Shanon P.

Chicago, IL

Joined August 2018

Tent Camping

Nice campground, we didn't have a reservation and showed up on a Tuesday and camped for a few nights. If you plan to camp for a weekend, you must make a reservation way in advance.

Clean campsite, with shaded areas. Sites are open. We were in the non-electric 200's, not as many RV's in this area.

At night you can hear the waves on Lake Michigan.

Hiking is nice, there is a dune boardwalk trail that is good that runs parallel to Lake Michigan shoreline.

Tent Camping

This campground has a large amount of sites to chose from, but not many shaded spots. We camped in the Wilderness Campground and had shade. Over all this campground caters to RV's.

This is a clean camp ground.

If you need to be entertained this is a good place to be, they have a pool, golf course, and hiking trails.

The hiking trails are good.

They have gnats that are a real pest, but at the camp office they sell a gnat replant that works great. If you go pick some up while you are signing in.

Tent Camping

This is the third time we have gone to this campground. It is close to Chicago, we can get there in 1 hour), it is clean, and has nice hiking trails. The sites are in the woods with plenty of shade.

The mosquitoes are unbelievable, it made hiking in the woods impossible, we have given it 3 tries now over a few years and the mosquitoes have gotten worse every year. There is a nice prairie trail that the mosquitoes were not as bad on. Once we had a fire going the mosquitoes were a little better but not much.

They list a fishing pond, but it is a shallow small pond with weeds, it would be hard to fish on with out getting eaten by the mosquitoes

There are no showers, no flush toilets, one of the hand pumps was infested with ants (we could not get water without ants or ant parts) which caused us to have to drive to another site to get water.

The camp ground is only open on the weekend, and normally has open sites if you just want to drive up, or you can make reservations.