Savannah G.

Asheville, NC

Joined August 2018

Like a different planet

Joshua Tree is a marvel. It is like a different planet that you are exploring. A friend and I decided to drive to Joshua one weekend because we had always wanted to go check it out. The Joshua Trees of Yucca Brevifolia have always amazed me and are what the park is known for. When we arrived we immediately did a long hike in the sun at mid-day. Now this would have been a good idea if we had brought enough water. Hiking in the desert is NO JOKE so please go prepared!

It definitely lived up to our expectations. We did another hike called 49 palms, to this little oasis in the middle of dirt and sand. It was totally incredible to see all of these green desert palm trees emerge after hiking in the desert. Be careful though… there are rattle snakes in rock crevasses!!

Doesn’t even feel like Hawaii

Polipoli does not even feel like you’re in Hawaii! I mean this in the best way possible! Hawaii is amazing with all the beaches, ocean views, and sunshine. Polipoli is high upcountry tucked in the clouds and forests. The hike from the recreational area leads you to two abandoned ranger stations which are super cool! It also starts out by bringing you past these crazy caves! Definitely a must see while in Maui!

SEQUIOA might be better than Redwoods

Sequoia is one of the most underrated parks. It’s is an incredible place. The moment you’re on that winding highway and see the reddish color of a sequoia tree, the feeling is unspeakable.

This Park has everything you need, from food, trails, and views. It’s is incredible to spend a weekend or a week here. I’ve been to redwood and sequoia and sequoia has won me over. The trees are not only MASSIVE in height but also around. The campground is clean and well organized. VISIT SEQUIOA!

Yosemite is a dream

I spent the end of my summer here last year and it was my best memory of the whole summer. Yosemite is a total dream. All of the photos and videos you see of Yosemite don’t even compare to seeing it in person. It is heaven on earth. Though Yosemite is quite busy, it is still an incredible place.

We did half dome while there, one of the most famous hikes there is in the park. It did not disappoint. We started at 6am and finished at 5pm. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but also one of the most rewarding. Yosemite has all the things you need as well. A grocery store, cabins, Ansel Adams’ gallery. The waterfalls are magnificent. It is also wheelchair acceable! We didn’t need this, but it warms my heart to know every human can experience such beauty of nature.

Go to Yosemite!!

Best campground in NC

Growing up in Asheville, I have been going to Davidson river campground since I was a little girl. It was my family’s weekend getaway. This campground is where I learned to ride a bike without training wheels, conquer river rapid while floating on a tube, and ate ice cream every night for dinner. Some of my fondest memories are at this place.

Recently, I traveled back to the campground with a good friend of mine and all of the memories of camping as a child came back. You have the town of brevard so close that you can go grab a beer or a nice meal if need be. You have the start of the Art Leob trail which is in my opinion one of the most beautiful trails In the area. And also the hub bike shop which has awesome food and good for hiking! It was as though I never left and frankly after that weekend, never wanted to leave again. It is the best campground in N.C.!