JaySar D.


Bedford, NH

Joined August 2020

9 yr old & his mamma & daddy love camping adventures & take all the camping we can get 💜 We are tenters & love trying new places!

Pretty good campground

Pros: some big sites, family activities, playground, swimming pond that you can canoe in that looked fairly clean. Campsite was on a little creek. Friendly, helpful staff. Quiet nights, easy check-in. Cons: Bathhouse was closed so we had to use Porta potties. They originally booked us on a site so small, our tent wouldn’t even fit so we weren’t going to be able to have a fire because our tent was so close to it. Went to the desk and they switched us to a different site a couple sites down that was much larger. We will return for sure, my husband was on call & had to leave quite a bit, I didn’t go explore the campground while he was at work but next summer we will.

Okay campground

A little tip about GPS: if you’re using Apple Maps, it will likely take you to a turn that is not the campground entrance, there’s even a hand-written sign on someone’s lawn that has directions to the entrance (seems to happen frequently, I guess). We chose this campground because we got a booking discount on the Dyrt app.

Pros: Friendly staff, clean bathrooms, clean grounds, gated campground with card key access in/out of the grounds, 2 pools (closed for the season during our stay), pavilion, activities/entertainment, fairly quiet during quiet hours, laundromat, playground, dog park, boating pond, Horse shoe & Basketball court.

Cons: No hot water for showers, no separation between some tent sites, strong sewer smell in woman’s restroom & on some campsites, late check-in (7:45 p.m.) was a bit tricky — an envelope with a key card and map were placed in a mailbox for us due to store/office closing @ 6 but no mention of this in the confirmation email & long wait time on hold to find out site # (not included in confirmation email). I believe they use a 3rd party company for reservations. You do not get a choice during the online booking to choose the campsite to reserve & the site # is not included in the confirmation email. The mailbox that had our envelope in it was difficult to locate & we may have not found it if it weren’t for a very kind camper that showed us when she saw us looking around confused at the entrance.

So this is a pro & a con, I will try to start with the negative & end with the positive- Our site was in a field that was near the bathrooms. We were on S1, near a septic pipe & there was a severely nauseating, strong smell of sewage coming from it; we went to the front desk the next day & asked to move to S5, as we were the only ones on any of the 6 tent field sites. They were completely fine with it & apologized saying that they recently had someone there to fix the septic concern. We dragged our things down by noon. Within the hr, there was a large canopy tent set up right in between us & the bathrooms that we were now much closer to & there was a band setting up for their afternoon show. The live band was cool but we had golf carts & parked vehicles pretty much surrounding us & some right on our campsite, it was a little awkward. Then around 8, there was a gentleman that started setting up for a comedy show that they would be doing that night. A staff member came to our site and let us know that there is an 18+ comedy show but there was a children’s movie being played on a big screen on the other side of the campground. This was a nice alternative, however it left us with 2 choices: leave our site (with a fire we just started) for a couple hrs & have strangers & golf carts directly on our campsite again or stay on our site, watch the stand up comedy show & hope our 9 yr old won’t get the jokes. We chose to stay. So, here’s the main positive about the events — the band was good & the stand up comedy was awesome. For the most part, the comedians kept it fairly clean & our 9 yr old did not get any of the jokes that were a little sassy. All 3 comedians were clearly aware that there was a child in the audience & one specific comedian (Rob Steen) said right from the get-go that he was going to keep it clean for his bit & use innuendos that would go right over his head. There’s a high likelihood that we wouldn’t have went to see the comedians if it were held at the pavilion because of it being an adult show so we were kind of glad everything unfolded like that because they were really fantastic. We might return to the campground again but hopefully would get the choice of picking a more secluded campsite next time.

Great campground!

