Really liked the campground, but definitely loved that the hiking was amazing!! The campground was pretty clean, a little smaller, but we liked how well kept it was. The campsite spots are fairly big, and separated by some trees and shrubs. We like when campsites are separated by something because it doesn't feel like we are right next to our neighbors. We have been to some sites where the spots are small and right next to each other with no barriers. The bathrooms were pretty clean, but definitely bring your own toilet paper. They ran out toward the end of our stay. It was a little busy, but not too bad. The hiking was great, and nearby. There is also a walking path right next to the campground that my parents enjoyed going on and walking our dog. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash. The campground is easy to find, and the road was great when we went. This place would be beautiful in the fall to come with all the changing colors of the trees.

Great campground and hiking!

I love visiting Montana to do hiking and camping. The outdoors here is amazing!! Mountains everywhere, and wildlife everywhere!! The campground was awesome. Here are some things we liked:

  • Well kept/clean- this is something that seems to be rare now a days. We liked that the restrooms were clean, and toilet paper was stocked. There are dumpsters in the campground which make it easy to clean up after yourself.
  • Awesome hiking! We hiked every day that we were here. The views are amazing!! We did one hike that was 8 miles round trip, 4 miles round trip, and 6 miles roundtrip. All were amazing!
  • The rangers were great! They helped us find our spot, and then tell us where some great hiking was!
  • Campsites were big. This is ALWAYS a plus!! Also, the campsites have a table and fire ring. We loved using the fire rings at night to make smores!!

We will definitely be coming back! :)

Okay campground, good hiking

First time visiting this side of Washington, and the weather definitely disappoint. It was pretty dang hot here in the summer, more of a desert type of feel. We were super worried about rattlesnakes because we heard this part of Washignton has tons during the summer, but luckily we didn't see any. It rained the last day we were here, which was a nice change of weather. The hiking was great, so much beautiful greenery and trees! The campground was "okay." It wasn't really that well kept, a little dirty and no toilet paper in the gross porta-potty style toilet. The toilet area smelt SO bad! It was like it hadn't been clean in a really long time. The campground is fairly small, probably 15 sites? The sites are pretty close together, luckily there was only about 5 other families there when we were there. I wouldn't come back to this campground, but would probably come back to the area to do more hiking. Maybe not in the summer, though, more like the fall.

Okay Campground, Great Hiking!

To me, the best part about camping is just being outside and also hiking! If the campground is mediocre but the hiking is fantastic, then its a win-win for me. This campground was "okay," nothing really special about it. It was clean, but a bit small. Thankfully we went during the late week, so it wasn't too busy. We honestly stayed here because it had the nights we wanted available and it was close to a few hikes we wanted to do. The campground, like I said above, is smaller but it was clean and well kept. We got in a bit late, and our campsite was tagged for us so we knew which one was ours. We got up that morning and did a great hike (can't remember name?) that was about 10 miles roundtrip. Some of the best views! Beautiful wildflowers throughout the hike, which I always love. The campsite is pretty basic, with a fire ring and table in your campsite. The table that was in our campsite was a bit beat up, we were a little afraid to all sit on it because we thought it might break! No water spigot, so definitely bring enough water and filtration system if you plan to do some hiking. We stayed here 2 nights, and did 3 different awesome hikes! Probably wouldn't stay here again, but definitely would come back to this area.

Close to hikes!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the campground. The spots seemed small to me, and it was BUSY when we went. It was a walk in campsite, and luckily we got here early to claim a spot. It definitely was full by the end of the day and the weekend. It was loud, probably because there was so many people. Popular campground because it’s close to Mt. Rainier National Park. We stayed here because we wanted to hike in the park multiple day! The hikes were amazing. We did Fremont lookout as well as the bourroughs. We also did some smaller hikes within Sunrise. The park was so crowded. Get there EARLY. We did a sunrise and sunset hike which was nice because there wasn’t as many people. We weren’t really at the campground much of the day because we were out exploring and hiking.

Love Montana!

Montana is hands down one of my favorite places to visit to be outdoors. I am from Washington where there is TONS of places to camp and hike, and Montana definitely is a close tie to Washington and the incredible outdoors. One thing I love about Montana Gulch is the vast views of the mountains. The mountains surround you everywhere you look. The hiking here is incredible, so I highly recommend coming here to hike. Here are a few things we liked about this spot:

  1. Great hikes! As I mentioned above, there are some amazing hikes nearby. The farthest we drove for a hike was 1hr past the campground, but we really wanted to do this particular hike so we thought the drive was definitely worth it. It was a little rainy when we went, but that didn't stop us.
  2. Bigger campsite spaces. This is something that we really like about some campgrounds- is when the campsite spaces are "bigger" than normal. We were able to fit our car and 2 tents in the site. Also, each campsite was separated by trees and shrubs which gave you a little more privacy.
  3. Easy to find. We appreciated that there were signs on the road that directed us right to the campground. I like to trust my phone, but sometimes it doesn't lead you in the right direction. Thankfully their signage was great.
  4. Helpful rangers. They were super nice, and directed us to our campsite as well as give us some insight on great hikes nearby.

The only thing we didn't like about the campground was that there was only 1 bathroom (that we could find), and it was pretty far from our campsite.

Overall, I highly recommend coming here! Great place to stay with beautiful views.

Loved the hiking!

