Scott B.
Vancouver, British Columbia
Joined November 2017
Fort Stevens Camp Ground

Fort Stevens was a relatively open site that was close to the ocean. This is something that I was very happy about. Before we got to the site we had a great chat with the park rangers as they were advising us on if there was an earthquake or tsunami and where all the exit points were. "Run" was pretty much the advice

As I say, the camp ground was pretty quiet even though the spots were open and not very private. It had all the basic amenities that you would want from a state park and it was cheap… being on the bicycle

Falls Creek - Lush!

Falls Creek was a beautiful site. It was close to the lake and the forest was extremely lush. Although it was close to the road it was quiet. Our site was a pretty good size, we managed to fit in 3 small tents and our bikes etc.

It was very beautiful being able to stay in a rainforest like this. There were also some hiking trails directly out of the campsite. Although we didn't go on any of them it was nice knowing that there was some there

In terms of amenities, it was relatively basic but it had everything that you needed. Not far was the Lodge for coffee/beer and Wifi plus some general stores to stock up on some basic food as well

Twin Harbors WA - Beautiful

This was one of my favourite camp sites on the whole trip. There was a dedicated area for cyclists which just so happened to be right next to the beach. There were a few of us that night so we were close together over a couple of sites but that was fine by us.

What mattered was that we could hear the ocean as it was a couple minutes walk from the beach.

The general facilities were good - shower block, toilets, running water, and it was quite a busy time of the year but it was family friendly and respectful

Cosy and Green but wet!

Fairholme was the first campground that I stayed in on mt Bicycle trip from Vancouver to San Francisco.

We arrived relatively late in the afternoon so there weren't many spots available so we took a small site that was one of the last remaining. It had been raining quite a lot so the ground was saturated. There was no way escaping a spongy floor anywhere. Saying this it was a beautifully lush camp ground right next to the water so we could hardly complain

The facilities were rather basic (toilet block) but that is what we were after. It was cheap and did the job for a Bike tour.