Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

My husband loves this campgrounds and I do not! no phone service, 20 amp electricity on most sites, and the office lady is so rude! For $22/night, it's not horrible, but there is a five night minimum stay in the summer… Oh and no tents on the lot if you have an rv. Ugh. They do have a full him up area that is nice. Perhaps I could try that side of the campground. The pond is nice to paddle around in and the river is close.

One word.... WOW

This is one of the best campgrounds I've been to in a while! Wow. The sites were very large! There are three bath houses and a pavilion. The water is so nice! We used the boat launch and had no issues at all. There are showers for noncampers as well. There are tons of things to do in the area and we enjoyed the big spring (kitchitikippee.. Sp?). I cannot wait to return here. We camped in the south part on lot 62. I highly recommend!

No plans to return to this campground

This campground is not my favorite, although my husband did not mind staying there. One of the reasons it is not my favorite is because the bathrooms were disgusting. I do not think that they were cleaned the entire four days we were there. They were super-hot and dirty. Another reason I did not care for the campground is because while we were there, my cousin’s dog was taken to doggy jail! We went on a kayaking trip down the Au Sable river and were gone a couple of hours. My cousin has a big dog that was tied to the tree. The dog had water, but must have knocked it over. The weather was not hot, it was in the low 70’s. My uncle’s site was right next door and he was watching the dog. My uncle was preparing dinner and went into the camper to grab what he needed to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. While he was making hamburger patties someone must have walked by and saw that the dog’s water was empty (because the dog knocked it over), that person went to the park attendant and they called animal control. My uncle came out of the camper and the dog was gone. My uncle said he was in the camper for about 20 mins making patties and getting food ready to grill outside. Apparently, it is not actually animal control that came to get him, it was a person down the street that takes the animals to his home on the weekend when animal control is not open. My uncle came out of the camper and the dog was gone. My uncle was frantic and walked around the entire campground and then went to the front desk. The lady was so rude to my uncle. My uncle is a very nice and funny man and he was just beside himself! My cousin came back from the kayaking trip and my uncle told him what happened. My cousin went to the man’s house that took the dog and had to pay $80 to get him out! It was quite the ordeal. My uncle felt bad because he wasn’t out there the entire time with the dog, but he wasn’t gone that long and it wasn’t that hot outside. My uncle would have seen that the water was empty and would have refilled it. The sites are HUGE and there are some trees, but I would not camp here again. That situation left a bad taste in my mouth and the bathrooms not being cleaned during our stay put me over the edge.

Not much for trees or shade

This park is a little different than most State parks as it is right off a main road and it doesn’t give that outdoorsy feel. The campground has a nice entrance as when you pull in, you can see the volleyball courts and park/day use area. The campground has green grass and was very appealing to the eyes. The roads are paved, however in very bad shape. The bathhouse was modern and in the center of the campground with easy access from all sites. You can see the Saint Clair river across the road. I assume that is why they built this campground so close to the road in order to see the water. They do have trails for walking and an archery section. The workers were very nice. I am not so sure I would stay at this campground again as it didn’t really have a campground feel to me. I like to see trees and have some shade, but this didn’t really give us that option.

Still one of my favorites for rock picking!

I have stayed at this park in the past, but feel my review could have been a little deeper. I have to start out by saying, I love this campground. I love that it is near the water and that it has paved pads in the south part of the campground. I love that it is near a town that has pretty much everything you need (restaurants, groceries, bars, lighthouses, etc). I can honestly say that this park is my top ten of campgrounds in the State of Michigan campgrounds that I have been to.

Here is the deeper review. There are two sections to this campground. The northern section seems to be the louder section and the southern section seems to be the more laid back quiet section. We have only ever stayed in the south section, but we always ride our bikes to the north second. The south section has more of a woodsy outdoor feel while the north section has more of an open space, smaller lots, crowded feel. It depends on what type of camper you are as to where you will want to camp. I have to say that if I were with a group of friends or family, I would probably book the northern part as it does have more of an upbeat party feel, but for the most part, there are just two of us that camp. Both sections have access to the beach, but the northern section is closer to the beach. The Northern section also has a camp store, which I have never seen at a state of Michigan campground. The store has absolutely everything! They have milk, eggs, bread, buns, bug spray, postcards, toys, and ice cream. I made several trips to the store and the ladies working were very friendly!

