Clayton, CA

Joined October 2020

Juniper Campground: hiked in

We hiked up to Juniper campground from the Clayton side. The sites in the teens have less overhead shade but more privacy than those of higher numbers. The sites closest to the driving road/entrance/overlook will have the potential to be downwind of the bathroom, unfortunately.

The campground is a dry campground - as in no alcohol.

That said, we loved our site #15, and enjoyed the privacy it provided, plus the views (if you stand on the table or are tall). We didn't encounter critters. We had some trouble staking down on the rocky dirt. 

This is a good campground to explore the rest of the summit areas, plus Rock City.

Good for hikers

Visited in June and thankfully wasn’t too hot. Definitely lucked out with a site with shade.

Ballsiest raccoons I’ve met while camping.

Really good spot from which to explore the park - be ready to walk if the main road is shut down due to covid.

Repeat Campers

I love the access to the beach, the hikes, the coffee shop for mornings when you don’t want to get a fire started.

Can be a lot of RV generator noise, even (especially?) in early October.

Worth it for the hot showers

Tried setting up a tent in a windstorm, gave up and slept in the van instead. Check in after hours was easy enough, didn’t noticed as the parking lot filled up overnight.

Don’t turn your back on the chickens. They’ll get into your vehicle if given the chance.

If camping on Maui, definitely worth it for the last night of the trip for a good shower before flying home.

Worth Some Hassle

We opted for van camping so we were close to the road so it was noisier than if we’d been closer to the beach. Due to rain and needing to drive around other vehicles, the site was hard to get in and out of but we really enjoyed the location and ease.

Quiet and private

This is so close to Lassen without the busyness of the park in summer. We visited end of July and the access to the creek was so welcome.

Sites above 10 will have a bit more quiet, but are further from the store/restaurant.