Sammy S.
Howell, MI
Joined August 2018
Right on the Water

Omgosh, absolutely stunning. The beach and local walks are great. The pier is beautiful, lots of Fisher man. Very cute town. Camping was great, we were pretty close to the people next to us. It was all good though. All together the experience was great, couldn’t sleep a bit because of someone’s dog barking. No one did anything about it.

Intensely Windy

We were not prepared for Lake Superior gusts of winds. Literally had to put our kayaks on both sides of the tent. For people that can’t laugh that off, as we did, do not stay right on the water. I would go more towards the road. It was absolutely stunning, the hiking was awesome. Just to pitch a tent was about $30 a night. Not surprised for being in Pictured Rocks and on the water. They do have bathrooms/showers, fire wood, local stores etc. we went to this library/coffee shop. It was gorgeous. It took me about 10 minutes to fall in love with Munsing. Would go back when more prepared, yes it was my first time!


Never have been to Port Austin, wanted to check it out for myself. My boyfriend and I had our first date traveling there. I had heard there was an old ghost town around there, check it out. We put up a tent, talked under the stars it was absolutely gorgeous. Can not wait to come back and stay again for our anniversary! Camp ground is quiet, very large spots, from what I remember they have bathrooms! Very cheap!

Quiet, open but secluded

We drove all night, got turned around, it was kind of a mess. Because there is no service, honestly you go off instincts. Which is kind of cool, also kind of scary, in the middle of the night. We must have drove back and forth for a while. Until we finally have up parked somewhere and passed out for a few hours. Once the sun rose and we woke up, to realized we were parked in a camping site! There were not many signs and again, lots of confusion. Over all the sites are decently sized, cement block for rent which was cool. There may be rain so beware of camping on the hills! I definitely recommend this place for hiking around the Appalachian Trail. This was my first explore stop in Georgia and I absolutely fell in love with it. Can not wait to go back!!