses, and no trashcans! Please preserve this places beauty and pick up after yourselves. It is absolutely beautiful the forest is very dense and filled with wolves, couple mountain lions, and a few bears. Please be mindful of that. To get to emerald lake you have to hike down a very steep incline. But it's worth it! The lake is so beautiful and clear you can watch a fish snag your line!

First to Review
Tent camping

Easy to get to the camp sites! Warm lake is a wonderful place to go swimming, enjoy a picnic, or camp! It's a beautiful area! All roads are paved and there is plenty of room for rv/camper.

Beautiful beaches

My visit here was unplanned. I'm very glad I camped here. The main trails are paved and perferect for biking down to the beach! There is a very old shup wreck on the beach and the sunsets seen through it are perfect.

At the camp sites there are places to park your rv, camp tent, yerts, small cabins, and many more camping options! The staff is very friendly! There is running water for a nice shower and clean bathrooms! They even deliver wood to your camping spot for a small fee! Beautifully forested area makes this place an ideal camp ground. If you forgot something don't worry they have a convenient shoping spot in the center of the camp grounds.

Roughen it next to the snake

Fishing, camping, and lots of trails! If you're not a fan of Porta potties then this place is perfect for you! They have really nice and clean bathroom. It is a lovely area with places to BBQ or have a fire pit. Both are already made up for your convenience just bring wood. There is a beautiful bridge, originally a train track, open to the public to cross onto the other side of the river. Please do not swim in this section if the snake river it has under currents that will drag you down. The actual camp ground sites are areas that have the sage brush removed, nothing too fancy. Lots of tumble weeds that are pushed together to create a path to the different camp sites.

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Camping for hiking

Atlanta Idaho was once a huge gold mining booming town! It is now a small town with miles of hiking trails, hot springs just outside of town, and a cute burger and bar joint! The camp grounds are just outside of town if you plan on sticking around! If you are looking into hiking, horse riding, or mountain biking there is camping along the trail. Please know if you are hiking this trail there are obsticals to go over and under along the way. I'd rate this trail for experts, there are different routs you can take though. The terrain goes from thick forest to desert then back again with steep inclines. There are beautiful small lakes and streams along the way with plenty of fish!

Beatififul gem!

Found deep in the Boise Forest, this senic gem is perfect for a night or week stay. Every camp sight has a perfect view of the reservoir. You can bring your boat, fishing poll, and hiking boot, because there is plenty of fishing and trails! The sunsets are absolutely beath taking! But the most beautiful view is watching the storms rolling in, no I'm not some crazy thrill seeker. They are just stunning to watch come and there is no words to describe them! This places does offer clean water and outhouses. Most of the roads to get up there are dirt, please be advised scotts bluff is the more extreme road to get up there. If you have a camper trailer i would advise taking anyother route but Scotts. Please pack out whatever you pack in and leave this beautiful place gorgeous for the next camper!! Keep camping my camping freinds!