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I am an avid adventurer who loves spending times in our natural spaces, especially our National Park system! My wife & two pups adventure with me!

Lovely State Park

We picked this state park for a week long stay while we were in the area exploring the New River Gorge National Park. Since we were traveling in the summer and brought our dogs along, we needed a spot where we could leave our doggos in a safe and air conditioned space while we explored. We stayed in cabin 14 which is one of two Vacation Cabins. It had four bedrooms and two full baths along with a nice living/dining area and kitchen. There was also a lovely covered front porch as well as a simple charcoal standup campground grill and picnic table in the yard. The cabin was incredibly clean and well maintained. 

The grounds are also quite large and lovely. The staff are also friendly and attentive. We enjoyed several of the hiking trails and other features like the historic Grist Mill. There were many other amenities that we did not utilize but were well kept. There was a playground, group picnic area, tennis courts and a-plethora of other lodging options. From tent sites to RV hookups and other types of cabins varying in luxury. The campground also has a coin operated laundry facility that we used during our stay. 

For some reason I totally forgot to take pictures of the actual cabin! OOPS!

This place has exploded!

I have been to this facility in the past, like 20 years ago, and revisited this summer (2023) and wow has it exploded! There is a ton of infrastructure and people everywhere. There are multiple lodging options from decked out cabins to rustic tent camping. If you're into amusement park style activities with an outdoor spin, then you won't get bored here but nothing is free and lot's of the activities will require an additional fee, though packages are available. There's several food options on site as well. Not my jam anymore but I'm sure families with young kids will love it.

It is conveniently located to the New River Gorge National Park!

Can't Beat It

While this is close to the road, there is a good buffer of vegetation between the road and the campsites. I've camped here multiple times and never hear the road. Most sites are right on the Androscoggin River and the serenity is priceless. There are many grassy tent sites that can also accommodate small campers, like pop ups. There are a few lean-tos (2) and a few sites with wooden platforms. 

The gentleman working the office was super kind and helpful. There was good signage indicating how to proceed for various needs in his absence, including how to purchase firewood and checking in/out. There is recycling available near most sites next to the various pit toilets. At this time, there are no showers or flush toilets but according to park staff, a facility for these items will be built in the near future.

Most sites are grassy but a few are hard packed dirt and a few had newly dispersed wood chips. Bathrooms were clean, water spigots are readily available as well. Sites are well maintained and some are closer together than others. Many have direct access to the river. There's really not a bad site.

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Super Impacted

This site, while in a beautiful spot perched above Cupsuptic Lake, it is so impacted that in the rain it was a literal mud pit. While there was a picnic table to get up off the ground, finding a spot to pitch a tent where water wouldn't puddle would be impossible. We hiked in, but you can paddle into the site just know that the exit/entry to the water is a bit tricky and not as easy as some of the other sites available along the way. 

There is a large fire pit, also a mess in the down pours. The picnic table is in far better shape here than the one in Eagle Cove (rotting) and Cedar Bay (non-existent). The site is quite small and wouldn't be able to accommodate more than two small tents. I wouldn't make a special trip to stay here.

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Not good in the rain

We stayed here during a torrential downpour and it was tough to find a spot to pitch the tent that wasn't going to put us in a puddle. The site has very little clear flat area for an established campsite and it took a little bit of strategy to find a spot where we could actually sleep and stay relatively dry given the circumstances.

This is a waterfront site but there isn't super easy access to the lake, but the view is pretty amazing! There is a rough fire pit that had a stack of wood next to it that was clearly part of an old picnic table. The picnic table that was in the site was, well…let's call it a "living picnic table." It was not in great shape and was actively rotting. We made it work because we had already traveled through the other available sites and they were in worse shape than this one. It did the trick for an evening but I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to stay here.

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A Favorite Spot

This campsite is along the Forest Legacy Trail and while the trail is managed by one entity, the remote campsites are managed by another. The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust maintains the trails in and out while Cupsuptic Campground manages the campsites.

There is a tent platform at Smudge Cove but it is in desperate need of repair and it sounds like that's in the plans for next summer. There is a nice picnic table available as well as an established fire ring. The site is just off the water and there is a nice long dock that makes it super easy to boat into and unload. You can also backpack in and enjoy some pretty cool Maine forests along the way. There is also relatively easy access to the water by way of the rocks, beside the dock.

These sites are secluded and offer a lovely amount of privacy and rest assured, the only sounds you will hear at night are the loons!

AVOID on Holidays

We made the mistake of camping here for the 4th of July and should have known better, especially with a dog terrified of fireworks! While they aren't allowed in the State Park, much of the lake is private property…so between the rule breakers and the private land owners this was a cacophony of noise for days. The other bummer about this park in particular is that many of the sites were marked as reserved even though they sat empty for the three nights we were there and many of them were lakeside. Sadly, no shows don't forfeit their sites which was frustrating. 

