89k acres to get lost in.

Great backpacking park. Only go in the fall, winter and spring. Summer is way to hot and dry. There are so many sites you could go on a trip for a month and  never stay at the same spot. Lots of wildlife, flowers, amazing views and stars. Be prepared for hills though. The saying goes, "you dont go to Henry Coe to train for the Sierras, you go to the Sierras to train for Henry Coe." I can personally say last trip we did over 1200ft of elevation in under 2 miles. But well worth it, just plan your trip carefully.

Fremont Peak

This is a great little secret in our backyard. Not a very visited Park. The Campground is not amazing but if you are looking for a quick get away this is a good place. Not a lot of hiking but there is at least one really nice trail, great views of the surrounding area.