It was nice, but busy!

The campground offers a lot of choices. We stayed one night in a non-electric site then were able to move over to an electric site. It was a pretty full campground, but they did not have everything open. We had some great neighbors that were tent camping next to our camper. The showerhouse was clean and they had just turned the water on so we were lucky. The reason you come here tho is the hiking and the views. I can tell you that no matter the weather the parking lot will be full but mid afternoon so best to get up early and hike. I was able to have something…wolf/coyote cross the path in front of me on one of the early morning hikes. This was a really great location and a great campground. This would be a great location for families with kids of all ages. Loads to do and experience here.

Perfect...Lots to do in the area.

Sites here can be pretty close so your neighbors are hopefully quiet or people you know. We had to change sites because of some snow and water and the park staff was great at accommodating. We ended up at site 17 and it was perfect. Had a faucet hear us and the bathroom was close. We were out on the perimeter so it was a little bigger site and we had a hill behind us with a creek/bog area. This campground has some good tree coverage. The hiking was pretty amazing. Got up early so we avoided the big lines, but as we were finishing our hiking we ran into more people. It was very peaceful. I was able to get into a site that was pretty quiet and we were able to hear wolves or coyotes come through about 1 am. It was pretty awesome! We did have some great hikes while we stayed! I would highly encourage people to stay here bc it is a little less crowded.

What a great location! Right on the water and peaceful.

What an amazing experience. This is a place to go to get away form it all. The camping here is very different depending on what you want. If you want to hike in a little further there are some great views from your sites. The sites are big, great tree coverage, and some amazing views. Each site is a little different. All the sites are pretty private which was great. Even though they are all hike in sites it is pretty easy to get away from your neighbors. The people where super great when we went. We just stayed for 1 night but plan to come back soon. 

We spent some time hiking around the lighthouse but also took some of the trails down to the beach. The beach was fun for the kids to skip rocks for a while. We were able to enjoy the beach all to ourselves. Id encourage you to go all the way to site 19 as it was for us by far and away the best on and worth the longer hike with our gear.

Close to Highway, but great location

Seems to be a fairly new camp ground. It was empty when we stopped in. They have two sets of sites here. One is very close to the highway and can get a bit noisy, but the other is a little closer to the beach. I would say anyone can camp here but it looks set up for bigger rigs. I would suggest booking the sites near the water and a little away from the highway for the noise sake. Not many trees and you don't have any privacy.

Perfect out of the way spot

Great Park with loads and loads of things to do. Lots of great hikes and the hikes lead out to the backcountry and s few more sites even. Some great sites in here with some variety. We did not stay out in the backcountry but we did run into a couple that were off on a thru hike and offered some great knowledge. The information building looks to be fairly new and that is where you will want to get firewood and all the information you could ask for. They park rangers offered up some great hiking thoughts. The campground itself has a lot to offer. Great tree coverage, clean, and private. When we come back we plan to make this our basecamp and then do some overnight camping out by the waterfalls and the lakes up north. Also would highly encourage bean and bear lake…this was amazing! I would highly encourage you to book and take a risk as these sites fill up because of its location.

Ideal for someone to get away from the crowds

There is not a lot of frill with this campground, but the sites are nice and secluded from one another with great foliage and tree cover. We came during a downpour but were able to move our camper into the trees to keep us a bit drier. It is a smaller campground that is a little bit further away from the craziness of the dells. 

The closer you get to the interstate the louder it gets and one of the loops backs right up to the interstate. So be aware if you are booking the loop it will be a constant hum. 

The shower building and pit toilets were kept clean and clearly marked when they would be cleaned during the day. I was surprised that they were being cleaned at 530 am as well as another time in the afternoon. 

Most of the campground is ideal for tent campground and smaller RVs.

Weborg Point Campground

Weborg Point is the first campground in Peninsula State Park. It’s easy to drive right in by as there are only 20 or so campsites. It’s right near the entrance and has a great feel about it. Super quiet at night and right on the water so the stars were amazing. Camping here gets you out of the mass but these sites fill up quick.

Words and photos are nice but you have to come here to believe it!

Pick in sites which were amazing. Not a bad fire was had during this trip. Stayed a couple nights and just got off the grid. Pack in everyone and everything. We stayed in hammocks and tents which made it super easy. It’s a great location for stars!

