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RV Community not a resort

This is the only RV park in the Frederick area not at a state park. It's part mobile home part RV. It's not a vacation RV resort in any sense, it's definitely got more long term stays. Everyone had their own private lots which are nice but it is very tightly packed in. Every site has full hookups, cable, and trash service which is great. You are in Frederick so you are close to basically everything. You can walk to Aldi, Panera, amazing local restaurants. You're near Walmart, Target, Sheetz and Wawa. The location cannot be beaten for Frederick. Making reservations was a little nerve-wracking since it's was just said that there was a site available and to call a half-hour before arriving. We arrived with no issues though. It's a little rednecky but everyone is super nice and offers to help. 

Not the best RV park, not the worst. 

All sites are 50amp too so if you have a 30amp rig, you'll need a converter.

Humongous campground!

This campground is so big. I believe they currently have around 400 spots. It is divided into upper and lower sections. The lower is much more wooded and gives off more of a camping feel while the upper is much more open. They have a pretty big lake available for fishing and swimming (in season) too. Despite having so many sites, they are rather spacious. All are back in and some can be difficult due to some trees but all are manageable and they base your site based on your rig size so they know their site sizes well. There are a ton of small bathhouses with laundry throughout: $2 to wash, $1.50 to dry. Shower water pressure is great and hot water lasts. Many people here have permanent sites and make it known it is theirs. They are decked out, literally. Sounds even have sheds built. Golf carts are everywhere, camp store is mostly foods and snacks but some RV parts and theren is a cafe/restaurant on site too. It's in the south so expect to see confederate flags waving around. Verizon service works pretty well. Could be slow at times. Overall, is a really nice Campground

Absolutely stunning views

Probably the best view I ever had traveling in the RV. This place has 39 full hookup sites right on New River. It's small and not much to it but still a nice place to stay. There is a small playground, bathroom/laundry house and an off that sells fishing supplies. You can recycle aluminum cans here (wish more campgrounds had recycling). Main downside for us is Verizon service is terrible. Perfect for the weekend getaway but not during work hours. AT&T is flawless though. It was raining the first few days we were here and it didn't get disgustingly muddy. Neighboring towns to the east are pretty run down but further west are thriving. Camp owners are lovely people too. Would totally stay again. Walking distance to a market that want really stocked well, mostly empty shelves (granted we were also here in covid times so that might be a factor) and a Dollar General/CVS.

Absolutely stunning views

Probably the best view I ever had traveling in the RV. This place has 39 full hookup sites right on New River. It's small and not much to it but still a nice place to stay. There is a small playground, bathroom/laundry house and an off that sells fishing supplies. You can recycle aluminum cans here (wish more campgrounds had recycling). Main downside for us is Verizon service is terrible. Perfect for the weekend getaway but not during work hours. AT&T is flawless though. It was raining the first few days we were here and it didn't get disgustingly muddy. Neighboring towns to the east are pretty run down but further west are thriving. Camp owners are lovely people too. Would totally stay again. Walking distance to a market that want really stocked well, mostly empty shelves (granted we were also here in covid times so that might be a factor) and a Dollar General/CVS.

Really nice, big, but could get crowded

This campground has so much! 2 laundry/bathroom houses, a basketball court, bounce castle things, playing, pool, fishing and hundreds of sites. A very cool feature is you can book everything online and choose your site too. They have back in and pull thru available. The camp store has basic RV products, a book exchange, souvenir shirts and drinks. You get escorted to your site via golf cart which is nice. You cannot park on the grass or put out an outdoor carpet but that's no biggie at all. Not too far from downtown Georgetown and Lexington

Quiet, privative and beautiful

Very beautiful yet primitive campground. All the campgrounds are numbered and have their own names. Think there are 80 sites in total. They have outhouses for toilets. Some sites have water fountains. There is a picnicing area for day use only right off the water which is beautiful. Sites can hold 6 people total and come with a fire pit with a grill attachment which is awesome! There is one small picnic table per site as well. It's nice a quiet here. Great place to escape the crazy. Very dog friendly too!

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Quick and Easy place to Getaway

Seems like a beginner place to go camping. Easy for families with young kids. They have a tent camping section in one area with rooms to leave cars. A boat camp right into the water. A playground. A shelter with plenty of picnic tables to have a fairly large gathering. Pretty cool area to hang out. You need to call to make reservations from the town.

Nice and secluded

Came here for a weekend getaway with friends during a COVID-19 Labor Day weekend. The campground is very secluded right off  Blue River. A canoe/kayaking company actually ends one of their river trips there so during the day it could be a bit noisy when those groups come in. Sites are relatively close but you still have plenty of your own space. Each site comes with a fire pit and picnic table. Plenty of trees to hang up a hammock and empty space to pitch a tent. There were 2 port-o-potties onsite and 1 garbage bin. 

Close to Marengo Cave, the Indiana Shoe Tree and a bunch of Canoe trip companies.