Our site, though not on the water, was nice and had a lean-to. The nice new bathhouse was also very much appreciated. Though it seemed that the drainage system could use some work, as the showers continually backed pretty far up. Thank goodness for shower shoes!

The campground employee was incredibly talkative and a little nosy but we didn't mind it so much sense we are generally well behaved campers.

Our site was spacious and we enjoyed having a lean-to for some shade. It easily accommodated two vehicles, two canoes, three dogs and four humans. Firewood and ice are readily available. Be prepared to drive a fair distance down gravel roads to get there. 

There are a few hiking trails available in the park as well as several public access points to the lake. There is also a small swimming area/beach.

Secluded and Quiet

This is another beautiful site along the CT River Paddler's Trail. It is well maintained and tucked on a knoll in a pine forest. There is a picnic table, fire ring and composting toilet box seat. The takeout is easy to miss if you aren't looking as it sits right in the bend of the river. There is a set of wooden steps that go down into the water at a relatively steep angle. Be sure you tie your boat up while unloading as there is a fair amount of current sweeping around the bend. Use caution moving up and down the steps.

There is a flat area at the top of the steps where you can tie up your boat for the evening. Follow the path along an electric fence (be careful if you have dogs with you) up into the campsite. There you will find a nice shady spot with plenty of flat space for tents. Beware the ticks! They weren't the worse I've seen, but they are definitely around.

Aside from the tricky loading and unloading on the water, this site is pretty dang perfect!

Nice site along the CT River Paddlers Trail

While reservations are not required, there is a registration page on the CT River Paddler's Trail Website that they ask folx to complete just so spots don't get overcrowded. 

There are several sites available here and a really nice rocky beach with easy access fo loading and unloading. It's also a nice spot to fish from. There is a site perched high on the hill where there is a picnic table and fire ring. There is also a spot lower down that is nice and flat and probably better spots for tents. We did have an ATV almost run over us at 1:00 a.m. that scared the dickens out of us. They were clearly unaware and intoxicated, it was a scary moment. But aside from that, it's a wonderful site. If you walk through the campsite, there is a massive cornfield, just beware that the ticks in the field are insane! They weren't bad in the campsite but in the grass, they were epic. There's nice shade available as well.

Another visit

We started a multi day canoeing trip from this spot. While close to the road, it's not highly trafficked and the road noise is almost non-existent which was a nice surprise. The riverbank is a great spot to fish from and enjoy the afternoon sun. The top site is well maintained and the lower site could use a little work. Sadly there is no picnic table at the top spot but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. While we saw other folx on the river, we were the only ones in the camping area. Nice vault toilet also available.

First to Review

This is clearly a residential RV seasonal place. Some of the RVs here look as though they've had houses added onto them over the years. Seeing as it caters to RVs over anything else, other services/amenities were lack luster. Showers were a bit dirty and there were only 4 tent sites in the campground. It worked for a stop over on a thru paddle of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, but as a regular tent camper, I would not recommend this spot if you can avoid it.

There is a lovely country store a quarter of a mile away!

Beautifully Maintained!

We stayed in a cabin and it was absolutely wonderful. It was clean and had everything we needed. All of the buildings were meticulously kept and the staff were incredibly friendly . They have a small camp store with s'more fixings and a great beer selection but that's about it. There is a pool and a hot tub! Luxurious camping to say the least!

There was a small putt-putt course, a corn hole set and a short hiking trail. This spot is perfect if you're looking for something with a lot of amenities.

Lovely Vermont State Park

You really can't go wrong with a Vermont State Park. They are meticulously maintained and the folx that work there are super helpful. There was an active bear around and park staff went around in their cart letting folx know it had chased some hikers earlier in the day. Additionally, the staff were always available and willing to help with ice, firewood and quarters for showers!

Speaking of which, there are two bath houses with coin operated showers. One of the bathhouses is new and the other is an older facility. Both are quite nice and you get 5 minutes for 50 cents. Bargain!

The Lean-tos are well kept and spaces are super shaded and well spaced from one another. There's plenty of room between most sites. There were only a handful of sites that I wouldn't want to camp at. There were also some cabins that looked like they were finishing up, so that will be a great option as well. 

The state park is conveniently located to a great little snack bar, perfect for ice cream on a hot day. There is a short hiking trail down to the Quechee Gorge and a few other small hike options from the picnic area.

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Secluded spot along the NFCT

This is a small impacted spot along the Dead River along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT). The site is not easily visible from the river and there is a steep bank you have to navigate to unload and pull your canoe or kayak up for the evening. That being said, it is a nice spot to spend an evening.

When we were there, there was a small bench and a few stumps that were nice for seating. The campsite is at the end of an old logging road that you can walk down quite a ways. In the summer months, you will find an abundance of blueberries! 

