the dyrt
fabulous beach!

The beach here is fabulous! It goes for a couple miles I think :) The sunrises and sunsets were so beautiful to behold as well as neat views of the lighthouse. The sites were nothing special, just a somewhat open area and some grassy dirt area to set up on. There were raised fire pits that were very nice. Our site was on the water which I always enjoy. It's a good place to stay when visiting various sites on the peninsula.

large park

This park is huge! Friends and family encouraged us to visit this park numerous times and finally we found a weekend to get away. The large waterfall was impressive. There were lots of lodging choices- camping, a lodge, cabins, and backcountry camping. The nature center had really impressive programs that a family would love. This park had a lot of visitors when we were there, but due to it's size it didnt seem too busy.

busy but beautiful!

This park is beautiful! We stopped here while doing the Red River Gorge drive to grab food at the lodge. With all the signs leading up to the park, we had to stop and check it out. We did decide to do a few hours of hiking and loved the natural bridge and also the devil’s gultch area. Such a cool park- camping looked to be very busy since the park was not very serene with the crowds. It would be a great place to explore numerous days so camping would be the easiest way to do that. It is a place I’d stay, but probably not a first choice due to the popularity.

walk in

This park is so beautiful in autumn! Even if a person comes for a picnic only a couple of hours they will enjoy the scenery. The hike-in tent sites are nice. I did expect a bit more privacy from a walk-in site but it was not busy when we were there, so it wasn’t a great issue. If it was busy, that may have impacted our experience greatly! There is a nice dock area if you have a boat otherwise there isn’t a whole lot to do (no hiking or anything like that). But an okay place to escape for a bit :) (the photo posted by another reviewer is a great view of the tent sites!)

superb park

I have this goofy tradition that we want to get to all the state parks when we live in a state and this was one of the last parks on our list for KY so we did just a day trip, with the intention of returning but it never happened. There is a nice golf course in the park and boating was a popular activity. We had a great picnic on the water too. Because we had the intention of returning with a boat next time, we did drive through the campground and noted that the sites were decent. The boat launch near was good as well. It was a pretty open campground but some sites seemed like they would feel more secluded. Sites were large though!

spring fed pool

What an awesome spring fed pool! So crazy that this wetland and springs are in the middle of the desert. Stopped here to check out the park and were so pleased with the facilities. The nature program we participated in was informative yet fun. The campground is pretty average with decent sized sites and there is some privacy with the sheltered picnic tables. There is little to no shade and the sites all are in view of each other, but it’s to be expected in the desert :) Nice scenery around the campground.

lakeside cabin

A camping cabin at Inks Lake State Park was our ‘home base’ while checking out some nearby attractions, mainly Lornhorn Cavern State Park. What a cool place that is! So many tours of the caverns and great things to see. We enjoyed our lakeside cabin at Inks Lake. Things were somewhat rustic but well maintained plus the draw of a cabin for us, airconditioning! We spend a day kayaking (rentals available) and another day checking out Devil’s Waterhole and some waterfalls. Great experience :)

great cabin

I was surprised to see this awesome cabin listed, but I’m happy it is :) We went here with family since many relatives were in town doing touristy stuff it was a great ‘base camp’ for everyone to stay at. It worked out well as some family members like the cabin experience and others were able to stay in tents near the cabin. There are lots of places to sleep (bunk beds, queen, etc). The lake is beautiful! We used the canoes that come with the cabin multiple times as well as trying our luck fishing on the dock. The yard has a picnic table and fire pit. It’s only about an hour from Orlando. Our family loved this cabin :)

wildlife and biking

Owls and alligators! What a neat park :) This park is only a ½ hour from Tampa and I checked it out while in town on business. Biked a few of the trails, which were nice and rented a kayak to see some of the park from the water, both fun activities. I saw there was a pool as well! Campground covered a lot of area with large sites and some trees/vegetation growing between many sites giving more seclusion. A short trip here made me realize that more time would have been nice! Putting it on the list to return to ;)

nice place

We really like walking along the St Croix river bluffs in this park on the north and south river trails. The trails are pretty easy hiking, so it's perfect for families. We reserved online for this trip and I was super impressed with the map for the campsite. It designated if the site was wooded or in an open area- how cool is that?! We liked out wooded site :)

close to the city

I went here for our annual church picnic for years. We camped only a couple times, but it was a nice experience. Huge campground, at least much bigger than I expected! Sites are rather large and there is a decent amount of space between sites. I checked out one of the nature programs and it was very informative and enjoyable. The hiking is wonderful. This park is so unique because it’s definitely a nature experience but is so close to the suburbs and downtown St Paul.

