Robert S.

Dash Point, WA

Joined January 2021

No respect for disabled veterans

Tried staying in the camping area in my new RV. 

No respect for disabled veterans. 

I've lived in WA since I was stationed here in 1992. 

Because I just had to sell my house I cant "prove residency" because my ID has my old address on it.

 Just sold it. Just came back from buying an RV in little rock AR. Even though I have a PO box right down the street. I even have mail from the VA with the new address. 

How did they know I just sold my house? 

I called the state park to ask questions about staying there and mentioned it in conversation. 

They called the Ranger. 

They kicked me out, took my DV lifetime pass away, and expected me to pay for all the time I'd been there. 


You would think that if they wanted to help out vets they would go out of their way to let them stay instead of going out of their way to kick them out. 

Why even give them out if they're going to go out of their way to not honor them. I was staying there peacefully and going for walks on the trails. 

I never had any problems with anyone there or even on the phone. 

Everything was a very pleasant, peaceful experience and I had been looking forward to spending time seeing the state parks and using my pass for decades now. 

Until the ranger cop knock on my door.