The first day that we rode our bikes to the store, there was a little tiff between a couple campers and one of the men came into the store and asked for the park ranger to come to their site. It appears that the man who was camped behind the man’s lot had several kids on their site and those kids kept cutting through the campsite to walk to the beach and the store. I did not stick around to see what happened, but when we rode our bikes back a few days later, they were still there.

I have to say that the northern side has TONS of children. If you have kids or do not mind kids running around everywhere, this is the side for you! If you want peace and quiet, stay in the south section!

Let’s talk about the dump station. This is one of the weirdest dump stations I have seen at a state park. When you pull into the park, the south campground is to the right, just beyond the check in building, but the north section is about half mile or so north, on the right. The dump station is at the north campground and to get to it, you have to enter the north campground and drive all the way through it, come back out, and then go to the dump station! It is the weirdest set up ever. I guess you could skip going through the north campground and just head to the dump station, but that means you would be cutting in line! There are two bays, but I feel like this is the only park that I have had to wait at! I am not sure if it is because the park is always full or if people here are just slow at dumping their tanks! LOL. If you are considering staying in the North Section, you may not want to stay in 83-110 as those are on the path that all the RV’s take to the dump station.

The bathhouse in the northern park is the typical State of MI campground, however the bathhouse in the southern campground is the older style.

This state park is right on Lake Huron and if you are interested in watching freighters, bring a chair and binoculars, and sit on the beach! This beach is mostly rocks and I have to say that I have found the most Petoskey stones (State of Michigan Stone) and pudding stones (a conglomerate of rocks with jasper sticking onto the rock).

If you like exploring, you can visit Port Huron and drove over to Canada on the Blue Water Bridge or just sit on the boardwalk in PH and watch the freighters drove by. I would definitely stay at this campground again, but I wanted to point out how different the north and south sections feel. Peace and quiet awaits in the south section while loud and cramped camping is at the northern section.

Side note, this campground is ALWAYS busy! When we were there last weekend, we asked at the front bldg. why the website said the campground was full, but there were several openings in the south section. The workers said that they have to upgrade the electrical system this fall on the southern side and they have closed some campsites in the south in order to help with the electricity issue. Apparently, some sites were losing power because there wasn’t enough energy to support all of the lots in the southern side. The northern side was already done.

Parking lot party, without alcohol :-)

Holland State park reminds me of Grand Haven State park. This park is essentially a parking lot (Beach Campground) for your camper. It is extremely hard to get into, so be sure to make reservations on the State website six months in advance. The campground is within walking distance to the beach. The beach is constantly packed! There is a store at the beach that carries everything from sunblock to ice cream. You can get a great view of the Holland Lighthouse, commonly known as Big Red. The water is very nice and we enjoyed swimming in it. The park is ALCOHOL free. Do not bring alcohol into the park, even if you plan on drinking it in your camper. There are picnic tables and community fire pits. The facilities are nice and well kept. When we went, there were tons of cars driving through. I am not sure why that is allowed as most state parks do not allow noncampers to drive through solely to view the campground. We prefer Grand Haven over Holland State park, but it was nice to at least give this one a try.

Great parking lot camping with a view!

This campground is EXTREMELY hard to get into on the weekends. If you are planning a trip to Grand Haven State Park, be sure to log onto the State Reservation site six months to the date that you want to camp. This campground is unique because it is basically a parking lot with site numbers. There are no fire rings and plenty of sand! Be prepared to have lots of sand and dirt in and around your RV! The catwalk on the lighthouse pier is being updated so if you plan on a 2017 trip, you will not be able to go onto the pier to look at the lighthouse up close. I will post pictures from last summer when we camped there so you can see the lighthouse with the catwalk. My son likes to jump off the pier. The pier is usually packed with older kids listening to music and jumping from the pier. This is a hot spot for the locals as well as tourist. Grand Haven is one of my favorite towns and my husband and I have considered moving there in the future. The campground is well kept and the facilities are nice. This is a busy town so be patient and enjoy the town. If you can go during coast guard festival, I recommend it! Also, walk down the boardwalk and visit Barefoot Dave at the Tshirt shop! He is so personable and has awesome tshirts! There is also a place called Pronto Pup and it is basically a deep fried hot dog.. YUMMY!

