Bjorn S.

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Portland, OR

Joined January 2015

Camping has been a wonder, a saving grace, an upfloater (new word alert).

Solid choice, no surprises

While small and not that scenic, this is a professional outfit that makes things easy.  It's small enough to chat with neighbors and big enough to have your own space and get a good night's sleep.  There are trees and bushes all around the border, giving it a cozy, private feel.  When I talked to an employee about the water tasting bad (I believe it was something like sulfur), she explained it was natural and not unhealthy, which was confirmed by a local friend.  Great part of the country with lots to do.  I appreciate low-fuss/no-fuss places like this.

Green Grass, Lots of Open Space

While the annual month-long algae bloom had this place shut down, it looked very well-run.  Lots of set-aside places to park, camp, swim, walk and roam too.  Would love to swing by again on a clear, star-filled evening.

Friendly, Accommodating, Lots of Events

I had the same experience as another reviewer.  An algae bloom cancelled a nearby reservation, but I came late here and got a great welcome from the owner.  I drove 7 miles on a dirt road and still found myself next to a busy highway and loud-tootin' train area, which gave him a good laugh.  He was interesting and open-minded politically, so it was a value-added conversation.  The 2 assistants I met were just as accommodating.  I'm used to traffic and train noise anyway - ear buds at night took care of any problems.  They do fun events like firework shows, DJs/karaoke, fishing tourneys and car/jet ski shows.  The tent sites are open area that allows fires, but I also noticed they were working on creating more private tent sites at both ends of the large property.  The lake was beautiful and not too big or small.  Mosquitos were not worse than expected as the wind helped a bit.  Everything worked, including the full-service bathrooms (4 quarters = 5 shower minutes) and mainly empty office/store that the owner was planing on stocking more as time went by. Thriving bird populations add to the good vibes.

Bring Ways to Relax

As a tenter, I have less to complain about : ) I also walk around a lot and wear ear buds at night so no one can bother me.  The crowds might get a little unnerving here in a time of COVID, but everyone's doing the right thing by getting outdoors.  I think you can have a much better time if you avoid Fridays and Saturdays.


Great layout, Bozeman is a super nice location, and these people don’t skimp on the hot springs pools. 15-20 different sulfur pools, all of different temps. The pools were both indoor and outdoor, with one big enough to do laps in. Workout area with 20-30 aerobic machines and plenty of weights, a sauna and steam room and fantastic front desk service. The tent sites are - again for an RV location - in an open lawn area with no privacy. And I must admit to being spoiled from Japanese onsens, where cleaning/bathing is an important ritual for everyone, where there are pools with lavender, pools to get energized, pools good for various ailments, etc. Here in Bozeman, the only variations between the pools were size and temp. Again, if you hadn’t been to Japan, this place gets A and B grades from a lot of people. It’s just hard for me to see people who obviously haven’t taken a shower get in the pools.

Unpretentious, Spacious Sites

Loved it here - great feel, good neighbors, large sites and a fantastic river location.  The sites were right off the campground road… a Bjorn no-no… but I can imagine this being the go-to campground choice of a few in-the-know individuals.

Best of the Rockies

Funny, welcoming host, the best mountain and lake views you will find and a clear layout. The tent sites are just out in the open with no tree cover, but maybe they feel generous even offering them.

Lots of right-on-the-water stuff? Uh-huh.

It's refreshing to see so may campsites right on the water.  Flathead Lake is a very large wonder of nature and the town of Polson is perfectly situated.  You will not see a more gorgeous mountain range.  Lots of space here and no excuse not to get in/on the water.  Sites were close at points and the tree cover could be better, but this place is well-loved and has a ton of great touches.  Not much of a downgrade from the Flathead Lake/West Shore campground to the north.

