Rosie H.

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San Diego , CA

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There is a playground

It is divided with RVs on one side, tent only on the other. Lots of families, quiet hours, dark skies… and a slide. Campsite #3 is line of sire to the playground, which is good information for helicopter parents.


Large trees, bear lockers, large rocks, vault toilets and potable water on site. You can hear the river from the camp ground and even when it's full, there is enough space to feel like you have privacy.

A Parking Lot With a View

Its a literal parking lot. Lots of RVs and pop ups when I was there. There was a campground host and flushing toilets, dumpsters, recycling, a bin for Coleman fuel can recycling, potable water, walking distance to a village with supplies and a gas station. The lot is gravely, but pretty level and tents are comfy.

Bonus is the parkinglot format was an unobstructed line of site to anywhere and I didn't have to worry when my small child wanted to be independent and make 18 million bathroom trips all by herself.

I went in Feb and it was warm enough for a mesh top tent and stargazing (no privacy, but an amazing view).

There was a duststorm that blew in on the second day from Mesquite Dunes and it took out all the literal tents while I was there. I was grateful for MREs so I could cook inside my car.

Gonna be real - moving all my gear to the front seat led to disaster in the form of a drained battery the next day, but it was easy to get a jump start.

Possibly the best possible experience for a first time camper with a 5 year old.