Shanna W.

Evergreen, CO

Joined August 2020

One of the best beach campgrounds in the DMV area

Love this campground! It is beautiful and right on the beach! Campsites are generally roomy and well spaced apart. Bathrooms are HUGE and clean, the cleanest campground bathroom I've ever seen. However, this means that a lot of teenagers spend their time in there, ha. There is an outdoor shower and sink as well as several paths to the beach. The beach is beautiful and clean. I wish there were bathrooms closer to the beach though, you have to walk all the way back over the dunes to the bathroom, but that's just us being lazy. The downside to this place is that it is HARD to book. It is almost always full and you have to book at least a year out for peak weekends. Some sites are near the grassy areas and have cacti and burrs. I am not sure why they don't go and remove the cacti. These are dangerous for kids, pets and adults alike. We've been injured several times. There are horses walking around all the time, and they DO get up in your face! I cannot believe how many people idiotically stand too close to the horses or just freak out and let the horses ravage their trash, etc. PAY attention, keep trash tied up and food put away. Tip- if the horses come too close, splash water on them (from a safe distance). There are mosquitoes and flies too. Bring bug spray! Also, another great thing is that Ocean City is only a 15 minute drive. We like to go out to the boardwalk or to the beach/bars and then come back to the campground. Really nice!


I don't know if there is a campground there, but it is packed full of people in the summer. The water is warm though, but the sand is brown and rough. It generally looks dirty. Trash cans are full by noon since there are so many people eating, BBQ'ing, etc. Too crowded for my preference.

Easy Trip from City, Well Kept

This is a nice family campground that is 30 minutes from DC. We like going there if we're in the mood to camp, but don't have time for a long drive.  It's a fairly small campground, but several big/deep sites. There are also sites in the middle that back up into a playground, which is ideal for kids. It's very shaded and well-maintained. There is a disc golf course and mini golf course within walking distance. You can also walk on a trail to the "bay" I'm not sure what that body of water is, but there isn't really a swimming area. There is a small shop that rents paddle boats and kayaks. Overall a nice and simple campground with lots of shade!