Sophia B.

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San Ramon, CA

Joined January 2020

Stargazing wonder!

I really love this campground, especially because of how lush all the plants are. Some sites back up to the small river running through the park, and the lush vegetation give some privacy which is a huge plus! This park has TONS of trails, you will certainly not run out of things to do. I did the ~8 mile hike to Fern Canyon in the rainy winter and it was beautiful. 

Star gazing in the clearing right before the campground is spectacular on clear nights, and the last time I was there a family of deer were grazing next to us while we stargazed. I have stayed here 2 times and each time I was very happy I did!


This campground is RIGHT next to I5 so be prepared for noise. I would honestly probably not stay here again, but make it a day trip to do hikes. The bathroom was closed 4/2 for the season, so keep that in mind (campsites are pretty close together and not much privacy). The vista point is a great place to go to see views of the crag and Mount Hood. There is a picnic table and bench up there to sit! If you are just stopping through, stop at a different campsite to get a better view of CA.

This state park is a gem

I stayed at this campsite after they opened from the pandemic while on a road trip home and I am so so happy I stayed here. The waterfall is like nothing I have ever seen before, and I was so blown away at it's size. The campground is a 5-10 min walk from the waterfall and while it is not private, each campsite has plenty of space I felt. 

Bring a lock because the best bins require one! I recommend going down to the lake as well because when I went later in the afternoon/evening it was completely empty and we had the place to ourselves. Great spot to relax.

Nothing better than this location

I have stayed at Jedediah Redwoods 3 times, and each time I find something new to appreciate. The campground itself is one of the most well kept I have been to. I have stayed in both the campsites tent camping and in one of the cabins. The campground is located right next to the river, great for taking a stroll down after dinner or early in the morning. Not the most private campsite but the stunning river, great trails, and amazing location far outweigh that. 

I recommend taking the waterfall trail, some of the largest redwoods I have ever seen were on that trail and it was incredibly peaceful. You must spend some time sitting next to the Smith river, it is bright blue and there is a trail that hugs it with many access points. 

The cabins were extremely nice. They have a little electric fire place heater that heats up the cabin nicely, and this cabin easily fits 6. Quite spacious, as well as convenient counter space. I would highly recommend!

One of California's best kept secrets

Hendy woods is a sacred place I will always come back to. The old growth redwoods and rich diversity of plants and fungi really make this place stand out. I have stayed at this campground 5+ times and each time I am glad to come back. 

The two redwood groves are easily accessible from the campsite, and the campsite itself is pretty nice. Quiet, nicely located and I always have a little bit of service (Verizon) at the campground. Hendy woods is a perfect campground for a weekend getaway because of its prime location. There is a cute apple orchard with an honor system mini outdoor shop where they sell apples, cider, etc. They offer cider tastings every once and a while too! The state park is an hour away from Highway 1, so you can easily get to the beach from there. 

I always come to Hendy Woods with my camera, especially in the late winter, early spring to do some mushroom photography. So much to see here! Oh and not to mention the beautiful river about a 10 min walk from the campground :) ENJOY Hendy Woods!!