We stayed in site 9 and didn’t have any neighbors. We did talk to a few people as there were only 2 cars in the lot each time we went back so midweek was ideal and most people head to peninsula for the amenities.

Loved This Retreat

There is a lot here, so take the time to explore it all. This campground does offer some season sites so you can walk around and see people with full decks and things, but there is a lot of sites for the every day people. Tents, campers, big rvs…everything fits here. The showerhouse was super clean and very cold! The AC was on high to prevent mold and combat the humidity I guess, but the facilities were the best we have encountered. 

Lots of walking around here as there is a lot of little trails that cut between the sites. The campground staff was amazingly awesome! They were so helpful and they have a little store gifts and little things you might have forgotten. They even sell tinder with your fire bundle. They were great and super welcoming. 

We stayed at this location due to its proximity to Washington Island as well as Rowley's Bay. There is a great Swedish bakery across from the boat launch in Rowley's that we would highly recommend! Highly! Washington Island was fun, but make sure you rent a mode of transportation or bring your own as you won't wanna be walking it. We spent the day on the island and had a blast.

Big Rig Paradise

This campground is adjacent to the Burlington Bay Campground. It has 3 rows of 11 sites meant for full hookup and big rigs. They are terraced so sites 24-34 are on the top while 1-12 are closest to the water and on the bottom of the hill.

This is specifically meant for big rigs. No shade and no privacy unless you are inside. What they do offer is great facilities and an amazing view! There is also a community feel here where everyone most likely talks to each other and knows each other by the end of their stay. At the bottom of the hill is the waterfront. You can do a lot from here.

You can rent for $45.00 per night or $276.00 per week. Sites are packed graves so they are level and easy in and out with your rig. Wouldn’t want to tent camp here. They have a nice shower house and dump stations as would be needed for big rigs. It is newer than the additional campground and still close to Lake Superior.

Wooded Area

Very wooded campsites, which allowed for some privacy, but you will still see your neighbors. The campground was pretty and very well kept by all standards. It is one of the 3 campgrounds of the Black River State Forest, but this one appealed to us because of its location to the town and to the highway. Its a very nicely spread out campground that had a lot to offer. When you first pull in you are directed to the pay kiosk/office park. Note that you can't pay right now due to the virus, so you will need to have a sticker on your car ahead of it. 

As for the sites. They can be large or small depending on where you choose. The majority are for tent camping and not larger RVs so if you have a bigger RV make sure you are looking ahead at the size of the pad. We saw a variety of people in different rigs from medium winnebagos and airstreams to small tear drops. Some sites are electric and that is where the campground was full. The tent sites were nice and we could get our scamp into one of those fairly easily. The nice thing is the trees…they provide great shade and also allow you to hang your hammock up if you choose. We did see warnings of ticks so just be cautious. 

The showers were very nice and looked to be housed in a new shower house. They were working on the water heater when we stopped so the cold water was all they had, but that was fine as it was a hot day. The toilets around the campground are pit, but they are more than just an outhouse so you are safe. 

One random thing was the firewood was the cheapest I have ever seen it at any state park. Nice to see them offering up a good deal on what nature provides!

Great County Park!

This place does indeed fill up. We were there midweek and not too many open spaces were there. The people were super friendly. Site 25 was the most private…the rest of the sites were very nice, but this one was the most private. The sites are small but they were pretty easy for us to get in and out of with our little trailer. Ideally for tents. It was a nice set up with trash cans at each site. 

There is a huge park along the water for kids to play and to have all kinds of activities. It had a very nice swimming area. There was also a huge amphitheater for events to be had there. Really its an awesome venue if they have concerts there. 

The campground is near a small little town with some good food!

Perfect spot!

This was right off the highway and it was really simple to get in and out of here. Really a nice area and has a lot to offer outside of the campground. Great for a family who doesn't want to travel too far from Duluth. The sites are pretty spacious and well taken care of. They are very private which as nice and they were actually very deep so you really felt like you were in the forest. 

There isn't a shower house and the toilets are vault toilets but that does not bother us. Very very nice rangers and super helpful and full of good knowledge. You do need a sticker to get into the park since it is Wisconsin so make sure you get one ahead of it. They do have a kiosk but it was not working when we went in. 

