Robin B.

Winooski, VT

Joined January 2019

Great site, poorly maintained facilities

I camped at New Discovery this weekend, the sites are well separated and private. The grounds are beautiful and well situated to enjoy Groton State Forest. My complaint is in regards to the maintenance of the facilities. The Women’s bathroom ran out of toilet paper and was never replaced. More upsetting was that the soap container was empty all weekend. At a time like this hand washing is more important than ever! It was very disappointing!


I stayed two nights here to visit the Petrified Forest. The tent sites sit packed together on the perimeter of the park overlooking the highway, which you can here all night long. This was the most expensive campsite I’ve visited on my road trip, yet they were unable to provide me with a charcoal grill and the fire ring was filled with garbage.

The facilities are clean, at least they have got that right.

Peaceful at the base of the mountains

The tent camping sites are all private making it a very peaceful experience! The views are beautiful with access to several hiking trails. There are vault toilets at the tent sites with flush toilets at the rv lot. There are no other facilities but if you are looking for remote primitive camping this is a great option!

Not as special as I’d hoped...

I’ve been on a road trip for the last couple months and was looking forward to this hip alternative campground. I was tent camping not in one of the glamp tents or trailers they have available. All of us tent folk were crammed in the same small area, since it was the only area that provided some shade. It was loud all night from parties across the street and then some people partying in the parking lot at 4am. Obviously that is not the facilities fault, but so unpleasant.

The bathroom and kitchen facilities have not been well maintained and are now in my opinion gross. You still have to clean toilets even if they are outside! I also found the staff rude, clearly they don’t want to be here either.

The only upside is it’s proximity to Chinati.


I stayed here for two nights while visiting New Orleans. At check in I asked for a tent site and was told every site is a tent site. I arrived at the space I was assigned and there was very little grass areas and NONE FLAT. Meanwhile I look across the road at several empty sites that would have been very accommodating, lots of flat grass! Yes I should have driven back to the office, but it’s a long distance from the office and campsites and I was tired and decided to make it work. BTW I have a small backpacking tent, anything larger and I definitely would not have fit!

The second day we had a very heavy rainfall and the location I picked for my tent completely flooded. I had to drag my tent to a slightly higher very slopped spot in the rain.

Given how few tents I saw at this campground, couldn’t the registration office have a list of which sites might best accommodate a tent??

Nice location

This is a scenic campsite along the river. The tent sites are in a general area, not specific sites. It worked out well for me since I was the only renter but I imagine it could get very crowded. The facilities are clean and the staff were so nice. My one complaint is that they don’t provide fire pits for campers.

Special place!

I’ve been on a road trip for the past six weeks, mostly tent camping as I go. I stopped by here, after seeing the listing on Dyrt, without a reservation. So lucky for me they had a site available. This is the nicest campground I’ve been to yet, I was so taken with it that I’ve already decided to return some day just to camp. The tent sites are all separated and private, the facilities are clean, and best of all they have access to the most lovely beach! The beach backs onto the preserve so there is no development for miles. It’s a truly unique experience!

Too rowdy!

I stayed here one night at a tent site. Generally I enjoyed the layout and scenery, I was also reasonably spaced out from my neighbors. I was unfortunately right next to the pool. All day I heard screaming kids, after dark is was screaming young adults until 10:00. For me, it was not the experience of quiet exclusion I am lookin for when camping.

The restroom facilities were old and shabby, but I could see that they did attempt to keep them clean.