Used to be one of my favorite horse camps. Destroyed!!

This is a horse camp not a car camp. If you don’t have horses you should not be taking up a spot with horse corrals! OET horse group paid for all the gravel on road, put up all corrals, and fixed the water trough. It is not fair that people are taking up spots from horse people. We can not just take our horses into a car camp. The homeless are camping all over the roads making it hard to pull trailers by. They are littering and pooping all over the trails. The bathrooms are nasty & people drive in & out parking in the middle of lot making it so horse trailers can not get through. Not right! Keep this horses only!

Used to be a great place to go for horse camping. Car campers have ruined

This is a horse camp, for people who have horses, NOT a car camp. It’s not fair that car campers are taking reservation spots away from horse campers. We can not just take our horses into car camps. The camp is left dirty with litter, there were gun shots Friday & Saturday night, an ATV drove through camp 50 mph at midnight. These people have no respect or etiquette for horses or children. All day & night ATV people were driving through looking for a place to stay. If you don’t have horses Stay out!!! Go camp on a dead end road.