Review Update

Another year, another review.-My husband and I visit Ted Ranch every year for the NASAR race at Michigan International Speedway. This year, my review is changing a little bit. We like to camp with a little less noise and partying than the race track campgrounds have, so again, we stayed at Ted Ranch. We stayed Thursday night and I only slept a few hours because it was so loud! The noise wasn't fully from the campground though, MIS started a new music night this year at the M50 Creekside campground within the track and the music was so loud that we heard the bass and every lyric at Ted Ranch (which is a mile away from the track). The noise from within the campground was from golf carts riding around at 3:30 in the morning. We did speak with the campground owners and they ensured us it wouldn't happen again and in the future, we can always call them no matter what time. The owners are very nice and helpful, but there is still zero organization! They only accept cash and checks so make sure you have either! Golf carts are allowed and many people have them. There is still no bathhouse and only less than half of the sites are water and electric. Most sites are rustic. This is basically a field turned into a campground. We did notice that there were five or six old outhouse shells made into showers near the front of the campground!! Dogs are allowed and trust me, there are TONS of them around. There is one family that camps there every year and their dogs have charged several times. They are on a leash, but it is very scary as they are large dogs. There is a small pond, but I did not dare swim in it. There is a sign out that says "This water is not tested for E. COLI". lol. There are many seasonal sites and it appears those campers have been there for a long time! We will be staying here again next year, but I did want to warn others that you can hear the noise from the track and there are quite a few more parties than ever before. The fire pits are provided and can be moved. The campsites are very narrow and plan on your awning almost touching the person's awning next to yours! (at least at 100-112 sites).

Minimal but practical

My husband and I took a trip to the Upper Peninsula for our Anniversary a few weeks ago. We like to visit the different casinos and wanted to check out the campground at the Kewadin Casino. I was very impressed that it was only $15 a night and we were able to use the pool and weight room at the casino! Do not get too excited as this is pretty minimal. It reminds me of a basic parking lot with water and electric, but I could not complain for the price! We were just passing through to visit other locations, but this was a great deal! The casino is in the same area so we walked to the casino. I would recommend this place and stay again.

Nice Park near the casino

My aunt loves to visit the soaring eagle casino and because we live about an hour and half away, she likes to camp at the campground. This campground is a few miles from the casino, but offer free shuttles to the soaring eagle properties (including the water park). We did not use the soaring eagle water park, but were told that the use of the water park is included in your stay at the RV park. I did not ask how many that includes, but for $64 a night at this resort, I would hope they would allow the family to use the water park. The park is very nice! The roads were paved and it was very well kept. The sites are all full hook-up. I would definitely stay here again and would recommend it to others (if you want to pay that much for a site). The reason we chose this was to be close to the casino and the sites were full hook-up.

Tahquamenon Falls Rivermouth Modern

This park is great if the Lower falls Portage and Hemlock are full, which they usually are. This campground is small, but modern. The physical address is 32130 W. South River Road, Paradise, MI 49768, put that in the GPS in order to get there properly! Please be mindful that the town of Paradise closes up pretty early and if you are looking for a late night snack, you should be sure to stock up before camping! My husband and I wanted a late dinner and drove into town around 7:45pm (Sunday night) and everything was closed. We did make our way to the Tahquamenon Brewery at the Upper Falls before they closed at 8:30 pm. They had very good chicken wings and fries! We went there earlier in the day and there was an hour wait, but later in the evening we were able to get right in. The sites here are great and there is a modern bathroom along with pit toilets. I was surprised at the modern bathroom as this campground has an old style feel. This campground was laid back and not as busy as the lower falls portage or hemlock. There are mature trees and grassy sites. Our television did not come in for any service and phones did not work well here.

Great state park!

This state park is a little smaller than most, but is a great location. The campground is on the Whitefish Bay and the beach area was very nice! The park has the old style bath houses, but they were fine and clean. The only real issue was the garbage buns and recycle center was overflowing and smelly. I couldn't believe how bad it was! There were seagulls in the campground looking for food at all times! The sites are grassy for the most part, but some were small and dirt.

Changing my review!!!