Peace and quiet

Very nice campground. Small and well kept. Management seems delightful. Helped friends of mine set up for the very first time. They walk and show you to your site. Not all sites have full hook ups. Shhh keep this place a secret! It has a bunch of 1800s style buildings to explore like a post office, railroad building, school house, all kinds of stuff and a boat-shaped play place.

Ranger Review: Banner & Oak Hats at Big Fish-N-Campground

Campground Review:

UPDATE: we're still finding issues with our camper's plumbing that we can trace back to this campground.

If you're looking for a great place for catch and release fishing, this is it! There are three huge ponds fully stocked with fish. The fishing is also open to the public where people can get day passes for 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours of fishing. It may also include access to the pool. I'm not too knowledgeable on fishing but the ponds do look a bit murky and dirty. If you were able to keep the fish, I'm not sure I would want to eat what I caught. The pool is nice and open based on request from 11am-6pm and they'll extend the hours based on the weather and amount of people there. Weekends are much busier than the week days. The grounds has 5 rows of RV sites. It seems most of them are filled with seasonal folks who spend almost every weekend here. Most are back in sites as well. The roads are pretty nicely done with white rock. I don't remember any serious potholes. There campground does not offer cable, internet or laundry. They are pet friendly, however, due to it being more about the fishing, watch where they step, I've found old fishing wire with hooks still attached on the ground. You get a code to the gate if you are staying for a while, more short term people will get a token to put in and you'll have to get a new token every time you want to come in from the store. The store is mostly filled with fishing gear, some snacks and drinks too. All in all, its an all right campground. I've stayed at nicer, I've stayed at worse. 

Product Review:

As a ranger for the Dyrt, I sometimes get products to test out. This time I've been testing out hats from Banner & Oak. They have a wide array of hats available on their site including beanies for those colder months. I got one from both the men's and women's sections. First off, I wish there were just as many options for the women's as the men's. A lot of them men's ones are much cooler. Like the one I got which says "Freedom To Explore" I can't think of a better slogan for the RV lifestyle. With both hats you can tell they are made from very high quality materials. That they will last a long, long time. Even through the sweatiest of hikes. Both hats are adjustable which is nice. As a woman, I opted for the women's style since the website stated it had a different sizing structure to fit our different sized heads. I find that if I wear it properly, it will still push down on my ears a little bit. I am, however, still able to wear my sunglasses and the hat no problem and the sun stays out of my face. I do prefer the sizing on the men's hat, maybe I have a weird head shape but I know its pretty small. 

Banner & Oak also sell these really awesome aluminum mugs that also say "Freedom To Explore."  The material makes them durable in the camper while we're traveling down the road and they are the perfect size for morning coffee! They're only 10 oz so it gives you the perfect amount (unless your they type that takes an IV of coffee every morning). Great stuff Banner & Oak!

Mighty fine campground for a city

This place is pretty awesome. It's doesn't have any of the typical summer amenities like a pool but the ones it does have are in tip top shape. Campsites also don't have fire rings but there are a bunch of communal ones around the lake. Plus free communal firewood. The laundry and bathhouse is really stellar too. Clean and open 24/7. Plenty of washers and dryers. There are easy back-ins and pull-thrus. Think some of the pull-thrus are for group camping too the way it's set up. Dog park, free cable (like 60 channels!) and internet (haven't tested strength yet)! I dig it!

Enjoying our stay

Very nice campgrounds. Payment needs to be by cash or check which I thought was strange in this day and age. Everything is neat and orderly. Roads are a nice and white rock. The pool is small but really nice, 4'6" deep. We found out the hard way toddlers who are not potty trained are not allowed in the pool even with swimmy diapers on. There a basketball net, volleyball court, small playground and fishing ponds. Our camping has a little porch which seemed awesome but with our camper's stairs it was difficult to back in properly. Grounds are well well kept. Enjoying our stay so far!

Almost a 4 update: earned a 4!

I want to give this place a 4 but having trouble committing to it. This place looks and sounds great on paper/web. All the amenities are still here. It's not completely rundown but may get there in a few years of that makes sense. The office is amazing. Very well kept. The roads are a bit rough, there are some potholes but nothing drastic. The pond looks gorgeous but had some algae growing in it. You can see the grounds crew going around doing their thing. There are 2 pools, one being a full kiddie pool, a gaga court, a game room, gym, snack bar, playground and more. All those buildings are showing their age pretty well. It's a nice campground, staff is nice, just needs some touchups. Update: even the power went out due to a strong storm, they called to let us know because we had dogs and wanted to make sure they were okay!

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Very nice campgrounds!