Very Non-Forgettable

Spectacular scenery - huge lake, islands, gigantic mountain range in the distance. This location will turn ANYONE into an expert photographer. Not every site has a water view, strangely enough, and sites were not necessarily huge or well-separated, but overall you feel so lucky to be here. And friendly camp hosts? You know it.

Contented Sigh

So nice… everything feels right, like the game room, the large patio areas for conversation, the stadium layout of sites and heck yeah - put those tent sites at the top for the best views.  It's by a fun meat shop (think deer meat, buffalo jerky, etc… if you like that sort of thing…) with overpriced post cards.  This whole place has a swanky feel.  It's off a busy road - that's pretty much the main drawback.  But the view… yet another high-end feature.

People who love their jobs? Count me in.

Come by to experience some of the best service ever.  They welcomed me into the gift shop, gave me a tour, had me talk to the owner… and what DON'T they have?  Volleyball, a pool, restaurant/bar with stage, foosball and ping pong, huge acreage for hiking on one side and ATVs on the other, but… and a tear is going down my right cheek as I type this… no tent sites.  They will only be down to a handful of these cool cabins next summer.  And it's a busy vs. a peaceful feel within the campground.  Overall, these guys are marvelous.  Come witness the healthy glow.

Welcoming, Dare I Say Cute

Marvelous gift shop and office host - she was honest and positive. There wasn’t any tree cover between the tent sites and it’s maybe 100 yards off the interstate, but that doesn’t vote this campground off the island. Lots of trees and the surrounding hills are so nice to be around. I’ll conclude with safe and charming.

Dandy River, Trail Location

Hey - nice river spot, right off the long Cour d'Alene Trail… so quite the gem.  Right off a busy road, and the tent sight were all in one sort of open area, but no worries overall.  The host was professional and appropriately protective of his piece of the oasis. Casual in the right ways.

Curve Ball

Maybe it's that this campground by a non-busy road, or the gorgeous views of Hungry Horse Reservoir from perch sites sitting up on the side of a hill, or the good tree cover or unique layout.  So close to five stars - I'm just picky about having more space between sites and having sites not right next to the campground road.  Call me spoiled, though.  Can't go wrong here.

On the Road Again

Clean, open, easy.  Maybe a little too much of a uniform look throughout, and not much of a tenters paradise, but hey.  Service-wise, get what you came for… this is solid.  A gateway to Hungry Horse Reservoir, Glacier National Park and Canada… which makes you grateful as a stopover place, but slightly heartbreaking to be so close and yet… : )

The go-to when all else is full

Lots of dune buggies and ATVs - but also a ton of sites and with good camp host representation.  The dunes just past this campground were the most glorious I saw.

Crazy Good

This will seem insane - this is one of those campgrounds packed in with dune buggies - but dangit if it isn't right off the ocean wind and waves, right off some green dune-y hikes and full of colorful characters while not feeling unsafe.  It's open and inviting, the best of a long series of campgrounds.  Get to bed on time and get up early, before the noise starts.  Stay here a couple weeks and write the next great U.S. novel.

Affordable Unforgettableness

I don't have any pics - yet - but I remember both the cabins and tent sites being perfects. The cabins were the perfect size and not too pricey.  It's a popular place but you don't feel packed in.  The drive to Silver Falls is amazing - the best of Oregon farm country mixed with some signature forests.

Cul-de-sac of Equestrian Charm

This a more peaceful spot, without immediate engine noise but with plenty of room for human and horse at each site.  It's a nice size to get to know a few neighbors - but not too many.  I didn't have a horse to hop on, but I did notice a great mix of scenery to explore.

Peace At Last

Maybe I'm a sucker for quieter campgrounds, but this one gets a bump up for not being all about the buggies.  The motor noise is in the distance - you can walk to all the excitement if you'd like.  The coast is close - as are the forests and lakes.  Plus, there are some pretty nice green walls between you and your neighbors.  The foliage often keeps them out of site.  The campground as a whole isn't epic or unique, but it's also not really made for too much sitting around.