Sarah L.

Jacksonville, FL

Joined June 2016

Decent and just outside of Portland

This RV park is more like a glamorous parking lot. Everything is paved, there are no fire pits, and the spaces are very tight. In fact, we asked them to move us to the end of a row because our initial spot was so cramped; we barely had room for our table. They do have nice showers and a few pieces of gym equipment. They have a nice green area behind the main buildings where we played horseshoes. It's not in a very scenic location, just tucked away from a suburban shopping area; not loud though. We really only stayed here because it was the only availability we could find in the Portland area.

Hard to get to but has buses to Yosemite

The campground has nice views, but wow, what a scary drive up a curvy mountainous road to get to it. Most of the campground is clay dirt, so it's quite dusty and the RV spots are not paved. They had a pool, but it was filled with rowdy children so we didn't go in. The campground also has a pet wash we wanted to use, but it wasn't working. There is also a random petting zoo, and I felt bad for the animals because it was quite small. Their redeeming factor were the buses to Yosemite. Although it was over an hour each way, we were thankful to have them since we only had our RV.

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Absolutely gorgeous and close to parks!

This RV resort is breathtaking!! You get a taste of Zion the moment you arrive, and stay in awe of nature's beauty your entire stay. Even though this in close proximity to a number of parks, we had been to the parks already and just needed a weekend getaway, so we just stayed at the resort! The spaces are gravel and maintained well. They do have fire pits, which we enjoyed using every evening. The resort also has a big, beautiful pool and hot tub, a general store, and nice facilities. Besides the scenery that surrounded us, the best part of staying here was the hiking available. There is a nearby river, and we took the dogs down to explore with us a few times during our stay. Apparently they have a schedule of activities available, but we didn't do any of those. An absolute must if you are traveling via RV through this region!

Beautiful and close to Sedona

I really enjoyed my stay at this campground because there were trees everywhere and spectacular mountain views; the scenery was beautiful. The RV spaces were gravel and well-maintained, and we had plenty of space. There is a general store as well as a restaurant on site, and these ended up being really great to have there. The facilities were clean and taken care of. We ended up taking a trip down to Sedona to go off-roading, which was so much fun! It's just under 30 miles away, so it was so convenient to be able to stay near Sedona, but not have to drive our RV down into it.

Hard to find but nice overall

We had a nice stay at this campground, but be careful with directions if you rely on your phone. We put the address into the Maps app and got completely lost (another story). We did find it eventually and ended up having an enjoyable night here. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the lots were paved and well-maintained. It was a fairly large campground and the facilities were nice and clean (and yes,they have showers). The funniest part was the field of farm equipment! Even though we had some trouble finding it, I would definitely stay here again.

Breathtaking scenery and enormous campground!

Despite being an incredibly busy campground, we had quite a peaceful experience here. Our site had a good amount of space, and although there were a lot of campers around us, we didn't feel overly cramped and had a decent amount of space. Every inch of the campground is covered in pine trees and smells incredible. The campground is massive and has a lot to offer- there are hiking trails, a marina, general store, and a beach, to name a few. The beach is a decent walk from the campground, but worth every minute- the lake sits at the bottom of Mt. Shasta and has an inflatable waterpark, swimming area, and water recreation rentals (kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats, etc.). The rentals are a little pricey, but definitely worth it. We rented kayaks and the lake was so serene; the perfect way to spend an afternoon. There are a lot of families at the campground, but it never felt too rowdy because it is so spread out. The bathrooms are a short walk away, but not very clean due to the remodeling they are doing to some of the bathrooms to become a year-round facility (though there are free showers). Though there can be a lot of walking to reach the activities available, there is so much to explore, and the scenery is so beautiful that you forget about everything else.

Amazing location and lots of fun!

Not only is Campland by the water, but there is so much to do! The campground is huge, and if you like having a lot of activities available, this is the place for you. It sits next to the bay, which is calmer and the beach is private to the campground. I've seen people jet ski, sail, paddle boat, play beach volleyball, and swim, and there are even bonfire pits on the beach! There is laundry available, a small market, a gym, and even a restaurant/grill. The campground has both short and long term reservations available (and plenty of people are there long term), so if you are here for awhile, I definitely recommend bringing a bike to get around the campground. There are two hot tubs and a large pool, and they were never too crowded (though I often went in the evening). They even have security, and everyone who works there is incredibly kind. Although Campland is located in Pacific Beach, one of the more touristy areas of San Diego, it doesn't feel overwhelmed with people, and is a bit tucked back, since it is next to a wildlife reserve. It is definitely a hidden gem, and I truly enjoyed my stay there.