The falls….can't say enough at how relaxing they were. I could have stayed for days here. There is also a nice covered bridge and some history in the area! We had some great relaxing hikes.

1 Night Stay

This campground…isn't so much a campground and I would say is a bit dumpy. Does it have everything you need to camp…yes, but it is close to the highway and can get noisy. People were nice and accommodating, but it is not the ideal location in the area. You drive in and you aren't really sure what to think; is it open? is it closed?

It does have access across the street to the river and a fishing hole so that was nice, but no need to stay here past 1 night. If you are pressed for a place to stay I would go this route…otherwise stay on the road and go north or south a bit for a more comfortable spot.

Not Private, but beautiful setting

The campground is located in a very nice small town and the water sites are amazing for sunrise. The campground has all the amenities you need; Full hookups, water, dump station, fire rings, and picnic tables. Tent sites were the most numerous, but there were several RVs. We saw everything from big RVs to motorcycles here. Things were clean but it was a super packed when we were there. You can't sit outside without getting to know your neighbors inner secrets! 

The view and access to water is what would bring us back.

Easy Access

Nice campground in upper Minnesota. I thought the best site was 4 as it was closest to the river, but really anything was pretty good. Site 7 had the best set up for us but 5 and 6 were good as well. Some sites were right next to each other and lacked a little privacy but it was still good. There was a nesting turtle caution when we were there. 

There were no showers here but they did offer 2 toilets and a water well so you can easily manage a weekend here without a shower. It does offer for small RV and tents. 

The boat access was not as easy…its not a traditional boat ramp so it is better for Canoe or Kayak. If it is rainy it would be a problem for the tow vehicle. Very basic campground but perfect for a rustic getaway.


What a nice little surprise! We were traveling down from the Boundary Waters and needed a little respite and this fit the perfect relaxing place. The sites are super nice and private. We also liked the size of the sites as they gave us plenty of space to be away from the action. The sites are wooded and give you loads of privacy. Some of the sites are right on the water and super convenient for us with a kayak. I prefer #26. 

It also has a nice beach area that is not just "beach" by name…there is actually sand and a place to swim without being tangled in weeds. The boat launch was pretty easy to get in and out of as well for any type of watercraft. 

Its location being right off the highway was ideal for us. It is also fairly close to the boundary waters. Some hiking trails are there but the mosquitos were pretty prevalent. The sites all have great views so you can't go wrong.

Bare Bones

This little campground is here as overflow for the nearby resort. It is located near the water, oak harbor golf course and the little town of Baudette. Its right off of highway 72 so it is very convenient.

Its also close enough to several waterways from Wheelers Point and Baudette border waterway Rainey river. It’s basic and it serves the purpose. Mostly for RVs but if you needed to tent you could. They are gravel pads so better to sleep in the car. They do have electricity.

Close to the Marina

The campground itself is the biggest of all of them in Zippel bay state park. It is also the closest to the marina and this is probably why it was full midweek. Couple families were occupying a couple of sites so it was a bit noisy but I don’t blame the campground for that. There was no host to talk to about it but the eventually went to bed after having a good time.

The sites are simple…fire ring, table, sleeping area. You are in a tall pine forest so the trees above you will creek and sway all night on a windy night, which it was the second night I stayed.

The marina/boat ramp was really nice and updated. Bathrooms, interpretive placards, fish cleaning area, and slips for boaters to leave boats if they wished to do so. Everyone was pretty cordial at the boat ramp and there was most certainly a traffic jam created by the one person who wasn’t experienced at putting a boat in, but people will super nice about it and helped out. As the day wore on not so busy.

Brilliant location near Lake of the Woods

Nice, simple campground for a stopping point to do some fishing in and around Lake of the Woods. Tent camping and the park was pretty empty but there were lots of day users on the water. Lots of fishing and a jumping point to go to Garden Island.

I’d highly recommend this location. It’s part of The state park. Everything was clean but didn’t have water turned on. No showers just vault toilets. I’d avoid mosquito season as it could get nasty but June was not too bad. Stayed in a pretty simple site…had some nice tree coverage for part of the day but also helped avoid getting dumped on when it stormed. Did a hike but came back covered in ticks. According to the DNR the ticks are just super bad this year so heads up.

All and all this was a great stop over for me just bc of the simplicity of it.