Sally C.


Paradise , CA

Joined March 2017

Beautiful destination

This is a great campground to visit Denali. The campsites are pretty close together but with enough trees to not feel too crowded. Denali offers a bus to take you from the campground to the various sites within the park. There is also a bus that will take you farther into the park, you can get on and off the bus as you want, this allows for hiking or even backpacking into the heart of the wilderness. Wildlife has the right of way and they take every chance to keep the animals wild. I used a tent site so don't know about the RV sites but there is power at the restrooms and at the laundry/shower site and a lot of people use them to charge their devices. Wateer is available at the restrooms. They have a nice little store that offers sandwiches, drinks-including alcoholic and ice cream.

Clean, Quiet

I had a great time at this campground. It is close enough to many attractions to make it a good home base. There were a lot of bear activity signs though I didn't see any. You do have to be sure to pack all food stuff in a secure location.

Great if you like trains

This is a nice little campground. I am writing as a person who camps in a tent so it may be a little different for RV. This campground is very close to a railroad that is used a lot. No matter what time of day,or more importantly Night, the trains go by with their horns blaring. At least every 2 hours at night. Very difficult to get a good nights sleep. An RV might be quieter but as the blaring horn is so loud I can't believe anyone could miss it. We had a great tent site and the place was pretty busy, so maybe a lot of people don't mind the blaring horns but I found them very annoying. Also tent sites have to walk a fair ways to get water, not a real big deal but a closer spigot for the tent sites might be nice.

Best for groups

We visited Horning's Hideout for Faerieworlds, a large music festival. Camping is very basic, there are lots of sites, many with no auto access and it is very hilly. There is a disk golf course, fishing and lots of peacocks. I would not recommend this site if you have mobile issues, however I have had a stroke, leaving my left side weak, I managed to get around with just a walking stick, there were a few spots where I had to stop and rest. Only a few spots have tables and firepits. There is a large covered site with tables. I think this would be a great spot for groups, reunions or large get togethers. You do have to watch the peacocks as they love to get into food left out. It is out of the way and I would not recommend large RV's as the road down is fairly twisty. They had to close the road out for 2 school buses but it only takes about 10 mins to get there from the main road. If you plan on using a GPS make sure to also print their directions, everyone using their GPS had them taking a road that was actually someone's driveway but the printed instructions are easy to follow.