Wonderful sites that are spacious! Clean, WiFi available, a pond for swimming, playground, free paddle boats :), a recreational hall with a pool table & video games, laundromat. They have lots of fun family activities! We stayed with our parents in their camper for a couple nights and had such a positive experience there! They have 3 separate ponds-one for fishing, one for boating & the larger one is for swimming. Plenty of bathrooms throughout campground and sites are not expensive to reserve. Clean & up-to-date bathrooms with hot showers. Family-oriented with friendly staff. We will be returning, for sure!

Good campground, no complaints :)

Hot showers, laundry mat, large sites, clean, big campground, Badminton & playground, good separation between sites! And they’ve got a little mini golf area!!! :))) Conveniently located near the beach! We have nothing bad to say about this campground & had zero issues :)

Words Really Can’t Describe!

Crazy Horse Campground: Let me start off by saying that there is a certain special something about the staff & seasonal campers at this campground! There’s a hearty, happy feeling shared when you interact with others here, for sure :) From the phone call to reserve the site until the very last moment on the campground when we stopped by the office at check out, the owners made us feel so comfortable!!

Pros: Hot showers (bring quarters & run hot water in sink for 4-5 mins before turning shower on & the shower water will warm up way faster), family-friendly, welcoming staff, pool, activities for kids (candy bar bingo) & adults (corn hole tournament), family activities (DJ on some Saturday evenings), camping store, late check-in, clean bathrooms, clean/well-maintained campground, trailer rentals, firewood purchased on campground delivered by staff, attentive owners that genuinely care for the campers, reinforcement of quiet hours, owners keep watch over those entering campground to ensure only registered campers are coming in, separation between sites is pretty decent, dish sink to do your dishes in, playground with a large field for kids to run around in, open all year round, 10 minute drive to Dunk’s & Walmart. On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, they do Trick or Treating & a Kid’s hayride that will be a walk instead of a hayride this year to respect social distancing.

Cons: Only 2 bathrooms on entire grounds, would be nice if the dish sink had hot water.

We are SO pleased & booked another wknd in October on our way out, which we have never done at any campground before so I think we found a new favorite!

Loved this state park campground

Clean, spacious sites! Awesome playground, plenty of activities in the area to do from hiking, swimming & boating. Access to Otter Lake, which is a nice body of water! Bathrooms are clean & hot showers are available. Our kids loved it here, as much as we did. Quiet nights & plenty of nature all around us! We have no complaints about this campground & are looking forward to going again!!

We fell in love 😍

Played horse shoes, jumped off the trussle on the last day & swam more because we didn’t want to leave, tied our tubes to trees and lounged on the crystal clear river one of the days for the entirety of the day, slept like babies every night. Sites are a decent size & the grounds are clean. Friendly staff. It is quite a drive for us, we will be going back next summer & plan to stay a week :) You will fall in love with the Pemi River here ♥️

Pretty Nature

Campground is nice, clean, has a pond, playground, pool, Canoeing, sites are decent size, entertainment on some nights offered in pavilion, friendly staff, pet friendly & quiet nights. We had no issues here & there was lots of nature around, which we love!

Not a bad camping Spot

Sites weren’t bad, clean campground, pool & canoe rentals, family activities offered, short drive to the beaches. Primitive camping, waterfront sites & cabins available :)

Big Family Fun

Pros: lots to do, family oriented, friendly staff, awesome pool with a pirate ship that has 2 slides, night swimming, entertainment on some nights, big sites, fishing, camp store with decent prices, poolside cafe (a little on the pricey side, I.e. $3+ for coffee), big campground, playground, lots of nature & wildlife, good space in between campsites, pavilion, arcade, hot showers, water sites available, very clean sites & clean grounds.

Cons: One of the nights, our family was woken up by party-er’s @ 2:45 a.m. & they were up for quite awhile. We expressed our concern the next day to staff (apparently we weren’t the only ones to let staff know) & it did not happen the subsequent nights. Some of the sites were not really level. If you are a mask-wearer, then you might be put off by the lack of masks being worn by both staff & other campers, as the campground is very verbal about being anti-maskers. Some of the bathrooms are not the cleanest, some people speed around quite fast on golf carts so keep an eye out. If you are in dire need of WiFi, it is nearly non-existent on the grounds, you can get it a little here & there in the pool area.