There is so much structure and order to this campground! The grounds are laid out so nicely! One big circle with cross roads all along the way. You can camp however you'd like too! They have RV sites, tent sites and cabins. All mixed in together so you can travel with all your favorite campers. They do breakfast every morning in the front pavilion for $4.50 (all you can eat pancakes, 1 sausage and coffee) I haven't tried it yet, but its certainly popular. Laundry is open 24 hours a day and in an open area. Not the biggest fan of that due to needing to do laundry in the rain. Bathrooms are clean and standard. Row of toilet stalls and showers in a separate room. They have a stellar playground area, I don't have kids but even I was drawn to wanting to play on it. Very pet friendly around here. Close to downtown, near Cedar Point and all the other attractions over here. They have 2 pools, one being heated. We haven't had a bad rain storm while we're here but you can tell by the ground of our spot its going to be bad and super muddy. All in all this campground is pretty awesome.


This may be the first campground I give a 10 out of 10! All the amenities your could want, it's clean, sites are leveled, it's maintained beautifully, there are cows in the distance, fully stocked store, friendly staff. Laundry, bathrooms, fairly spacious sites, a pool, dog park. Very, very nice.

Very Impressed With This Thousand Trails

This is my 3rd stay with a Thousand Trails campground and haven't been too impressed and wasn't expecting too much when we drove in. I was pleasantly surprised when we did. The campground is huge but you're not stacked on top of your neighbor like the others. They have 4 different sections to stay in, we were in D. We were also able to pick which site we wanted. We chose a pull thru for its ease and the extra space it had being on the end. Campground loses a start because the sites are pretty uneven. Not just the one we're on but others as well. The campground is pretty hilly and they don't seem to want to level out the sites. We had to go out and get more blocks and we're still not very level front to back. We also had to come in on an angle to make the slope less drastic. 

The Campground itself has tons of amenities from a pool, kids and adult lounges, basketball court, mini golf, ice cream in the store, a store and hiking trails. 

Another plus is its only about a half hour from Hershey Park, Harrisburg and other areas in PA. Friendly staff, pet-friendly and there is an RV sales place just outside the campground if you need anything or want to upgrade/downgrade your camper.

Nice, yet cramped and no cell reception

I really wanted to like this place. It's in a very cool area that I didn't expect to be so awesome. First main issue was how bad the cell reception is. Normally, I'd day that's a perk for camping but we're full-timers and work on the road so it is important for us. Next, the place is massive and they are more about make money than making people comfortable. What could easily be a very nice and spacious pull-thru spot are 2 back to back back-ins. Unless you're lucky enough to get an end spot, those are pull-thru. Pros: awesome dog park, great office with laundry, activities, arcades, adult only room, community campfire, indoor pool with lifeguard, the staff is nice, there's a lake for swimming, boating, catch and release fishing. Their basketball court is on a shuffleboard court, playground is nice though. Close to Old Sturbridge Village and many cool hikes and MA cities.

Great campsite!

We pulled in in the middle of memorial day weekend. The place was sold out. Staff was super friendly and had us check in on no time. The campground loses a start only because when it's at full capacity, it is very cramped. Some sites are much bigger than others and have more space though. The Schroon River run right through the campgrounds and you can rent kayaks and canoes or bring your own to go a ride. There is a little beach and just launch on site. The bathrooms are very nice and all individual with a toilet and shower in one. Another downside of you're more full-time is there is no laundry on site. You're 4 miles away from Lake George's downtown which is a great area. Plenty of nearby hikes. Each campsite had a BBQ-like fire pit. Campground has a very nice basketball court, pool and playground. Dog friendly and even we were there it looks like their looking to expand and make more sites. Only one cabin available at the moment.


This place is pretty awesome. They have an ice cream shop attached to their office/store, mini golf just outside of it too. There is an amphitheater for concerts and shows throughout the summer. RV Spots, tent camping spots, a dog park, badminton, basketball, horseshoe, shuffleboard, the works. The bathrooms are beautifully redone and clean. The laundry room is pretty good too. Its close to Brattleboro and Putney and just across the border to New Hampshire. I'd most definitely stay again when I'm in the area. The other guest were very nice and we could also have packages delivered.

Overgrown and rundown

If you're looking for peace and quiet this place has it… but not much else. Out in the middle of nowhere NY, you pull into the campground on a one-lane road (no mirrors or anything else so if someone is going the opposite direction as you, you're stuck). Nothing is paved or even covered in stones for a roadway. The only way you know the path is by the flattened overgrown grass. The grounds haven't been weed-whacked in what appears to be months. The grounds have plenty of amenities but none of which are usable. The playgrounds are for children only because if an adult was on anything it would fall apart. Plus I don't think any adult would want children on the playground equipment which is either built with decrepit and probably molding wood or taken back by the land. The pool is not filled, nor cleaned, no covered in the middle of June. The basketball court has no path to it. You'll have to hike through more tall grass and weeds to get there. On top of that, there are no nets on the rims and the whole basketball poles have been taken over by weeds and the court is cracked up. The pavilion is atrocious as well being held up by ply board. Most of the picnic tables are broken and disgusting. Our sewer pipe is broken, we are not able to screw our hose in. No problem for them. They don't think it's broken, just stick the hose in there and keep it in place with a rock. 

This place needs so much TLC it's insane. They let it go so far it's going to take so much work to get it back to nice standards.