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portland, OR

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i love camping and backpacking. anything that gets me outside :)

breathtaking but crowded

This is a very cool place to camp, easily one of my favorite places. It has a very community feel to it, so don't expect to have much privacy or your own site. You basically can set up your tent anywhere and then cook in a communal area.

Nonetheless this place is very cool especially with a group of people. Do come early though, the parking lot gets full and you have to carrying everything in.

Youll find many climbers here staying for the night for early morning climbs. Highly recommend!

nice spot near smith rock

This campground is a little bit out from the state park but is very nice still. The sites are pretty well spread out and pretty large. You can easily have multiple tents in most of the sites.

The road is somewhat close to the campground so you don't get some noise but overall a nice place to stay if the campground at smith rock is full.

Nice Family/Group Spot

This was a fun area to kayak, paddle board, or do any other water sports on a hot day and be able to camp very close by.

I enjoyed this campground with a group of friends and we all easily were able to find the grounds and reserve a spot for us comfortably to stay.

This place does get crowded on a hot summer weekend, so make reservations ahead of time.

Has a beautiful view of Mt.Hood from the north side which I typically don't see coming from Portland.

Crater Lake Gem

This is a great place to stay to explore around Crater Lake.

I stopped here when traveling to see Crater Lake and couldnt be happier with the place. It is right before the entrance on the south entrance making it very easy to catch a late sunset or early sunrise if you plan. The campground is easy to find, its right off the road and is very well maintained. The grounds are nice and have all the needed amenities that you would need camping.

Wonderful backpacking sites

This place is amazing!

You are surrounded by peaks in every direction and can easily access multiple different points of interest depending on the adventure you want.

There are spread out campsites that you can pop your tent at and it was not crowded when I was there. Because you are at higher elevation it does get rather cold at night so keep that in mind and check the weather since it can change rather quickly.

Close to hot springs

This is a great campground that is close to one of my favorite hot springs in Oregon.

The campground is pretty easy to get to as long as you get instructions before heading out, there isn't much service once you get out there.

The campground also had all the needed amenities. Its an easy walk up to the hotsprings from the campground, I advise going early or late, as on weekends the hot springs can get pretty overcrowded.

It costs 5 dollars per person to visit the hot springs but is included when you are camping there at one of the sites.

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Best camping near Corvallis

This is a great small campground for those close to Corvallis.

It is easy to get to, just a windy road. The winter does close this early, depending on the amount of snow that falls.

Has nice size sites and fire pits. Its a great place to take a group of friends to get away for a night.

Can get cold at night since it is at a higher altitude and weather changes quickly. Great hikes around the peak as well.

Close to Crater Lake

I stayed here after visiting Crater Lake. It was easy to find and lose to Crater Lake after doing a visit there. I stopped here because I didn't give myself too much time and wanted to find a place before dusk.

This has all them amenities one would need for a typical camping night.

Walkin Campsites

This is a really great tucked away campground.

I would imagine this used to be more of a secret but has became quite popular over the years. I would recommend anyone getting there very early on to get a spot, they fill up rather quickly.

This is a great place for a larger group or just a getaway. The spots are very spread out and do keep in mind you have to walk in to the site with all your stuff, which depending on which site you choose, can be a bit of a haul.

There are bathrooms and some water, but like any other campground you are out in the wilderness after all. The best part about this campground is the water that you can go to and go swimming on a hot day.

Go during the summer if you can!

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Amazing backpack trip!

I highly recommend this backpacking campsite to anyone who has explored around the Mt. Hood area. This is a hidden gem that I had never been to! There are plenty of hikes around this area and a handful of campsites that you can stay at if you aren't wanting to do a backpacking trip. This seriously is a hidden area that does not get very populated even during the summer months.

This campsite has about 8 different sites scattered around the lake. Take a walk around the lake first to find which one suites your needs and preferences. They all are great for families, groups, or just a single tent. All are relatively close to water and spaced out well enough you don't see or hear others around the lake.

It is 4 miles from the start of the trailhead to Burnt Lake where the campsites are located. If you put down your stuff at your site, you can do another 2 mile hike up the summit of East Zigzag Mt. and see a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.

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Short Backpack Trip

I did this backpacking trip a couple weeks ago and too my surprise was a pretty fun little vacation. The hike itself is very short, and you can make a stop to Dome Rock on your way before heading down to the lake either before camping or after. I highly recommend seeing the viewpoint there.

The hike back is very steep, so get a good nights rest to prepare with some incline. Once reaching the lake, there are several sites scattered around the lake. None of them are too close to others giving you plenty of privacy.

They allow fires by the lake and animals are welcome. The bugs were a little bad as expected being near water. You can take a dip in the lake if you are there on a hot day, or lay out on some of the nice rocks scattered around the lake.

Overall, the pros for this is that it is not a popular route so you don't have to go early or worry about other people around. Beautiful and short hike in. As for most backpacking, bring some sort of water filtration if you plan on getting water at the lake.

Great location close to Newport

I spent a night here during a bike ride and this place was a bit overwhelming for a small tent camper but has every single thing you could ever want from a campground.

No complaints about the facilities, just a warning that the misquitos are really bad!

Its an easy walk to the beach to watch the sunset which I really enjoyed. They have wifi if you need it, and plenty of games to keep anyone entertained, if camping isn't already enough :)

Great Beach campground

I stayed at this campground while doing a bike ride down the 101 for multiple days.

This was an easy to find campground with all the amenities that you would need. Allowed fires and fresh water. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking just for a tent spot, to families looking for a camping getaway with friends. Awesome place close to the ocean.

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Beautiful place during summer and winter!

I have hiked this both in the winter months and the summer months.

Both beautiful for their own reasons, bring snowshoes during the winter though!

This place gets very busy during the popular summer months - I recommend going early, the parking fills up very fast! It is a short hike for a day trip or an amazing overnighter if you are willing to backpack. There are several backpacking campsites that are on the water, there is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunrise over the lake with Mt.Hood in the background.

Its only ~3 mile hike in, so highly recommend anyone from beginner to expert backpacking to come checkout the campsites. Bring water filtrations or extra water since there is no water up there besides the lake.

Great place to stay

Trillium lake is one of my favorite places near Mt.Hood to camp.

It does get full very quickly so you have to reserve ahead of time online. I have gotten lucky and snagged some unclaimed reservations by being patient, so it doesn't hurt to ask!

If you cant get a space, you can camp up the road in the airstrip. Its not super family friendly, but its free camping and designated spots all around.