Robin P.

Rochester, NY

Joined August 2018

Upstate New Yorker taking on the United States one back road at a time. Currently in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. (Jackson Hole) 🏙 — 🌄

Pathway to more Dispersed camping!

This is a fairly public campground, so there tends to be a lot of traffic during the day. It is also a day use access point so there is also that traffic! There is a boat launch, and beach access on almost every part of the campsite. Sites run between $12-15 depending on the site. There are also discounts for Veterans and Senior Citizens. It is a fairly clean campsite but you may have to book months in advance. If you drive past this campsite there are hundreds of dispersed campsites FOR FREE. But you’ll have to find them, by wandering down the dirt roads. ;)

Lake Willoughby - Dispersed

I couldn’t find a specific option for this campground, so I used a nearby one. This is Lake Willoughby near Lakewood. There are tons of primitive camping spots here. Lakewood has an available convenience store with a heap of RV and tent sites. There are also multiple parking lots in range where people camp out of their cars and absolutely no one will bother you. The view here is something you can’t capture in photos. also- There’s a nude beach for those of you who are interested!

Clean Facilities & Beautiful Location

There are showers and toilets on property, only two for M/F. You pay $.25 for 5 minutes of hot water, which unfortunately isn’t always hot! I learned that the hard way. However, the sites are $30 per night (tents) and $40-$45 I believe for RV/Campers. There are a lot of people who have RV’s parked there year round and come seasonally. I was actually camping out of my car at this point and the site was perfect for it. Would be perfect for someone pitching a tent as well, as there is a lot of room on each site for multiple things. They also have running water for dishes and drinking. The owners live on a house on property, and cultivated the land from an RV they lived in while they developed the property. They have a big fluffy white dog that’s awesome. Lastly, there is a grill and picnic table at every site and they even have a waterfall on property with an available tent site nearby. However, you’d have to park your car at the top and hike down. it’s not too far!

Hot Springs and Primitive!

This campground is centered between a bunch of private land, but we are lucky enough to have found it. We heard about a hot spring called “Pony Potosi” in Madison County and that is exactly what it is. The campsite we chose required driving over a small creek, but no worries to those of you who don’t drive a Jeep or a truck- we saw people drive over in small cars with campers too! You have to hike about a half mile to access the hot spring but it is definitely worth it. On the way to the campsite is sort of scary in some spots but very beautiful. A narrow dirt road will lead you to one of the most beautiful sites in Montana! Here, you have the reassurance of other people around, but it is still very quiet. There’s also a lot of boy-scout traffic but they keep fairly quiet. There are sites on either side of the creek but we preferred to drive over. Great trees to hammock from, my friend actually slept in her hammock all night with no issue. Just the stars, a babbling brook and the moon all night! Highly reccomend.

Wade & Cliff Lake

For some reason I couldn’t find Cliff Lake in the search, but they are both in the same area. Personally I preferred Cliff Lake but both Wade & Cliff are beautiful areas. Wade Lake is a bigger campground and the more popular of the two as far as tourism and people go. The sites at both are $15 a night which is a STEAL for how beautiful it is. On Wade Lake there is Kayaking and a Boat Launch available for guests. We decided to drive across to Cliff Lake, where there are much less sites available. We were lucky to drive in as one person was driving out of the best site there! There are picnic tables and fire pits at every site with a grill rack included in each one. There are perfect spots for tents, however the one we chose seemed to be a bit small for a 4 man tent and we slept on a slight decline all night. However, there is AMAZING beach access. We did have a couple people camping next to us that asked politely to walk through our site because we had the easiest access available. But they were quiet and didn’t bother us too much. The water is so beautiful and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to escape and relax.

Very Public, and Expensive!

They have walk in sites as well as drive in sites, which is awesome for hikers and bikers. Unfortuneatlt since it is right near the park they do charge a fee of $40 a night which I personally feel is a bit steep. although, they do have running water for drinking as well as a bathroom with flushable toilets, and separate sinks for hand/face washing and dish washing. Staff lives on property, but personally I prefer more primitive sites away from people. if you don’t mind being up close an personal with a neighbor then this is a perfect campground :)

Service Road Access!

This is one of the best service roads in Wyoming, as far as I’m concerned. On the drive you pass such a beautiful scenery of the red hills & you basically drive on the side of the mountain. There are multiple paid campsites available, I believe 3 in total but there are a heap of dispersed campsites as well. We happened to stay at one on a road labeled “Taylor ranch” there is also a couple cabins for summer home rent, but if you keep going you’ll find private campsites that are dispersed and free! We stayed right on the beach of Slide Lake. The only downside to my specific site was that there is public access to the beach. We were often awoken by rowdy passerby-ers and chose to leave shortly after. If you drive further down the service road you’ll pass Crystal Creek which is about 10 miles in. Back there you won’t be bothered! However if you don’t mind talking to a couple people who walk through your site then this site is for you!

Primitive & Private

Just slightly past Crystal Creek Campground and it’s overflow, you will find many forest service roads. But this one in specific, right behind is one of the most primitive and private campsite service I have ever found. Besides the hustle and bustle of ATVs every now and again- there’s nothing but peace, quiet, and the soft hum of a river near by. There is a HUGE grassy area and I swear it’s one of the most beautiful campsites I’ve ever visited. To get to this campground you’d go down “Gros Ventre” road, where there are many campsites almost over a hundred. You just have to have a little adventure & willpower in your mind to find them. And also, don’t be afraid of being completely alone. Because that’s exactly what you’ll find camping here! I loved it.