Party Place That Was Really Loud

This campground is not the same as it was like 15 yrs ago. Nice lake and plenty of space on sites. The mosquitos were extremely vast throughout the campground, like swarms of them just very prominent both day & night. Drunken fight at a campsite down the way woke us up around 2 a.m. We heard loud screaming and a woman yelling & crying “don’t, stop”. I urged my husband to please go check on the situation. As he was getting his bearings together and shoes on, we heard glass breaking, tires screaming, a loud crash and a car speeding off that you could hear racing through the grounds. We ran over to the site that had a raging fire burning and assumed that was the site. Bottle of vodka looked like it was thrown into the fire with lots of broken glass everywhere in different areas on the site. It looked as though the car they sped off in backed or ran into a tree trunk on the site. The fire was very high, close to the trees around it so we called the campground and they urged us to call the local pd, we did and the pd took the info and said they were sending out someone to look for the driver that had left just a few mins prior. The pd advised us to not put the fire out and wait for them to arrive to the campground. We waited 15 or so minutes and the fire had spread pretty far outside the ring at this point so we called back and were told they’d be there soon & they will put out the fire. My husband & I waited another 5 mins then my husband said to heck with it, put the fire out because the alcohol all around the pit and throughout the site was making it spread even more then we went back to our site. The next day, the owner offered to comp us for the wknd and furthermore offered us another wknd for free. We took it, they apologized and asked for us to give them another chance (it was my husbands first time there & like my 8th or 9th). We returned a few wks later and couldn’t sleep bc of all the very loud partying that happened both nights on multiple sites until the wee hours of both mornings. We decided we won’t be returning. Now that about 7 years have passed, we may try them again maybe to see if the guidelines are being enforced better now but are unsure & hesitant. The staff was friendly & apologetic.

Love this campground!

Clean facilities, super quick access to the beach, friendly staff, sites are pretty close together with little separation between each other. RV & tent sites available. Our family loves both the ocean & camping so it is a win-win!

Good Campground

We have only one con about the grounds, there were a ton of ticks on the edge of the site. Staff was friendly, pool was nice & sites were fairly spacious. We would go back, however ticks tend to flock to my husband & 9 year old son, they don’t really bother our teen daughter & I.

Pretty Decent Little Camping Spot

Pros: Beautiful area, not a bad size campground, quiet nights (but this could be because 3 out of the 4 sites right near us were empty), free hot showers that are not dirty, lots of trails on edge of the grounds, lots and lots of tent sites, platform on campsite, pool and playground available, camp store, bike & Segway trails, quick access to some of NH’s most beautiful mountains. Staff is friendly. Cons: So many roots all over the sites, the platform did not fit our tent for 12 on it. More of the sites have very little separation from the neighboring campers near you. We explored the grounds & noted some sites that were a smidge more secluded and plan to return again sometime!

We Are So Impressed!

We LOVED this campground!!! Different trailheads located on grounds that are a short walk down to the River that’s great for to take a tube on and float down then walk back up. Sites are not fairly spaced apart & on some sites, there are plenty of trees in between sites. Quiet nights, clean grounds, friendly staff. It is a first come-first serve walk-in campground, no reserving ahead of time. Beautiful nature, many trails nearby with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Beautiful Campground!

White Lake is just gorgeous 💜 Family-oriented campground. We went with family and stayed up a little on the late side and were haggled a little by staff to put our fire out and stop talking. There are very few times that we ever do that but we hadn’t seen the family we were with in quite a while and the days just didn’t seem long enough to spend time with them (: Sites are spacious with plenty of elbow room!