My husband and I don't really ever make our way around the Yakima area, only because the hiking there is more "desert" feel and in the summer the rattlesnakes are out and about. The weather in the Yakima area in the summer is amazing, though (hot!!). We decided to make a day trip to do some hiking in the Umtanum area, which is within the Yakima River Canyon. The path was really good, clear, and easy to find. There were a few waterfalls, and creeks to cross to just know that your shoes/feet might get a little wet. The weather was perfect when we came in July. Make sure if you go in the summertime to bring plenty of water, because it is very hot. We luckily didn't see any rattlesnakes! There really isn't a "view" ending point, but the hike itself is beautiful. After we were done hiking we stopped and had a delicious dinner at Bron Yur (Spelling?), it is a pizza place that makes the most amazing pizza!! Highly recommend going there if you are ever in that area. We drove home by going Highway 12 and saw the most amazing views of Mt. Rainier.

One of my faves

This was one of my friends and my favorite place to visit in college. We would go camping as much as we could because we wanted to escape school. We loved our stay here. We were able to fit 2 tents in 1 spot. I believe it was $12 a night to stay here, so it was super cheap for my friends and I for s fun weekend. We got up early and went hiking with our dogs and enjoyed the fire in the evening in our campsite making s’mores. I remember when we were here the weather was perfect. Too many bugs, but we made sure to keep our tent closed and bug spray on. We bought our firewood from a store about 20’ miles away from the campground, so definitely bring your own or make sure to buy it at the closest spot you see. Bathroom on site and there is also a playground for kids. Horseshoe was also available to play. The rangers were awesome!!


This place is great for hiking, but wasn’t my favorite place to camp. We brought my parents RV but the park just seemed a bit run down. We really only picked this place because we wanted to hike near Rainier, and found that this place was close and cheap. We stayed here only 2 nights. The campground was pretty small also which was kind of a bummer because it was busy because of the summer. The mosquitos were out in full force, and I felt like bug spray was not working. It was close to a river that didn’t seem to move fast so we assumed that’s why there was so many mosquitos. We loved that it was close to hiking! My fave part about Washington. The campground isn’t close to any gas stations or restaurants so definitely bring food! I loved the night time because the sky just lit up with stars. I could stare at the sky for hours. The weather was perfect too


My family and I had such a blast here. We stayed at a different campground the last time we visited Montana and it wasn’t a very good place, so we definitely did more research beforehand and found that this place was a real gem and it truly was. The lake nearby was incredible. We spent a lot of our time here. We also found some amazing hikes that were less than 30miles away from the campground and they were incredible. Hiking in Montana is amazing and hands down worth it. I’m from Washington where hiking is perfect, but Montana gives it a run for its money. Worth the drive! The campground was clean and well kept. Decent size spaces which was nice. Lots of shade which was awesome!

Great hiking

Trips to Montana are my favorite, especially if it has to do with hiking. We chose this campground because it was close to some hikes we wanted to do. Although the hiking was great, we didn’t really enjoy the campground. It was close to the road so you could hear every car and semi drive by. It was loud. Also, the campsites were so close to each other it was a little weird. Felt like we were camping with the people next to us. The bathroom also smelt terrible and didn’t seem like it was ever cleaned. I mean it was a porta potty but still, gross. Bring your own toilet paper. Hate to rag on a place, but the hiking was amazing! The views were gorgeous.


Montana is one of my favorite places to visit. The amount of outdoor activities is incredible. We try to visit Montana once a year, and it’s obky because we love being surrounded by the mountains and hiking. Basin Montana Campground doesn’t disappoint. Here are some things I like:

1. Big spacious spaces

2. Close to hiking- beautiful hikes nearby that are hard to beat! Views are gorgeous!

3. Lots of campground spaces- with picnic tables and fire rings. Bring your own wood!

4. Close to some great restaurants.

If going in the summer time I would recommend reserving your spot ahead of time. This is important! They save your spot with a tag so no one else can take it. If you walk up you probably won’t grt a spot. Can’t wait to come back!

Loved it!

I absolutely loved my stay here. When looking at campgrounds, my husband and I look for the best hikes around. We really enjoyed staying here, and the hiking was amazing. The weather didn’t want to corporate with us because it was foggy and rainy on our hikes so we weren’t able to see any views. We still had a blast. The campground was good, had all the basic necessities. The spaces were a bit small, but fit our tent fine. There was a picnic table and small fire ring. We didn’t do any fires though because of the wet weather. Small 1 bathroom available. “Porta pot” style. Didn’t smell very good. I felt bad for the people who had their campsite right next to the bathrooms. Although it’s nice to be by the bathrooms, the smell would be terrible! Highly recommend hiking!!! Bring your own water.

Great spot, great hiking!

My husband and I had a goal to hike 5 different places in 3 days because we had a long weekend and why not spend that time outside!? We decided to stay here because it was close to a lot of great hikes. The weather was perfect which made camping that much more enjoyable. This campground was clean, big spaces, and close to a lot of great hikes on i90. It wasn’t too busy when we went, even though it was the beginning of summer. We liked that the spaces were larger and separated by bushes and trees. We appreciated this. The weather was only rainy 1 day, the last day we were here. The hikes were really great. We ended up doing Granite Mountain, Mount Si, Kendall Katwalk, Snow Lake, and Snow Lake to Gem Lake. All were amazing and beautiful. The road to the campground was good, but beware of some of the roads to the hiking spots. Lots of potholes. Bring your own water because they didn’t have a hookup for water there. Thankfully we knew this ahead of time and packed tons of water for our hikes.