Nice little campground by a stream

Though the sites are a little small, I enjoyed my stay here, especially since we found a campsite by a heavy-flowing stream; falling asleep to the sound of water was wonderful! You cannot reserve campsites here, so it's a bit nerve-wracking not knowing if you are able to get a site, but there were plenty available when we arrived. The campground overall is not that large, but there is still a good amount of privacy. We were surrounded by grasses and bushes on each side, and our only interruptions were the cars and RVs pulling through at night to see if anything was available. When we arrived, there was an information board and deposit envelopes for campsite payments. Though the envelopes stated it was cash only, we were told later by rangers that you can write your credit card info on the envelope. There were pit toilets, no showers, and the water faucets weren't working, but since we were just there for one night, this was fine for us. It wasn't a campground I would brag about, but I also wouldn't hesitate to stay here again.

Serene and private

For the most part, I really enjoyed this campground. Though a little difficult to find, the campground is incredibly beautiful and smells amazing. You can also make reservations, and it is recommended. It is tucked into a woodsy area and the sites are very private; it almost felt like we were the only ones there. Each site comes with a picnic table, fire ring, and bear bag hook (yes, this is bear country). The only things I disliked were that the table wasn't movable, and there is a giant patch of cement that took up most of the site space. There are flushable toilets and sinks, but no showers. We went on a hunt to find showers since the website said there were some in town, but were told that there were no longer any available. However, after stopping at the Duck Creek Visitor Center across the highway, we finally found out that there are pay showers at the Pinewoods Resort. They were $5 each for an unlimited amount of time, but beware, the hot water runs out quickly. Duck Creek Village doesn't have too much to offer, but the scenery is beautiful. Also, be sure to make a stop at Navajo Lake, just down the road from Duck Creek Village; the views are breathtaking. Despite our shower adventure, this is definitely a campground I would stay at again.

Breathtaking views and convenient to Visitor Center trams

The key to an enjoyable stay at this campground is to get here VERY EARLY. The campsite fills up before noon, and they don't start letting people in until 9am. However, you can start lining up (in your car) for a site as early as 7am, and I highly recommend getting here at 7am. Whenever a campsite is cleared, they let someone else in. A person with a clipboard will check you in and take payment, and they will send you to the newly open site. The campground is beautiful!! It is surrounded by giant rocky cliffs that glow in the sunlight, and you truly know you are somewhere spectacular. There are few trees in the campground, so it can get quite hot. However, there is a stream nearby that some people were swimming in. The tent sites are a decent size, though there isn't much space between campsites. We even had friendly deer visitors! There are also flush toilets, sinks, and water faucets available, but no showers. One of the best parts about this campground is its close proximity to the Visitor Center and park trams. We could walk from our tent to the Center in about five minutes, which made going in and out of the park so easy and stress-free! All in all, even though it's a crowded campground, it's views and convenience are unbeatable.

Quiet and close to the South Rim!

This campsite is so convenient and very close to the South Rim, while being away from the chaos taking place in the Grand Canyon Village. After one exhausting day of dealing with a ton of tourists and another day of hiking, it was wonderful to come back to this peaceful retreat. It has more going for it than meets the eye; although the sites are plain and don't offer much in terms of scenery, the campground is large, which allows campers to be blessed with a good amount of space. I never felt like I was stacked up against anyone else, and it was incredibly quiet. If you use a tent, the ground is covered in pine needles, but the ground is very firm, so bring a hammer for your stakes. The whole campground is filled with trees, which makes each site feel nestled and cozy, and at night the moon is beautiful as it peeks through. Don't expect much in amenities either; there are only pit toilets, water faucets, and campfire pits, but there is a campground in the Grand Canyon Village that has coin-operated showers. Though there are a number of reservable sites, quite a few of the single-family tent sites are non-reservable, which is what I did. Check-in starts at 2pm, so we got there 30-60 minutes early to make sure we could secure a site. The day we arrived it wasn't really necessary to get there that early, but it wasn't a risk I was willing to take. There is an Information stand with maps and camping rules at the front of the campground, and you place the cash for your site in an envelope and slip it in the reservation box ($10/night for tent sites). Campsite hosts were incredibly kind and helpful. One more thing: not only does the campsite get very, very dark at night, but it gets COLD (so bring layers)!! This campsite was very nice and affordable, and it was so worth it to not be amongst the tourist chaos within the park. It is just a quick drive into the Village, and it was great to have this retreat to look forward to after a few busy days exploring the Grand Canyon.

Breathtaking views and incredibly peaceful

This is a campground out of a dream…you pull into the subtle entrance just off the side of the road and suddenly it's ocean as far as you can see. Each campsite has a fire ring and picnic table, and there are vault toilets, but no showers or water. Reservations are highly recommended, and honestly, necessary. Every campsite has outstanding views, so there aren't any bad spots. It is also incredibly convenient- right off Hwy. 1 and close to many different kinds of trails. Beyond being able to look out over the ocean and fall asleep to waves crashing, I also enjoyed the lovely trail that brings you through a woodsy area with a beautiful creek and finally down to the water. Everyone at the campground respected the serene environment and were very quiet- it was a very relaxing stay and one of my favorite campgrounds I have visited thus far!