Shannon F.

Knoxville, TN

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Excellent campground!

We camped here between visiting Yellowstone and Grand Teton. It's roughly 1 1/2 hrs from each, but we didn't want to deal with the first come, first serve business and were enjoying driving through the farmland.

The campground was awesome! We were the only tent campers there, which was sort of nice. We had a beautiful, grassy spot with a fire pit.

The restrooms were immaculate and the whole property was well maintained. The camp host was very friendly.

We saw a bull moose in the field on the property, but apparently that was a rare occurence.

Excellent campground!

We have been on many camping trips, but this one was our favorite! It is beautiful, well maintained, and has great access from the campground.

There are great viewpoints, an area where you can swim and/or fish, and we went on an awesome hike from the campground out to a waterfall and Vikingsholm.

We would absolutely camp there again if we were in the area. Also, it didn't hurt that it is where I proposed next to the campfire.

Worth a visit

We've stayed at the sister campground, Green Valley, a few times and always enjoyed it. This one was similar and equally nice. Decently maintained, good sites, and a nice remote location.

Some of the sites are not level though, so be careful choosing.

We also liked that we could do the Stonewall Peak hike from the campground without having to drive anywhere.

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Dusty, but nice

We've camped here a few times and really enjoyed it. The campground is decently maintained, the small waterfalls you can access from the campground make for a great little excursion, and the staff is pleasant.

Site selection can be tricky as several sites are on significant slopes and/or don't have much room for a tent.

This is fairly close to home for us and one of the minor frustrations of camping in this area is everything is dry and dusty so it gets everywhere and this campground seems a bit worse that most. It's better than mud though, I suppose.

Say 3.5 stars, if that were an option

Lake Henshaw is not the most scenic or well maintained campground, but we enjoy going there. It is unique in that the campsites are not designated or even clearly defined, you basically pay an entry and set up camp wherever you like. There are fire rings and you can kind of tell where one site stops and the next starts in most places. There is always availability, even on holidays so it is one of the few places in San Diego County where you don't have to make a reservation a month or so in advance.

The rules, if there are any, are very lax which works both ways. It's cool that I can gather natural materials to do a little bushcrafting, but we've also experienced a loud fiesta going crazy late into the night with music blaring.

The bathrooms have been hit and miss. The first few times we went they were totally fine. On our last visit they were pretty dirty and didn't get cleaned while we were there.

It is a short drive to Palomar Mountain for some nice hiking or Julian isn't far away for shopping and pie.