Not too bad

Quick review on Hidden Valley RV Park/Campground —

Owner, I believe her name was Donna, was wonderful, welcoming & very accomodating! Pros: friendly staff, wknd campground activities to do if you’re looking for some socializing/mingling, a little pond for fishing, a pool, a bigger pond that had a little beach, quiet at quiet time (minus saturday night karaoke running a little late but it wasn’t like annoyingly loud), large campground, if you golf there’s a golf course, they have a restaurant & a nice little camp store, bathrooms were decent & free hot showers. Little swimming beach located on the grounds.

Cons: quite a bit of trash throughout the campground on the sides of sites, picnic tables were ready to fall apart, many of the tent sites had little to no separation without trees in between the sites (note-we asked for the most secluded tent site & was given a site that had a little separation), only one main bathhouse with porta potties spread out throughout campground.

Overall, a nice little spot to go camping.

What More Could You Want From A Camping Resort!

So many amenities, you just couldn’t get bored if you tried to. Beautiful, extremely clean bathrooms, reasonably priced little cafe, big camp store, very friendly staff, 4 outdoor pools & pretty big campground that has a gated entry/exit that needs a key card pass you get upon registering. The price per night is a little more than we what we usually pay but we are okay with that considering the environment. There’s a little beach area, too. The showers are coin-operated. Laundry facility & rec hall are awesome. Only con is the there aren’t a lot of tent sites. We like variety and trying new places almost every summer wknd however this one is a family fav & we return often every summer :)

Ok Campground, very small campsites

Pros: The campground itself is well kept up with, store was great, has plenty of room at the pool, bathrooms are in tip-top shape with free hot showers, Friendly staff & reasonably priced little cafe with decent breakfast ✔️ Cons: The campsite itself was squished in between two other sites so closely that we could hear others in their tent whispering during quiet hours, lol, no trees in between sites whatsoever where we were. You have to pay per device for internet. There were a lot of dogs barking, like a lot, all day off & on and all throughout the night, off and on. Pro & Con: the camper right across from our site @ midnight got into a screaming match with security and he was belligerent, woke my family & lots of other campers up. It took a long time to get back to sleep because he was slamming stuff around on his site & a lot of different dogs, i think including his own, were barking at him. I’m a runner that gets up at sunrise usually every morning. I was disappointed about being so tired the next day. I went to a manager following my morning run & he said they were asked to leave and they will be leaving prior to check out time that day. Manager apologized & asked that we don’t leave. He was very polite & accomodating. Saturday night was MUCH quieter. We poked around the whole campground and found a couple other sites that were a little more spaced out. We will definitely give it another shot next summer.

Pretty Happy with this Campground!

Pros=rustic tent sites available on a River, very quiet nights, secluded campsites (however the 5 sites near us were empty so that likely has a little to do with noise level & space), playground available, pretty clean, the site we were on had plenty of elbow room and was spacious enough for our 12 person tent & bean bag toss game set up (site ground was a little uneven with minimal roots here & there), friendly staff, friendly owner when I booked that was very accommodating, they had a band on Saturday night in one of the common areas, site was shaded with lots of tall trees, $30/night = cheap, free showers, firewood & $2 bags of ice available to purchase at the office, lots of wildlife in campsite areas (not bears but more like birds and whatnot) & a small beach area.

Cons=campground is a little hard to find off the main road so you really have to keep an eye out for the turn, only 1 main bathhouse but porta potties available throughout grounds, the beach water is connected to the river and a bit on the stagnant/murky side (I’m a little bit of a water snob & really only swim in fairly clear water), some tent sites are bundled together that seem to be best for group camping so if you’re only booking one site that might be a bummer if you like space from neighboring campers, no campground store available, didn’t seem like there was a lot of activities offered to do/amenities, seem to be very minimal staff but there was someone at the office upon our very late check-in.

P.s. Dunk’s is a 7 minute drive if you are a must-have-dunkin’s every day person like my husband.

Overall, good campground and we will be going again!😉