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THis is NOT a campground.... it is PICNIC area ONLY!

This is a picnic ground area, signs everywhere stating that you may NOT camp here!

We go here on a regular basis to hike as it has trailhead for several great hiking trails as well as restrooms….. but NO camping allowed.  Ever.

One of our favorites in NM!

Great campground but be aware it is ALL first come access.  Most of the campsites will fit a tent or smaller camper, there are 50+ sites, but only a handful that will fit a large 5th wheel or Class A size.  Most of the larger sites are on Coyote loop which is closed in winter.  We stayed on Ebert Loop in site 10 which fit our 24' camper.

Most of the campsites are nicely spread out and lots of trees.  Very quiet and peaceful.

Hiking trails right from the campground, too.

Dish washing station at bathrooms is awesome.

No showers.

Flush toilets and sinks for brushing teeth in morning which we appreciate.  

We were just there in Feb and it was only 1/4 full…. but from Spring-Fall it will be full most nights so get there early.

AMAZING views!

This campground is First come-first served ONLY, but we found that many people only stayed one night so every day sites did open up.  There were approx 44 sites in 2 large loops.  Some sites, around the outside edges have trees and shade, those in center of circles do not,…. but they have the best views of the amazing mountains surrounding you!  WOW WOW WOW

This campground sits at 8,800' at the southern border of the Pecos Wilderness which is filled with dozens  of 11,000-12000' mountains.  This is also a big backpacker entry point into the Pecos wilderness, so there is a "backpacker" parking lot over by the Horse camp about a mile away.  

Hiking trails leave from the Horse camp up into the mountains…. and they are busy with hikers every day of week.  Some are day hikers from this campground, but most are backpackers going out to spends several days, many from NM, but also from other states.  When we were just there last week, we met up with several groups from Texas who regularly come to this area to backpack for multiple nights.  

The campground has several pit toilets… all clean, and the BEST camp hosts we have ever seen.  Two camp hosts are set up, one at each end of the campground, and by the time you drive into the gate one of them is following you to which site you pick.  They stop and talk daily, make sure you are doing well, and give you any information, history, or gossip you might want.  They will even take your payment envelope for you so you don't have to walk to the deposit bin at the entry.  Very good Hosts, always ready to help out.  

Fee is $10 per night!  But if you have an ACCESS or Senior Pass, it is only $5.  Crazy!!!

This campground is up a very narrow winding road, pulling a big camper or 5-th wheel can be difficult.  No ATVs allowed.  

From this campground, just a few miles south, are several other tent only campgrounds, and also access to many other amazing hiking trails as well as fishing spots.

This may be our new favorite campground in the state.  Wow Wow Wow.

Great campground in beautiful forest setting

This was our 3rd visit and this time we stayed at site #14.  Beautiful forest, nice campground… however, this Red River area has been taken over by groups from Texas and Oklahoma primarily.  Large groups with multiple campers book up the sites and then put up canopies and tables for large parties.  It isn't quite the same as in years past.  I understand their states don't have pretty places like this, but every campground in the area (there are several forest service campgrounds as well as commercial campgrounds) are FULL to overflowing with these large groups.  

If you are looking for quiet and enjoying peace with nature, it isn't at Red River anymore.  It wouldn't bother us so much if there weren't STATE mandated orders about groups and wearing masks, but majority of these people do not follow these New Mexico rules.  Hearing them be abusive to locals and NM residents about it has really soured us on visiting here in the near future.  

It used to be a nice area… love the campground, but the CROWDS,,,, yuck.

Great location but small noisy campground

This campground has a PERFECT location, right on the border of the Pecos wilderness with fabulous hiking.  There is also fantastic fishing there, which many guests took advantage of all weekend.  However, this campground only has 15 single sites, but most were occupied by double the amount allowable..  There were huge parties at many of the campsites all weekend, with cards zooming around all day.  IT was NOISY and CROWDED.  

If the camp host (who didn't seem to care) controlled this, we would have given this campground 5 stars.  

The hiking was AMAZING.  Views AMAZING….  

This campground has a huge backpacker parking lot and when we arrived on Friday it was overflowing out onto the main road.  The reason is that this campground is the entry point to the NORTHERN end of Pecos wilderness with access to amazing backpacking, high mountain peaks, and literally dozens of groups of backpackers daily going up the trail or coming back out from their adventures.

Beautiful location, in the forest, my new favorite!

This campground is a hidden jewel in the mountains on the north end of the Pecos Wilderness.  It is near NOTHING.  It has no cell/wifi service.  BUT what it does have is quiet, and peacefulness, and charm, and views views views.  It is just what WE want when we go camping.

You can drive 10 minutes away to Sipapu ski resort to use free wifi at the cafe (which is open, but you must wear a mask!)  So if you really must check your e-mail or social media, it is a quick drive and you can grab a burger and beer.

Hiking - great hiking trail leads into Pecos wilderness, another trail leads up to Indian lake.  Trailhead is right in the campground, so hike right from your campsite.  Perfect.

The campground has only Pit toilets, and roads have some potholes…  but we enjoyed our visit so much this past June that we just booked again for Labor Day weekend.  We liked it that much.  You really feel remote and IN nature there.  Loved it.

Beautiful campground in a ponderosa forest!

This was our 4th visit to this campground and we still love it and plan to return again.  Sites are nicely spaced apart with tons of trees for shade.  Hiking trails lead into forest from various points as well as the major hike, Jemez waterfall.  

There are pit toilets only, and water fill stations for personal use, not camper fills.  Dogs are ok with leash.  

YOu must reserve spot ahead of time on as this campground fills up weeks ahead of time for every weekend.