Sharon N.

Kailua- Kona, HI

Joined October 2016

Walking distance to Volcano crater!

A friend came to visit from off island and I had to take her to see Volcano National Park. We tent camped one night at this campground. It has toilets and a large pavilion, that we utilized to cook and eat under due to early morning rain. The night we stayed was verily quiet with not many other campers. I paid in the onsite dropbox with a check, but I am sure there is a way to probably pay online. Unfortunately there are no shower facilities.

The all time highlight is that when it got dark we made the 15-20 minute hike up to the Jagger Museum overlook/observatory to see the glowing lava in the crater.

The campground is technically outside of the national park and if you hike in there is no park fee.

Right on the river bank!

I grew up around here so I return often. The trout fishing can't be beat. This campground is right on the banks of the White River. I tent camped. There is a nice large pavilion with picnic tables as well as really clean shower and toilets.

The owners were a delight to get to know and can rent canoes or even get you a fishing guide.

It is near a bridge so the first night we could hear the traffic but by the next day it became like background noise.

My highlight was the way the fog rolls in at night and disappears in the morning. It was so pretty over the river. Wish I had gotten a picture.

Sunsets and Fishing

Decided to check out the road south of Pahoa and happened to find this park/campground. I bought the permit online with my iPhone and we picked a tent site. The camping area has little to no trees, so enjoy the sun. It is directly across the street from the ocean where there are many people enjoying the waves and fishing. It's not a beach and not really a good place to swim. There was a nice playground close by and water for kids to play around in.

The bathhouse was pretty clean, but I found the general area to be loud with noise of other campers being so close. It kind of had a party campground feel, if you like that sort of thing. I normally enjoy quieter environments. However, the sunset and the sound of the waves couldn't be beat.

There was no fire pits, but there were grills and picnic tables.

"Coolest" place to camp

I live on the island, but down at sea level. I had always wanted to come up and camp here because the nights are cool and the tent site is in the woods. Some times we need to escape the heat. :) It is a small location that needs to be reserved in advance. The cost is different for residents and visitors. We stayed at the tent sites, but have heard good things about the cabins. There are three tent sites, with a men and women bathroom and large shared pavilion. I liked how the sites have raised and covered places you can pitch your tent under in case it rains. Make sure you bring a mattress of some sort as the shelter floor is concrete. Also bring mosquito spray they like this campsite as well.

We met the others camping that night and had great conversation under the shared pavilion. There are also a couple really lovely hiking trails to explore during the day!