Stacy C.


Los Angeles, CA

Joined November 2020


Good backpacking camping spot. There is usually a stream for filtering water. Plenty of sites for camping.  Usually quiet when not too many people around. There was a loud group when we were there once since it is a doable hike from Red Box Junction. Trail leading to the camp can also be filled with downed trees. Takes a little climbing and going around obstacles but not too bad. Pit toilets.

Camping at 11,000 ft

Vivian Creek is one of the campsites on the way to Gorgonio Peak. We camped at the Peak. It is a long hike mostly due to the altitude. The last few miles seem like they take forever. We ended up getting to the peak camp around 10pm. It was pretty cold and dark by then. There are plenty of rock barrier campsites to protect us from the wind. Amazing view of the sunrise in the AM. Definitely worth heading up to the peak for a great view of the sunset/sunrise if you get the chance. Not many people camp up there. When we were there only 1 other individual was camping at the peak.


Awesome view of Whitney and a great place to camp prior to hiking Whitney. First come first serve. Pit toilet. Quiet campground. Great view of the sunset as well.

Outpost Camp

We camped at Outpost camp which is about 4-5 miles in from the entrance. No one was there when we camped. Most people camp at Trail Camp. There was a nice waterfall nearby as a great water source. Permit is a must.


We went here in November and just before the rain came in. It was very windy all day. Not many people here at this time. Great site for $5. Close to Pink Coral Sand Dunes.

Amazing views

Great place for camping and hiking. We stayed at Bryce View Campground. No shower here. There is a pit toilet and water. Great for 1 or 2 days to do all the hikes.  We went there in November and there were plenty of walk in sites when we got there around 10am.

Awesome campground

Best place in angeles forest for a great weekemd getaway. First come first serve. 2 loop campgrounds either one is good. Great view all around. Definitely will return..

Close by campground.

Easy campground to get to and close by. First come first serve sites. Does get crowded in summer season. Went there this weekend and very few people.

Nice campground

I've camped here many times and have always liked it here. It is in the center of all the attractions. Can be a little noisy with the crowds and RVs. 

We decided to come here one year in early September last year and it was still pretty hot even at night. We were tent camping and it was difficulty to sleep due to the heat. We did a walk in site and there were plenty openings. In the middle of the night there was a sudden dust storm so we had to pack up the tent and equipment quickly. There were 2 or 3 other tent campers and they also packed up. We ended up just sleeping in the car that night, lol. The RVers were fine. 

Other than that it's a great campsite. Haha. Close to the visitor center as well. Clean restrooms.

Bees everywhere

Camped here last year in September. Close and convenient campground however would not return. Noisy at night. When we were cooking meals, dozen of bees would swarm around our food. We had to cook and eat quickly for the bees to go away. There was plenty of shade under the trees. There are small trails near the campground as well. The lake was more of a mucky and algae filled pond. But was a decent trail around with the dog. First camping trip for the doggie and she got pretty scared of the wolves howling at night. Not an outdoorsy doggie.

Weekend backpacking

Close by campsite and pitstop on the way to Mt. Wilson. Great overlook of the Los Angeles. Lots of bugs around good thing we had a head net. Not many people around when we were camping so it was pretty quiet.


Great place to stay before getting to Sequoias. Was a little cold at night but not to bad. Had a deer run by our site in the morning which was a surprise.

Beauty away from the city

Perfect stopping point for backpacking. Went here in May and we were the only 2 here. Plenty of water flowing and tree cover from the sun.


It was eerily quiet at night. We were the only ones there and can hear our own hearbeats laying there at night. We went in May this year so not much people around. Brand new toilet is nice as well. There was some flowing water still. Also found this vertebrae next to the table, moght have been a deer, not sure.

Plans change when Big Sur is on fire

We got here on a Friday around 11am for a walk in site and the campground was packed. Luckily the campground hosts were very nice and had placed us in the overflow campsites. Which was just a small open area with another group already set up there. The next day they gave us a walk in campsite so we could have a campfire. However it was next to the restroom and the wind brought the smell to our site. The host did keep the toilets clean though. Lots of mosquitos around as well.


Went early November and the weather was a little cold. This campground is smaller which I prefer and quiet. Very dark at night time. Good camp site for tent camping. Gravel road to get to the site.

Great camping spot

Right off the hole in the rock road with plety of campsites to choose from. Gets windy and cold at night so be prepared to getting sand everywhere. Great panoramic view. Great view of the sunset and sunrise. There are rock ring firepits. No toilets. Yes to cell service. Great quiet site. However when we were leaving Saturday morning, there was a large gathering of side by side ATVs.


Camped here in early November. It was cold in the early morning and evening. A lovely campsite. Nice and quiet. We had a little trail leading to the rim trail at the back of our campsite.


Great campground. Camp is walking distance from the shuttle and visitor center. We had deers visiting our campsite every morning. Only issue is that they don't clean the restroom often enough. There was trash everywhere and no toilet paper. Otherwise a nice and quiet campground.