Sofia A.


Williamsburg , VA

Joined September 2020

VanLifer, dog, cat, plant mom. Living the dream!

Gorgeous View and Next to River

Amazing!!! Waking up with the sound of birds and water it’s just amazing! Beautiful campground ⛺️ Near the falls and has a boat ramp right next to it!

Free one night

The customer service people at cabelas were awesome. They gave treats to my dog, helped me find things and gave me the code to the dump station! Stayed there one night with no problems at all. Although lots of trucks coming and going during the night and parked around. Code they gave me is 2387 not sure if that helps since the dumping price is $5. Tip: get there early because trucks take the place

Near boat ramp

So I came to this campground because it’s free. I arrived and found the dump station and filled my water tank with potable water, when I moved onto the three spots available (only one was taken) I read the sign that clearly says only RV’s and Trailers allowed and all other will be towed at owners expense. well I have an all white converted sprinter and from the outside it just looks like a working van. Although I can prove that my van is an RV I didn’t feel like waking up in the middle of the night on a moving van that is being towed, sooo just in case I left and drive 20 min to Cabelas.

Dead End

There is not a Campground here, it’s a dead end that ends on a construction 🚧 site

It’s Nice

You have everything you need to live comfortably in This RV park. Besides all the hook ups you also have a market!

Nice RV park

Nether than most, they have 24/7 surveillance and all hook ups. Mostly big RVs living there.

RV’s Living here

Si this is a small place where all the RV’s are right next to each other. Almost all fifth wheels. They have all the hookups available. No picnic tables, ni fire rings, no grills (no space). Also it was full. It’s is right in front of the Grand Trails Station and short walking distance from downtown and it’s beautiful historic sites.

Near Caves

I stayed on late October and I was the only one there, except for a family on the cabins. The spots are just near and walking distance from the caves and other attractions. They have two potable water spots (so no water on each spot), picnic tables, fire rings, grills and every spot faces the little river. restrooms and showers too. You can bring small pets inside the cave if you carry them all time. I have a small zuchon and carry her in a doggy backpack 🎒 she loved it!

Nice but nope

It took me 20 from route 64 to find this place. If you are solo female traveler don’t even waste your time. After 5 min of driving on the very skinny gravel road y saw what it look like spots but Iam not sure really. 10 min later I got to the coordinates and there was nothing, not seven an opening just more road. Y just keep driving till I got back to 64 and found a Cracker Barrel 17 miles away.

Nope 👎

Soooo…. RVs tangled… suffocating… screaming for space! You get what I mean. There are like 20 RVs all together in a tiny square between business. This is more like a getto place to stay forever. Not a place to spend a few nights. There are plenty of free parking around like Cracker Barrel where they have always free overnight parking for people passing through.

It’s an OK place

I put 4 stars because they have laundry and WiFi included on their price. The spots are mostly leveled. The office is at the end but if you come late you can pay on a envelope. It was almost empty when I came by. They have hot showers and full hook ups. The good thing is that is just 2 min from the highway 70.

Small spot for hunters

I drove almost 2 hours to get here to park for the night. I’m a solo female traveler and I didn’t feel safe. This free campground is near Great Bend town (on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere) (look it at in google) on a public land. There was a lot of RVs and tents. All men on hunting gear. I’m guessing it’s hunting season. One porta potty and a few picnic tables. Not the place for a solo female traveler

Cottonwood Campground

Lake Meade has several campgrounds around the lake. All are por and have full hookups. You also need a permit for your vehicle. Here in the Dyrt only apear a few without the correct name, I tried to add the one I been but if you don’t add it while your camping then it’s late because the location will be shown where you are at the moment of adding it.

Nice and Clean

Park ranger drives around during the day, not crowded

First to Review
Not an RV park

This is not an RV park, this is a high school in the middle of nowhere with some houses on their backyard.

First to Review
RV Park near construction

Most of the RVs at big busses or fifth wheelers. They have all the amenities like WiFi and hookups. They do not have daily parking but they have weekly ($80) and monthly ($320). It’s just another RV Park for people that live on their big RVs in the middle of a nice little town.

Free 2 nights

This campground It’s free! 2 days maximum stay, you have to drive a few blocks to the police station and ask permission . They will ask you for your ID and License plate number and just write it down on a log. There is a dump station, and potable water and power! Yes after you get registered (super easy and fast) you’ll get electricity. The campground has just some spots (5 I think), trash cans, kids playground, basketball court and the Dollar General is just 2 min walk. Nice town. It has restrooms but are now closed due to Covid.

Just another RV Park

Very basic RV park. It has all the amenities you need but it’s just that. Surveillance cameras 24/7. Full hook ups. Mostly for big RV to live there. Literally people living there. No the place to spend a few days with views and activities. Tiny town. Nothing to do.

Free, Undeveloped, Next to water

This is my type of campground! It has a Boat Ramp and trash cans. No grills, no picnic tables, some home made fire rings. So if you need hook ups just go to the next campgrounds (most free). If you are equipped to Boondocking then come to this one! You’ll be parking next to the lake, don’t forget to bring your kayak 😉. The dump station is nearby and has potable water (free) and the next campground has bathrooms and hot showers Freeeee! Waking up next to water is priceless!

Nice, Clean, Free, Lake Entry

Nice, Clean and Free. There are two trails nearby. No potable water. Only pit toilets. They do however have picnic tables w/ roof/shade , fire ring pits and grills. Transhcans. Easy access to the water and a boat ramp. Pretty view. However, no potable water.