This is a primitive backcountry site so pack it in, pack it out. And maybe take a few extra pieces of trash with you! There is a large fire ring and a little gravel area we used to cook. There's plenty of flat space for a couple of 2-3 person tents. The stars are beautiful to boot! Definitely bring everything you need with you because there's nothing anywhere around.

Popular for fisher-fox

This area is just north of Falgstaff Lake in Maine along the Dead River. The camping area is at the end of an old logging road that is gravel and highly traveled. This area is also along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. There are multiple sites, many of which have a backdrop of a large sand pit but there are two sites at the end that are nicely wooded as well as two on the river side of the road before you reach the open pit area. There are two privies available, one on each side of the road. Wooded sites are pretty much bare ground so it's probably pretty messy when it rains.

Sites have picnic tables and large fire rings. The river is a short distance from all sites and depending on the water level, there is often a rocky beach along the shore. You can put in and paddle upstream along the Dead River from here. There is a pretty significant waterfall just down stream of the camping area that is a short hike away.

In my experience, there can be some long term campers here who stay for months at a time. I've seen little tent cities constructed and it's often quite loud. We used it as a quick stop for an evening before putting on the water the next morning. Bring an extra trash bag and pack out some trash, sadly it's abundant.

Beautiful, even in the rain!

This hut has it all and its pet friendly! It's a short walk from a roadside parking area (though a little longer in the winter due to the parking being moved across the road). There is a lovely wood burning stove and fire wood is supplied. There's a nice deck outside with a picnic table and fire ring there as well. The river is a few steps away and water can be treated from there. 

There is a well maintained privy outside the cabin and toilet paper was available. The cabin has a sleeping loft with a few foam mattresses but the stairs are quite steep, too steep for a four legged doggo to make it up and down. There is a futon downstairs that can be used as a couch or sleep two people. There are dishes and everything you need from knives to bottle openers. There is a propane stove and a kerosene lamp. 

The Nulhegan section of the Silvia O. Conte wildlife refuge is a short drive away with a lot of hiking options. There is a general store less than five minutes away in Bloomfield, VT. This spot really can't be beat!

Nice Cabins

This park is a little different and has some fairly interesting history. There are some old ruins as well as an old quarry site. The grounds are open to hunting and we were surprised by a bird hunter and his dog who was running around off leash, creating a little havoc for us while walking our two dogs on the trail. If you visit in the fall, be sure to bring some hunter orange if you plan on exploring the trails.

Now onto the cabins- these are quite nice! They have nice bathrooms with hot showers, a common area with a lot of furniture, a kitchen with large table and full sized appliances. The cabin we stayed in was pet friendly and had two rooms, one with a full size bed and a second one with 2 sets of bunk beds. The heat was quite efficient and kept us warm on some cold nights. 

These cabins are not equipped with any type of consumables, cookware or linens. You really need to bring everything if you're planning on actually using the bathroom or kitchen. There is toilet paper though :) We chose to stay here due to its proximity to several National Park sites in the area and it was perfect for us! We will be visiting another state park with similar cabins next year, too!

Secluded with Beautiful Views

Just below the Presidential range, this site is pretty sweet. The hike in from route 16 is relatively easy with an uphill trend. Toward the end the trail is the steepest but it's a short climb and worth the effort. There's a water source just downhill with a nice spot to sit and relax. The campsite has a map that outlines the kitchen/cooking area and sites. Be advised, mice and perhaps other rodents WILL get your food in the box provided so store your food appropriately. They will destroy your food for sure! The tent pads aren't easily spotted so be ready to walk around and find the sites. I'm sure this spot gets busy so be sure to have a backup plan just in case. There is a large AMC run campsite nearby that is certainly more popular than this one, but this one is free!

Beautiful spot and Friendly Staff

This is a gem! Off the beaten path way up north in Coos country and absolutely stunning. The only downside to our experience was that our site was directly in front of another site, which required driving through our site to get to the one behind us. Poor design for sure.

That being said, the park staff were incredibly kind and did their best to address the annoyance. The lake was incredibly low so it was a good thing we weren't trying to launch a boat. The bathrooms were clean but beware, the shower has so much water pressure it might take your skin off! But the water was super hot which I appreciated. 

The sites were well manicured and clean. The dogs really enjoyed the lush green grass! While it didn't rain during our stay, this site would have been decent if it had. It was late in the fall season so it wasn't super crowded but there was a bit of noise (fireworks and gunshots) in the vicinity. There are a few trails you can hike but the park is mostly centered on lake-based activities.

Backcountry Site Near Shelburne, NH

Sometimes if you take a little hike into the woods and look around, you find a sweet camping spot for the night. We decided to get one more camping night in before the snow really fell for the winter, so we threw everything in the car and went for it. There was a little snow, cool temps and the time changed, it was just perfect. The spot we chose had clearly been camped at before so we made sure to keep our impact to the same area. Because this is a backcountry, dispersed site, be sure to practice Leave No Trace practices.