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Swimming Hole

This is such a beautiful spot! If your brave and the water is high, jumping off the bridge is extremely fun here!

I have a friend that grew up at the hatchery just on the other side - what a blessed spot to grow up.

Always a fun spot for a day picnic

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out the road

the saying “out the road” is commonly used when living the island life.

thankfully ohmer creek isn’t too far out the road and has a lot to offer!

the campsites were well maintained! towards the end there are some that have direct trails to the creek as well.

there are also newly upgraded hiking trails that go through the woods and marsh and loop back around.

the trail is easy enough for small children and makes for a fun event!!

Great for Families

Although this campsite doesn’t have the best views to offer it is ideal for the location. Juat far enough out of town that you can find some quiet while being continently close to Safeway and the Cup (a drive through coffee shop). The camp itself has a playground and basketball courts and tennis courts for fun and you’re also just a few blocks from the elementary school playground as well.

Biking Away from Civilization

I’ve camped at Eklutna many times before this was the first time we’ve actually biked. It was a busy trail but between the biking hiking trail and the four wheeler trial there is more than enough space to enjoy the beautiful trails!

The camp sites only allow two vehicles per site but you can pay the parking fee for the extra vehicles and park them at the main lot.

Cresent Black Rock Beach

Lowell point beach is beautiful and always seems somewhat calm, despite the sea report. This is a great place to camp to feel out of town but be close enough to go explore the good food that Seward has to offer. Forget some camping gear? Head over to the local thrift store Ukanuzit to get what you need and shop local!

Spitting Image of Alaska

The spit is such a unique place to camp and explore. It does assume a stop at the Salty Dawg Saloon as well as a swing under the gift shops. Kachemack bay has an abundance of critters and sea shells making beach combing amazing. aren’t a bike to explore more or just walk the boardwalks and smell the sea air.

Car Camp

Growing up we always had our annual car camp event here. The campground provides ample space for large group activities around the pavilion or your own little nook, tucked along the banks of the lakes.

this campground was so fun to have our gatherings at! we’d have kayak races, funny sack races, scavenger hunts and volley ball games

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Coconut Cream Pie

Cheap coffee (.25) and incredible homemade pies! Not only do we stop in passing quite often but this is an amazing riding spot. The open landscape makes for easily accessible terrain for all levels of riders. End your day with a hot burger and fries or belly up the bar with a slow down brown.

Short drive from Seward

this campsite is just a short drive outside of Seward and on a gorgeous ice cold blue lake. the sites are conviently locates at the trailhead that can bring you all the way up to Lost Lake by hiking or mountain biking. If you go during the right time of year there are endless berries up higher, watch out for the BEARy competitors though!

Crystal blue just for you

Must see beauty in Juneau. This beautiful site is not only spectacular but conviently close to town. After setting up camp you can explore the trail to get close to the glacier and see beautiful waterfalls!

Bumpy Roads

Lake Louise is a favorite aside from the unsteady road you have to drive down to get there. DRIVE SLOW and take your time, especially if you are towing a boat of any sort. There is so much water to explore. You can go through the small channel to Lake Susitna as well but be careful. As big as the lake may be, the shallow areas can sneak up on you.

Windy Waterfont

No matter what site you choose, more often than not Seward has a bit of a breeze due to the weather traveling up the fjord. If you’re in a tent, just stake it down good. Don’t let this deter you from a visit though. Seward has so much to offer from multiple beaches to comb, mountains to climb, fish to catch and waters to boat or kayak - you’ll always be busy and enjoying yourself too much.

On Seward’s best days, the sun is beaming and the wind is calm, you can even take a dip in the water!

Don’t let Alaskan weather dictate your adventure but instead just be prepared for anything.

Accesible and Amazing

Exit glacier is an amazing destination for all ages and capabilities. Although dogs are not welcome on the hike, it is short enough that you won’t be missed long. If you can’t do much hiking, the path is paved to a viewing point but you can still get extrordinarily close without any extreme terrain. I visit almost every year while visiting family and reccomend it to anyone coming from out of state. A lot of Alaska’s glaciers are hard to access but this one isn’t!

Salmon Stock and Sunshine

Ninilchick is a cool little town with s fun festival called a Salmon Stock. Camp and watch the sunset on the bay. Get your face painted and have a ice cold beer while listening to Alaskan Artist. The tent sites on the bluff are the prime locations for the views but be prepared for some winds.

Land of the Free

This camp ground really makes you appreciate the freedom to explore Alaska and see all the beauty. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve seen in Alaska. Although this campground is just off the road system, the roads in Alaska can always use some work. Take your time and enjoy the drive but make sure you’re prepared - stores and gas are few in far between once you get back into this terrain.

Highways and Sun Rays

This is a great place to fish and play but it is located right next to the Parks Highway which can be loud and busy with tourists and semis in the summer. If you’re sleeping in a camper the noise might not be so bad but the Alaska Highway doesn’t have a quiet hour.

Caribou Hills

Every winter we travel to unit 13 to camp, fill our caribou tag and ride our sleds. This country is so big that you can have your own private playground and campground. Winter camping is limited to the parking lot unless you have appropriate gear to winter tent camp but summer camping is endless. Like any place in Alaska, be BearAware and protect yourself but understand you are in their country out here so take all the necessary precautions.

Mainland to the Island

We took the Alaska Marine Highway from Whittier to Petersburg with stops in Yakutat and Juneau. Highly recommend getting a private room for overnight adventures but if you’re on a budget you can bring your tent and camp gear up to the solarium.

Tucked in the Trees

This is a large camp with a lot to offer. Just a short drive outside of flagstaff and you’re in a beautiful camp tucked in the tall spruce trees. We stopped here on our way to the Grand Canyon to enjoy the scenery and rest. The camp hosts were also very helpful and accommodating.

Local Favorite

I live in Talkeetna and we still frequent this campground. Close to town but tucked away, this campground has a lot to offer. Larger sites for multiple campers and Rvs and smaller sites tucked in the trees to protect your tent. If you get their early enough you can get a site that allows for you to launch your boat and park it right at camp as well!