Don't go on Monday and Tuesday!!!!

Don't go there on a Monday or Tuesday!!!! We camp here all the time and enjoy it. We went on Monday and it was the first time meeting the new part time camp host. We pulled up and there was a grumpy old man sitting on the bench would not wave or smile, the lady inside the both opened the window and just looked at us. We asked if there was any tent camping and she said in a short snippy voice for how many night. No welcome to Crabtree or great day!  So the only site was 29 we pull in and look around  put a few things on the table to hold that site and down comes grumpy ( Ray Millard) told us all the things we couldn't do. That he was the host and we were not following his rules .  We drove on the road pass the cones to turn around and we would have to pay if we did any damage.  We were on the road !!!! There was no water or damage to anything.  He was just being a jerk!  We left and will not go back until The regular camp host Terry is there. She really makes the place nice  and relaxing to go to