magical Eleven Mile

Camped here just for a night, but wish I could have stayed longer.  It's considered a walk in site, but the walk is not far nor difficult. Near (fairly clean) vaulted toilets.

The sites are spacious, though not overly secluded. There are other campgrounds in the Eleven Mile Canyon that offer a bit more privacy, but they book up early.  I chose site 19 since it seemed a bit more secluded -it was shaded which was a nice bonus. 

The trail from the campground give a nice view of the canyon- even if you do not stay here check it out :)

near the water!

During a quick get away to Glen Canyon for a couple days to do some hiking, this was a campground we stumbled across. I made a note to come back to it since I really liked the setting. Being near the water is not too prevalent in the area, so getting to camp so near water would be a treat! This campground is very close to Lake Powell, so if you cannot get a houseboat to stay on this is your next best option :) 

The sites lack privacy, but seem to have an adequate amount of space. Not a huge campground- definitely less than 100 sites, possibly even less than 50. Many RV's, camper vans, and trailers.  Ground would be pretty level for setting up a tent, but I'd recommend sleeping pads because it looks hard. 

This is such a unique are and there are tons of things to do. Horseshoe Bend is even cooler than in photos! The Rainbow Bridge is a really good hike. If you have the ability or desire to rent a water craft and see the area from the water I highly recommend it.  Though I did not go on a boat tour, there are a few in the area that seemed quite popular. It is interesting looking from the water to see the shoreline-worth at least a couple hours.  Nearby is Coyote Gulch that was a fantastic hike with waterfalls!   

Definitely an area you can visit more than once since there is so much to do!

great park, standard campground

Stunning park! Spent a day here while camping at Buttermilk Falls State Park.  

The campground here is much larger than Buttermilk Falls, which is why we opted to stay there. After driving through the campground, we decided we would stay there in the future if Buttermilk was booked. The campsites were decent sized.  We did not use the amenities, so I am not sure of the condition. 

This park has a LOT of waterfalls and hiking than Buttermilk, though a similar loop style hike going up one side of the river, crossing, and going back on the other side. This loop is about 5 miles and defiantly recommended. There are some side trails to explore as well. The swimming area was really nice but it was kinda chilly so not too busy! This seems to be a very popular place and I would imagine in summer it's quite chaotic! 

I would highly recommend checking this park out whether you camp here or not!

great recommendation

My husband and I ended up spending a couple nights here (in 2017) upon a recommendation from a friend- boy did the park and campground live up to expectations. We were told it was a small campground, pretty quiet, and better than most state park campgrounds due to it's size- that was absolutely correct. It was SO nice to have a small campground to stay in!  This park isn't terribly busy, but busy enough that it was necessary to 'escape' at night and relax :)

We were happy with the sites- nothing too special.  The real highlight is the park itself!  The hiking trails are nice!  Not too challenging, but very scenic. Walking along the water from the upper and lower entrances is great!  If you walk Gorge trail and Rim trail you connect to make a nice loop and see just about everything the park has to offer. The waterfalls are wonderful- pretty busy so I would recommend going early or later near dusk if you want a more solitary experience.  It is very cool to listen to the water at night as well :)

standard campground experience

While I have no complaints about this campground, it was nothing special either. As a tent camper, I was happy to have a few sites to pick from. There is a bit of cover between sites that almost gives the illusion of privacy, but ultimately I'd rather be somewhere much more secluded. Bathrooms were clean for how busy the campground was and the campground itself was kept up well. Picnic table, grill, and 'tent pad' at each site.  Seem like it would be a good place for RV camping rather than tent camping.

This campground is a nice place to stay if you are wanting to hike and explore the park. The sunset we saw was magnificent, so definitely set aside time to find a place and marvel at the days end. Stargazing was also a fantastic activity here!

The Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is such a unique place.  It was nice to be able to camp near enough to amongst the interesting cactus and larger than life rocks.   Definitely a park that it is fun to camp in, but I would suggest trying to get a more primitive, site in the Alamo campground if possible.

almost a backcountry experience

Fair warning that I didnt actually get to stay at this campground, it was full already.  It has a very small amount of campsites, so not a place to count on without a reservation.  But if you are lucky enough to get a reservation, the campground looks great!  

When we checked out the campground, for future plans, (yet to be realized ;) ) it was a super quiet, almost secluded setting.  I think the noise level varies with who else is camping nearby, but I would imagine it is usually people looking for a more backcountry experience than they would get at a normal campground. We did not see water or fire pits. 