We stayed here last year for Fourth of July weekend as well as this year, and we had a good time, but this year was not as enjoyable! First of all, site 129 and 130 are the two worst sites in the entire park. I do not recommend reserving either site. These sites are LOW and WET. It is fully covered in trees so no sunlight is able to shine through to dry it out. The site is MUDDY and tight. We will not be returning next year as during our walks we noticed many sites were low and wet. It did rain the day before we arrived, but most sites were low and I feel that the campground should take note of that and add some gravel or dirt to raise the site. The bathrooms were very nice as they were last year and the park was well maintained. If you enjoy peace and quiet, DO NOT CAMP HERE. This park is off the chain with kids, bikes, animals, and noise! The park rangers are on top of keeping the park quiet after 10pm, so there were no issues there. My brother arrived at almost midnight and we were trying to put up his tent in the dark and within in a few minutes a park ranger was on his bike telling us to be quiet. The park roads are paved, but most of them are so narrow that two cars have trouble passing each other, add five thousand kids and bikes and it is nerve wracking to drive through. The beach was nice, but for us rock pickers, with the water levels being so high (which is good) the rocks were covered with water. The Mayflies were not out this year so that was good! Last year they were covered all over all the buildings and campers! The dump station is good and wasn't very busy. Check in is quick and easy. I gave this three stars because the water is nice, the bathhouse is nice, and there are trails and paths that are good for bikes. I will not be returning to this campground again because of all the little kids on bikes and small sites that are low and wet. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind kids, but when they are zipping through the campground and not paying attention to cars coming, it gets stressful for me! Harrisville town is very close to the park and we rode our bikes for ice cream a few times during our week stay. THERE IS NOT INTERNET SERVICE!!! Do no plan to send or receive emails or check facebook because you are not going to have service. There are zero television channels here as well. Some people like to be off the grid, but not this girl!

Great place and close to MIS

This place is across the street from Michigan international speedway and sure beats fighting all the people/campers in the infield campgrounds! We attend the NASCAR race at least once per year and this is our absolute favorite place to camp. The Faster horses concert is also at MIS so this would be great to stay at as well. Some things to know about Ted Ranch, they do not have bathroom facilities, only outhouses. They just put electric on some sites, but not all. They are thinking about putting in bath houses, which would be wonderful. There is a pond/small lake, but I have never swam in it. The owners are very accommodating, but very unorganized! They always manage to keep it running smoothly though! The owners are great at holding your favorite site for next year if you plan to come back. We generally stay in the site numbers 110/111 area. Those sites are completely flat and have electricity. There is also NO dump station at the campground, but down the road a few miles is a gas station named Yoder's and you can dump for free. The dump station at Yoder's is actually nicer than most campgrounds I have been to! The Irish hills in Michigan are very hilly so if you bring a bike to ride over to the track, be prepared for some hills. It is about 1.5 miles to the track and we ride our bikes with no problem. You can also walk and there is a short cut directly across the main road from the campgrounds. The gate is usually closed, but you can walk around it. The campgrounds at the track are very rowdy, but we've never had issues at Ted Ranch, however, last year there were quite a few new campers that were partying all night. In the video I posted, this is something that the regulars do each year and it's a hoot to watch! The owners don't like it, but they don't stop it either! There is nothing really to do at the campground, so we just come for the NASCAR race, but the area is absolutely gorgeous, hence the nickname "Irish Hills". There are seasonal sites as well.

Hidden Gem!

Every year for Memorial Day weekend we travel to the Traverse City area for camping. This year we chose the Platte River Campground in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. The campground is huge and very spread out! There are trees on every campsite so you really have that camping feel. We arrived late so there was no one at the office; however, there was a note on the door to check in the next day before 10 am. The next morning, we woke up to a tag on our vehicle to be sure to register. We drove to the office on our way to explore the area and were able to check in. My uncle was with us and Joy at the front desk asked if he was over the age of 62, because he is, she told him about the senior lifetime pass. The national park pass is $15 for seven days or $30 for the year, but if you are over the age of 62, you can purchase a lifetime membership for only $10!!! She said the fee is going up to $80 so be sure to get your lifetime pass soon if you are considering a national park camping spot.

