First to Review
Craig, MT - Missouri River Access

Campground is basic and clean - close to Craig and GREAT location for fishing the Missouri. Wade fishing is possible close by and the take out at Craig is a perfect spot to be close to. Looking forward to coming again.

Dispersed Camping in Upper Chattahoochee River Area

I hope that writing this is ok - we had to work really hard when we moved to GA to find camping like this. This is supposed to be for the Upper Chattahoochee River Campground, but we have spent quite a few weekends discovering all of the wonderful dispersed camping in that area. All along the river and its branches are some neat dispersed camping opportunities if you like that kind of camping. We usually have to clean up a bit before we set up camp - as always, some people don't appreciate the amazing gift of being able to camp in places like this.

Dispersed Camping in Prentice Cooper State Forest

We loved exploring Prentice Cooper State Forest! What a gem! We actually stayed in one of the camping areas, but next time we'd like to backpack instead. We ran a bunch of the trails - enjoyed the views - wonderful spot.

Bandy Creek Campground - Camp Sites

Wanted to add this as well - the regular camp sites at Bandy Creek (previous review was on the group site) are great. The bathrooms are really some of the cleanest we've ever seen. Great for families as well. The hiking in the area is wonderful and you are able to reserve a few adjacent sites to allow for a more secluded camping experience.

Bandy Creek Campground - Group Site

We stayed at the Group site at Bandy Creek Campground this spring - really a great experience. It comes with a pavilion with award winning fireplaces and your own restroom. Ideal for large groups / families.

Lake Blue Ridge - Morganton Point Campground

We had a good visit here - would recommend reservations if you go. Also, there are a few rules that you need to know. No alcohol is allowed and if you're wanting to put a kayak / paddleboard on to Lake Blue Ridge using the campgrounds beach, you have to put in with the boats or receive a large fine. (kid safety). All of that to say - once we figured out the lay of the land, we enjoyed ourselves.

Fish Creek Campground - 7/9/16

We camped at Fish Creek Campground during our visit to Glacier National Park - it was a good experience. The only comment we had is how tightly packed the campsites were. Think it was a result of the campers staying in the "tent camping" spots - the tent spots are just smaller so the presence of campers made things feel tighter. Clean and quite during the night - we'd recommend again.