Washington, DC

Joined August 2020

Loved it

We spent two nights here and loved it.  Camp hosts were very nice and so were the rangers.  There were two kids camped out a few sites away that had been fighting with each other.  The ranger was all over it which was nice to see.  Our site was clean and had a great fire pit.  Great trails around here!

Nice spot, not well run

This is a beautiful location with great trails.  It is a short walk to the river where there is great fishing.  Bathrooms were clean and the park overall was super nice.  We pulled in around 4pm and were quickly greeted by the camp host once we had chosen a site.  We explained we wanted to stay two nights without a reservation.  He took some info from us had some small chat and that was it.  The following morning around 830am we were promptly greeted by a female park ranger who returned our second days payment.  She said the site was booked for tonight and we had to move next to the bathrooms or next to a family of 6 kids.  We asked why the host would not be aware of the booking and that we had explained our intensions to him.  She had no explanation and told us if we decided to stay to fill out another slip and deposit it.  This left a bad taste in our mouth for sure and we left.

Overall nice

We stayed in a little hut one night and camped the second.  It was the first time I had been asked to pay for showers but have since learned it is the trend out West.  Hut was crazy expensive for October and the tent site wasn't cheap.  Only a couple tent sites are truly flat, just FYI.  It was fine but for the money spent, a free hot shower was a no brainer to me.

Simple yet perfect

The campground was closed for the season as we stayed in late September.  That meant free!  No bathrooms or water but it wasn't needed.  Locals loop through the park regularly but it was not bothersome.  Great little burger spot across the street with nice staff.  Fishing is great in these parts!

Worth the drive!

The campsite was closed, maybe end of season or because of COVID.  Not sure but we kept driving past to the dispersed camping sites along the road.  There are 9 miles of road with campsites every so often.  It was a rough road that we took our time on to not damage anything.  We drove 3.5 miles or so and it took about 30 minutes.  Well worth it to step out of the truck and hear nothing.  Absolutely nothing but silence.  We looked out across the valley towards Teton national park.  It was a cold night with frost on the windows.  Highly recommend!

Cool Spot

Nice campsites.  The hosts of the campground were a young couple which was a nice change.  We stayed on a Sunday night and the sites were packed with day use people.  As the sun set everyone, literally almost everyone, left.  Would be a bummer if you pulled in looking to camp a half hour before.  Overall, def. would recommend.

Not impressed

Tent camped here one night after having such difficulty finding an open site in the neighboring camp grounds.  It was super cramped, almost no room at each site.  Not necessarily their fault but the road noise combined with the construction noise was horrible.  Oh and someone on property started mowing grass at 630am.  I'd look elsewhere, get to town early in the morning to find something.

Nice Spot

We had to wake up early and arrive by 10am midweek in order to secure this site in September.  It was super busy in MOAB!  It was just a 10 minute drive to town, if traffic wasn't at a standstill due to major construction.  Site was clean.  Fire pit hadn't been cleaned of ash in a long time but other than that, it was nice.  Bathrooms were clean.  Awesome to swim in the Colorado river, there is a beach just a short walk away.


Good sites, not too close to each other.  Clean bathrooms, and flush toilets!  No showers.  Drive up was great and we explored other places to camp outside the park but were concerned of bears.  Highly recommend this site!


We spent one night here and were very impressed.  It was early in the week, mid September so the park sites were pretty empty for tent campers.  There were a few late arrival big rigs though they did not really bother us.  Bear country, for sure.  Though we did not see any, it felt like we were on the edge.  This was probably due to the signage everywhere.  Bathrooms were ok, not the best but i think that is probably due to staying right after a busy weekend.  Stay in the top sights, rocky ridge.  Found a nice flat spot for our RTT.

Beautiful Spot!

We really enjoyed our time here.  We had only one neighbor in our area of the park and were right on the water.  The lake was busy during the day and quieted down in the evening.  Bathrooms need a refresh but I can only imagine how much use they get each year.  Overall we highly recommend this place.  Before entering the park grab some firewood and last minute supplies from the local bait shop, 2nd right after getting off the main road.

Busy spot

Busy spot with a lot of full timers there.  Bathrooms need a good refresh.  Park had lots of traffic up until quite hours.  Did not get wifi code until following morning as staff works 7a-3pm.  This spot seems to be a local hangout.  Free firewood was a plus.

So So

Interesting spot right on the river.  We spent two nights here.  Confusion about showers and bathrooms.  No showers and no flushable toilets, just out houses.  There is a bar at the marina that gets super busy at night with locals.  Super busy.  There is no buffer or signage keeping bar patrons out of the campsite so we found ourselves being interrupted by foot traffic and questions about our setup.  If you are looking for privacy, we suggest looking elsewhere.  Staff overall very nice.

Great spot!

We pulled in late, around 7:30pm and had been in contact with Justin prior to arrival.  He was waiting for us with a colleague and escorted us to our site.  They provided us with firewood and a fire ring and made sure we were comfortable.  We were camped right on the river with nobody around us.  Just one other family camping with an RV far from us.  Bathrooms were super clean and showers were great.  We really enjoyed our stay and here.  Thanks Justin!

Great for April in MN

We were here spring of 2018. It was still winter season in MN. This place was great because we found this cute little campers cabin. It was so cozy it warm inside. Just perfect

One of my favorite spots in MN

It’s a beautiful camp site on Lake Mille Lacs. Quite and clean. Big beach area. Water is also very clean

Beautiful Shenandoah National Park

Lots of trails. Perfect for families. Clean bathrooms. Helpful rangers and volunteers.