If you want a backcountry camping experience that is a little less daunting this is the place for you!  Lots to see in the park and then you can retreat back to your spot in nature! 

This campground is on my list of places to camp in Arizona on a future visit :)

looking for quiet and seclusion?

If you are looking for a small, simple campground this is a GEM!  A very small amount of sites, and when I was there only 1/2 of the sites were full, so it was quiet and campers all felt pretty secluded from each other.  (This was a couple years backs it may have gotten busier and gained popularity.) When we were there it was about 1/2 tent campers and 1/2 RV campers. It was a bit louder during the days then at night, but that is to be expected since it it on a lake. 

The toilets, campfire rings, picnic tables, and other amenities were all nice. Nice flat area to set up a tent. The pines provide some shade during the day.

We were lucky enough to spot some wildlife while driving near the campground- a herd of wild horses! It was really cool to see horses in the wild- a new experience for me :) 

Only drawback was I struggled to get a strong signal for wifi, but is that really a drawback? haha :) 

Campground host was extremely friendly making it an inviting, nice place to stay a few nights :)  Lots of ideas for stuff to do and places to check out in the area.

small, nice

Stumbled upon this small, nice campground simple because we liked the name :)  It is very convenient from the main highway (which happens to be part of the Peak to Peak scenic byway- a FANTASTIC drive!).  There are not a ton of sites, so it was a quiet peaceful vibe.  Sites have a decent amount of space, not much cover or privacy.  A couple tents were there, but mostly RVs. There is a site right next to the stream that I would recommend- great to fall asleep listening to the water flowing!  Campground host was friendly and had tons of wood to buy for fires. I cannot say I have complaints about this nice little place!  Good distance to RMNP as well as Boulder and Denver.

what a fantastic park!

This park has a little bit of everything! 

The campgrounds are nice:) Pretty open area, but nice amount of space per site. Each site has a picnic table, fire pit, and some shade. Sites near the water would be ideal!(unless you have a child- then I would opt for sites more to the inside of the campground area) Some sites are just a 1 minute walk to beautiful water views! Water activities, great hiking, wildlife(LOTS of prairie dogs), wonderful bike trail, boat launch, swimming beach! Cannot say enough good things about Lake Pueblo State Park! Only drawback is it is VERY busy on summer weekends… during the week it's much less crowded. The campground does fill up, so reservations are the best option. 

I cannot wait to go back!

recommend lower loop site

Campground is fairly close to Grand Marais and the Au Sable Lighthouse. Nice trails around!  The Grand Sable visitors center is a nice stop for some additional ideas of what to see in the area- friendly service. Grand Sable Lake is another fun little place to check out.  You will not be bored since so many great sites are so near- within a bit of a hike or a quick drive. 

Wooded sites make for some feeling of seclusion. We were in an area where generators were not allowed so night time was quite peaceful.  Nice amenities here too :)

could there be a better location?!

What an amazing campground location! Easy access to the beach and the trails along the water :) We lucked out with a GREAT view of Lake Superior.  Sandy sites mean its easy put up and tent and get a good nights rest.  For how busy the campground was it wasn't overly loud or too chaotic. Paths down to the beach for easy access no matter what spot you get, it will not be a disappointment.  (Though still try for the lake view ones ;) )

I would think it's challenging to get a spot here! We stayed our first night at a campground near Munising then got up SUPER early to get a site here.  I believe it's first come, first served but since it's been a couple years that might have changed. 

*Munising is not super close, but it's well worth it for a bit of a drive to go on the Picture Rocks cruise! VERY cool to see the cliffside and the brilliant colors from the water :)

just stayed a night

Since reservations were hard to come by closer to Pictured Rocks- busy weekend in Sept!  We stayed here our first night.  I am not a huge fun of campgrounds of this type- with smaller, less secluded sites, but in a bind it worked out well.  Good facilities and near Tannery Falls which was a nice little hike to a large waterfall.  Large number of sites, we will opt for the rustic tent/walk-in sites next time since they seemed to be more secluded. 

Some sites very near the water- I would think these are a good choice! We arrived late, so had minimal options.

*visit Tannery Falls- Not a ton of water flowing, but very rustic and relaxed place! We didn't see anyone else for most of our time there :)   Also near is Munising falls- easy access to a nice waterfall and Miners Falls another pretty easy to access falls.

near Miners Castle

This is the campground to stay at for the easiest access to Miners Castle which is one of the more popular places to check out in the Pictured Rocks area. 