avoid tent camping

We met up with friends at their site here and we were very pleased that we had not stayed here :/ It was clean, well maintained, and a great price for the distance from some awesome attractions. But it was clearly geared towards RVs and would have been a totally 'open' experience with close neighbors. Definitely would be a decent place to stay in an RV though.

check out the Trail System

Came to this park because we wanted to check out the hiking trail system. Great hike :) We stumbled upon the campground here- didn't know there was one! Small campground, less than 20 sites, and it is not a busy campground. Quiet, secluded, and small are all good aspects of a campground :) Bathrooms are just pit toilets, but they were decently maintained and just added to the 'nature' experience. In addition to the features mentioned above, this is a free campground! Nice place to get away :)

nice hikes

This great park for hiking is less than an hour from Knoxville. It’s always nice to escape the city and this was an ideal place to go. The hiking trails ranged from difficult to short and easy. The ’Trout’ hiking trail was very nice. One of the longer hikes was the Knob trail and it was very nice as well. They even allowed mountain biking on a good amount of trails- bringing a bike next time! This park doesn’t have a huge campground (which is a positive in my book). A drawback is the lack of seclusion,-there really is none. The sites are essentially all in a flat grassy area with some trees around the outside, but they don’t help with privacy much. I would probably make this park a day trip destination or just stay a night because it is not a campground I would enjoy just hanging out around.

unique lake

What a fun day! We did some hiking here, but the real draw was the unique cypress trees in the lake. We did a little boat trip on a pontoon, which was pretty great! The northern campground is smaller and was less busy when we visited. The sites are decently spread-out but have little seclusion due to the lack of tree cover and such things. South campground looked a bit more wooded, but there were many more sites. (some even right on the water!). Such a distinctive place- we said we would do some kayaking if we ventured here again.

island camping (or picnicking)

Who doesn’t love spending time on an island! I came here with a group who had reserved the picnic pavilion for a birthday party. The trip to the island on the ferry was quick and easy. There was a great playground for the kids and we enjoyed a nice long hike as well. We did not stay over night but I did notice some nice looking cabins and primitive camping sites. The cabins and tent camping sites are all nestled together so it’s not very secluded except the few trees between sites. There are nice tent pads though and the cabins look like a great option with nice screened porches as well as a fire pit and picnic table. A place to go back someday :)

nature near Orlando

Like many families, ours enjoys their trips to Orlando. We are not big on the theme parks so staying at campgrounds, either setting up a tent or renting a cabin, has been our way to enjoy the family vacation, but in nature. Opted for the cabin option during our stay at Lake Louisa and we were very happy with the choice. Cabin was fully furnished and very clean. There was a lot of indoor and outdoor eating space meaning family gathered at our place, which was great! We did notice primitive camping was available too. Kayaked on Dixie Lake, hiked, swam, and biked while others were less than a ½ hour away hanging with Mickey Mouse.

great for families

We took a trip here with my older parents and chose to stay in the lodge for the added amenities. We did drive around the campground area though for future reference and were not sad about our choice to stay in the lodge. The campground has 3 separate areas all smaller but the sites are similar throughout- simple, not secluded, and probably better for RV campers than tent camping. The highlight of the park for us was the disc golf course. There were a couple hiking trails that were nice as well. I didn’t choose to horseback ride but the reviews from our family were positive. This is a nice park with tons of little features that make it great for a family with all ages.

ferry to campground

Small primitive campground! One our trip to Mammoth Caves we stayed in a cabin, but checked out the campgrounds for family that would be visiting shortly after us. These sites were my favorite in the park! The drive to the campground was a bit out of the way, but scenic. The sites are near a river and there is an option of taking the ferry to the campground. Some of the sites appeared much larger than others, but overall it was a surprising natural respite from the rest of the busy park.

fall camping trip

Just stayed here for the night during a trip to check out various parts of Daniel Boone National Forest. Stayed in the raccoon loop (there was a choice of 2 loops) but we opted for the one near a stream. The campgrounds are both small, but have nice space around the sites and some seclusion due to the forest. We were told that getting a spot is difficult during the busy summer because this is first come, first serve but in the fall we seemed to have good luck getting a nice site, though the other sites did fill in quickly. Site had great grassy area to set up a tent. The sites were nothing fancy, but we enjoyed our night here.