What a View

This is a gorgeous spot the view is amazing. Outhouse not so nice door doesn't lock. There is a fire ring, picnic table, grill and it's free. I spent 2 nights here and would definitely come back.

Gorgeous space

The view was amazing for $18 we had a full hook up site plus a hot shower

What a gorgeous view

Just a picnic table no other amenities and the view is amazing great place to stay for free

Awesome place

Hot showers bathrooms cheap price don't let that fool you this is a beautiful place. Lots to do and see in the park and it is so peaceful. I will be back over and over again

Camping is no longer allowed there

It is a beautiful park with so much history it now closes at sundown so no camping

Not a good place if you want to sleep in

Owners operating heavy equipment at 7 am dogs barking at all hours of the night and early in the morning tiny campsites and you can't pick your own site