Decent spot, far removed!

This will be one of few free camping spots around Rocky Mt. National Park. The road in begins easy but gets more difficult as you get onto National Forest Land.

Things to know: •Zero Cell service •20 minutes south of Estes Park/RMNP •Come prepared, there is nothing around. My only complaint- •Beware of mice!! I ended with nearly ten mice up in my engine bay, wheel wells, and bumper. They had my dog going nuts and had me worried they may tear up my wiring. We drove off for a while then returned to a spot a little further down near the trail head that wasn’t as wooded.

GPS Coordinates to the road, continue up further from this point: 40.24993,-105.41139

Unbelievable location!

Just past the Oh Be Joyful Campground. GPS Coordinates: 38.93123,-107.05068 I spent two nights in a row here in mid August. There were plenty of people near by but I didn’t feel over crowded. Things to know: •Verizon service was decent •15-20 min from Crested Butte proper •Vaulted toilets near my coordinates •River/stream near by for rinsing off if need be, be warned tho it is quite cold. •If, by chance, this location is full, you can continue driving along the road and there are miles and miles of available spots.

Oh do enjoy!

Worth the stay!

I spent one phenomenal afternoon and night here, it is just after you come down the mountain pass. The views were literally surreal! My dog and I spent some time down on the beach throwing the tennis ball and then the evening up on the mountain site.

Things to know: •Verizon has service there •There is a general store close but it was closed fairly early and I wouldn’t rely on that, make sure your cooler is full! •There are some vault toilets down the road 10 min near the general store. •Roughly an hour (20 miles) from Aspen. •Rough terrain but not for long, paved up to the sites then rocky as you pull off into your spot. •I saw small pull behinds there.