One of the biggest experiences.

Arrived 10 mins too late to catch the ferry to the island ( had a flat tire on my 4 hour trip there). The people in the office made arrangements for me to catch the ferry at 3:15 ( which they rarely ever take passengers then). Very pleasant boat ride there. Had to hike about .75 mile to my site with a wagon that had prob 50lbs of gear. Through sand. It was the hardest hike I've ever done ( it was 94 outside). Forgot my water and was grateful that a guy on the ferry gave me a bottle of water on my way there. It was the most amazing campsite I've ever seen. Huge, shaded, outstanding are only a few words to describe it. Set up tent and went straight to the ocean. I almost cried when the boardwalk through the woods opened up to mountains of dunes and sky. Felt like I was in another world or someone's dream when I stood on the empty beach and watched the sunset. Only advice I would give is watch out for racoons. I saw a lot. Several were scratching at my tent once night came. They left once I played some music. Kind of creepy but normal. I will return again. This time with more time and more water!

Lots of people and lots of mud

Very, very overcrowded. The tent sites were unlevel and muddy ( since it rained before we arrived and all the water ran down hill to the tent sites). Pretty decent bathroom but too cramped for me. Won't be back to visit.

Definition of primitive camping

Had to hike in about .5 miles to a HUGE primitive camping area right near the edisto river. Really wonderful spot since we had 4 people in our group. Perfect wilderness getaway that wasn't too far ( less than 15/20 mins) from civilization.

Amazing experience

Went here with my husband and stayed an extra day. Very relaxing. Really super cool trail through the swamp. Nice bathrooms and showers. Had a very peaceful time here

Old standby

It's a really good beginners intro to primitive camping. Nice little hike around a nice little lake. Pretty simple. No wifi or electric.

Not for the weak of heart

Took 3 boys camping here. The 1.5 mile hike to the campsite was very much an uphill climb. The primitive outhouse scared them. It was extremely seclusive. Went on up another .5 miles the following morning and looked out over the clouds. Quite a sight! It was an experience they won't forget!

Like all things, it had its ups and downs.

The good: The campsites were spaced out very, very well. The camping platform was a cool and unique experience. Awesome hiking and stunning views about a mile up from the campground. Bathroom and shower were clean and roomy. Had a much needed bear box at our site. The not so good: The site was extremely unlevel. Could not even cook our food because of how unlevel it was. Our supplies constantly fell out of the bear box when opened and would roll down hill into a gultch. The lake had an abundance of snakes. And other than the hiking trail on up from the site there was not much to do in the area. We left a day early.

Not the best place for a tent

Kind of on the crowded side. Caters more to RV crowd and has the tent sites far in the back. Did not look anything like the picture on their website. Though it had electric throughout ( why the price was high) but didn't. Paid for 2 nights ( min) but was so dissapointing ( noisy, too far, showers were actually painful to use) that I packed up after only a few hours. Had planned this trip for months but was not going to force myself to be miserable. Only slightly cool thing was seeing Driftwood beach. But even that excitement died when I realized it smelled heavily of dead crab and the beach was actually jagged rocks and roots. Very crowded !!Not worth the 8$ toll to get on the island.

My standard

I've been to several different campgrounds since I started camping with my son about 6 years ago. This is the campground I compare them all to. We visit every summer. Never have a problem with reserving a site. They don't charge me until I arrive. It's never been crowded or dirty or unpleasant ( even when it rained!). It's nothing fancy…no spa, no pool, no tacky store. But it's easy to find, has a lovely boardwalk running through it, and is less than 3 miles from a well preserved revolutionary war fort, secret beach, and some of the best oysters and shrimp I have ever, ever eaten ( and since I'm a sous chef that is saying a lot!). It's surrounded by oaks and history, and huge tomato farms. It's, to me, everything good about a summer getaway!! Can't wait to go back!!