Campground is VERY small and first come, first served.  Unfortunately, we picked a busy weekend and had to opt to stay at another campground since this one was filled.  It was a place I'd definitely want to stay when we return to the area. Sites seemed nice and the vibe of the campground, though 'full', was pretty quiet and chill. 

If you stay here you must check out Miners Castle- it's beautiful with the bright blue water surrounding the point!

nice location

Drive in, select your site, put payment in envelope simple process to reserve a site at a nice campground! Brilliant sunrises over the lake. 

Loved the location- near Menominee MI, took in some time around the town, before relaxing for a day on the nice Lake Michigan beach at the campground.  Water level is currently extremely high, but it was still a nice place :) Great stop for a day or 2 en route to more northern attractions.

One 'negative' that cannot be controlled: bay flies.  Happened to be there when the bay flies were thick! The flies do not seem to bite, just a nuisance. 

*if you have a half hour check out the lighthouse in Menominee MI- didnt realize until we walked out to it that you can explore inside as well!

unexpected location

I wish I could report how awesome this campground is, but it just missed the mark :(   It is situated very near to a sewage treatment plant which we drove past upon entering the campground.  It was definitely a noticeable smell, but not overwhelming.  The location was just strange- behind some large stores and near a sewage treatment plant :/  I am a fan of more woodsy settings, so this campground was a bit out of my comfort zone. 

It was located near a boat launch/little fishing area which was neat.  You would see some (I think) military ships across the river. And there were a lot of birds to observe. 

*I recommend checking out the lighthouse in Menominee!  I had no idea until we walked out to it that you can climb up inside and check out the whole thing :) Super friendly staff to explain it's history as well.  

*One more insight- I was unaware of how thick the bugs (bayflies) can be! yikes… next time I will check before hand if they are going to be an issue.  Not a deal breaker, but would have been nice to be prepared.

love this park

This park is a GEM!  Honestly, the campground is a bit busy for my liking during the summer, but it's a great place to camp in winter!  Facilities are decently maintained. 

The cord walk trail is great. The beach stretches so far and makes for a good afternoon of walking.  Nice nature center. Fun programs during the summer as well.  Lots of wildlife, especially birds, but we saw deer as well.   

*For a rainy day or chilly winter day, I like to check out the art museum in Sheboygan. Not big, but some unique stuff.

nice place to spend the night

Spent a night in route to the Badlands and was happy enough with the experience.  I felt like the sites were a bit close together, but for a night that wasn't a huge concern.  Seems like during a busy weekend it could get loud and chaotic, but on a week night in the fall it was nice.

Enjoyed the water setting!  After driving a day of driving and checking out the Corn Palace, just 5 minutes away,  it was nice to be in nature again in a lovely location :)  Facilities were clean and the staff we encountered were friendly. 

If you have a tent I encourage you to choose a tent only site since they are more secluded.

great location

Great wooded campsite. Quiet and campground, so I couldn't ask for more! We were told there might be wildlife walking through, but unfortunately we didn't see anything. 

VERY close to all the wonderful natural attractions the park (and surrounding area) has to offer. This was the ideal location to travel the wildlife loop- such an awesome drive! We went in the morning to ensure less traffic with the hope of seeing more animals and we were happy with that decision :) LOTS of animals and few tourists!  

Sylvan Lake nearby  is a gem- I recommend the short hike around it :)


Nice place to stay if you are looking for first-come first serve sites!  The campground wasn't very busy which was nice because the sites were not overly secluded. Kinda a grassland area, but since it wasn't too busy and we were in the tent area it was a good fit for just the night.

The main attraction for visiting this park was a cave and cave tour- awesome!  Highly recommended :)  I actually retained a decent amount of the information we learned!  The tour was through but they kept it fun as well.  We were pleasantly surprised to see a plethora of bison (when we were in Custer that had rounded them all up so seeing them in the wild was nice!) 

*remember to wear something warm if you are doing a cave tour- it's chilly down there!

worth it to stay in the park

Campground is not one of my favorites… I enjoy more seclusion, some tree cover, and less of an RV parking lot feel BUT it's totally worth it to deal with these tiny details in order to experience the badlands!  The sites were grassy and level so having a tent wasn't an issue.  The bathrooms were fine and sites were clean so I cannot complain too much :) 

The area surrounding the campgrounds is what brought us here, no the accommodations.  The park is AMAZING! Such a unique park of the country- breathtaking sunsets and unique hikes.  I highly recommend finding a place each night to watch the sun go down!  Lots of wildlife around as well. 

*Wall Drug isn't anything fancy, but it's worth it to check it off your list if you gotta make a trip into town.