Flint creek

Loved, loved this Campground…This was always our go-to. Lake is always great. Nearby Hiking trail a few geocaches and then there is the water park… I grew up in the old water park and it was great but when they upgraded, and it needed an upgrade bad, all the prices for pat Harrison went up… They have just started clearing the brush around the campsites, much needed, but there are so many things that are in disrepair and are taking a back seat to the water park. The bathrooms are always clean and in great working order… And the views of the lake are phenomenal. I gave it the rating because I see so much potential that is not being used.

Locals spot

We live in the area and used to frequent this Campground alot. We do get a few day trips to let the kids play on the play ground. They are letting the Campground get run down. We loved this spot and it's always on the list for a spontaneous trip but other than the disc golf course and the splash pad there really isn't much to talk about here…