The Slow Jams...

It's a reservoir with a lot of RVs, 4x4s that have driven up to the lakeside, and an outdoor stage was cranking music just a few miles away.

It wasn't a bad place to stop, however, on the drive from Nor Cal (away from the fires and smoke) on the way to Yellowstone. People were kayaking and fishing, and a few had some classic 1990s slow jams to set the mood (if that's your thing).

A family friendly place that's worth a stop in the middle of the Nevada desert.

There Are Rocks There

It was interesting to see the emigrants' names on the rocks and imagining them arrive in this small valley of strange formations. I always wonder how we might better tell the stories of these migrations along with the competing stories of Indigenous First World People who had lived among them for so long and who lost their lives and land in these areas.

All this is to say, it's a wonderful park with gorgeous views. Check the weather, of course, because we were told it was hot, hot, hot just the week before but for some reason it was a reasonable 80 and below for our one night there.