The campground has four loops and also a group camping part. The loops are big and some sites are close together. The pull through sites are a U-shaped paved driveway. Some pull through sites are VERY small so be careful when you book your reservation. There are to be no bikes on the trails, except for one trail that leads you to Peterson Road, which goes to Lake Michigan. We overheard our neighbors say that their son was warned NOT to ride on any other place except for the paved road in the park. He was riding on the gravel next to the road.

Some things I want to point out about this campground will come next. We never saw any park rangers, but we had a warning on our windshield because we did not put our registration tag on our pole. My uncle received a warning because his truck tire was two inches on the “vegetation”, which was really the gravel next to the paved pad. I will post a picture of the “warning”. Please note the other reasons for warnings. There is also a fine of $125 if you leave food out or your fire unattended. Be mindful of these strict rules. We did not see any park rangers throughout our stay, but they usually came around early in the morning. They are very strict about where you can put a tent, be sure to put them on the squared off level spot at each site. When you book, make sure you look at the pictures the website gives because some flat pads are a distance from the paved pad for your car/RV and some were up hill! The picnic tables are BOLTED to the a ground rope so you cannot move them. I would recommend bringing an awning type tent to put over the picnic table.

DO NOT LEAVE FOOD OUT!! There was a bear spotted in the group area during our stay. Bring bug spray! The ticks are bad this year and we heard several people in the park talking about having a tick on them.

If you like to hike, bring your hiking shoes and a walking stick! The trails are very nice. The trail from Loop 1 is 1.2 miles to Lake Michigan. If you like to walk, be sure to walk out there. The end is complete sand so be prepared to work hard!

The bathhouses were always clean and I only had to wait for a few minutes for a shower. The water was very hot and no complaints there. There is a room in the bathhouse that is for washing dishes. This made it very convenient and I was very impressed with that.

We will definitely be going back to this campground. It was awesome being in the woods and having the lake within a few miles of us. There is also a spot to launch your canoe/kayak right at the entrance of the park.

Reservations are extremely hard to get for this park. If you want a weekend campsite, you must book six months in advance! Ever since Good Morning America put the spotlight on Sleeping Bear Dunes, it has been extremely busy! I think that many people (including us) did not know that this campground has modern sites, therefore it wasn’t as busy in the past.

First to Review
Awesome place and friendly service!

My husband and I plan a Memorial Day Weekend trip to the Traverse City area each year. My uncle told us about this campground so we wanted to try it. I absolutely loved it. When we pulled in, the office staff were wonderful! When we got to our site, we were greeted with a golf cart and a staff member asking if we needed help backing the fifth wheel into the site. I was so happy because one thing that I am not good at, is directing my husband in to a site! The campground was fairly large and there is a swimming area that was nicely kept and looked enticing (it was too cold to swim when we stayed here). The bathrooms were VERY clean. The smelled nice and were clean each and every time I entered the building. We love to explore the areas we camp in and this campground was close to everything we wanted to do (i.e. rock hunting in Leland, lighthouses, casino, scenic drives, etc). We will definitely return to this campground. In fact, we ended up staying an extra night because we loved it so much! Check it out!

Nice day use area

We did not sleep here because it was winter, but were used the day area and it was beautiful! I will be making a camping trip here soon. Nice facilities and the falls are gorgeous!

Nice and big

I have camped here for years and really like it. The park is huge and there are lots of places to ride your bike. It's a typical Michigan state campground, not much different. Nice bathrooms and big lots.

It's okay if you want to stay close

When I first met my husband he always camped here, but because we only live twenty minutes from there, I would go home at night. I do not care for this campgrounds at all. I gave it three stars because you can bring a boat and tie it to shore in the rustic area which was convenient. I will never camp there again as it's very noisy, dirty, and I did not feel safe there. My husband liked it, but he likes everything! Lol. The beach is dirty and always crowded. It costs a fee to get in (county park) and I never felt it was worth my money. Skip this if you can help it.

Up north feel

I grew up camping at this campground and would recommend it. There isn't much to do in the area, but if you are all about sticking around the campground, it is a fun place to be. There is a beach and playground, but it is quite the walk from the campground. Plan to drive or bike ride if you have trouble walking long distances. Every year they put together an awesome Halloween trick or treat weekend, but be sure to book the day of six months before because otherwise you will not get a site. The bathrooms are newer and the grounds are well kept.