Ronnie M.

San Marcos, TX

Joined March 2018

Great place for river fun

Car camping spots are great. You only have to walk 50-100ft and there are a few options that all offer plenty of space. We went in the middle of summer and it is a popular tubing spot, so be prepared for crowds.

Not a ton of hiking to be done here, but there is enough and the river is the main attraction here! Fishing is good too.

a tranquil little piece of paradise

I love this place! I always go at the end of May (yes it is HOT, but NO it is not busy) and while the space itself is breath taking, the location is great too and provides a lot of opportunity to explore all the keys. Be sure to catch the sunset on the bridge and get plenty of snorkeling in. The sand bar goes way out and there is SO much to see!

Be prepared for heat, rain and bugs! The tent sites are pretty basic but there are RV options as well. There are showers and restrooms.

Rolling Skies, Mesas, and Rivers.

Plenty of campgrounds to choose from, some that need high clearance vehicles, but plenty that don't and that still offer great views. I came here for an overnight bike-pack trip and the base camp I stayed at had a picnic table, fire pit, and a nice cliff with the river running just behind it. There are also restrooms close by.

Back-country dispersed camping was everything you'd expect. No amenities and camping under the stars.

Be prepared for extreme heat, cold (at night), and unpredictable weather. I had all of this.

If you forget any gear there is a small town just outside of the park where you should be able to find whatever you need and also get your tourist needs in.

True Hill Country Experience

The campsites were spacious and there were quite a few options. There were quite a few trail systems closed that day due to the weather, but even with the limitations we were able to hike a good variety of trail. Be sure to get the info packet on the trails so that you don't find yourself hiking the equestrian trails as they can be a little rough for hikers. Be sure to hike to the top of the hill and enjoy a coffee on the bench - amazing view of the hill country!

Unbelievable Beauty

This is a must see! It's hard to explain the beauty of White Sands in words, but it's definitely worth the stop and 1-2 mile hike in to a primitive spot. Primitive is the only option here and be sure to check weather patterns for the times you go. I went in early spring and the wind was pretty ferocious - luckily I was prepared and had all the necessary gear. It's a tough hike in depending on your pack and the sites are as bare as it gets, but the scenery makes this place what it is. Beautiful.

Plenty of activities to choose from!

This place is popping during the summer with plenty of fun for the whole family. Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, cliff jumping, rock climbing - you name it! It's also a great place to get away and find seclusion and some great camping spots just off of a cliff that results in some awesome sun rises and sunsets. Go during the week if you want to miss the crowds. Pet's on leases :) Cash only $10-$15

Lots of solitude to offer

This isn't the greatest campsite in the world, more of a glorified rest stop with a painted-rock exhibit. I got there late at night traveling from Texas to California and it was pretty easy to find. There are restrooms, dumpsters, and picnic tables.

Don't expect much from this place as it is funded by the honor system, but the solitude is nice and it makes for a decent stop to break up your road trip.