Foss State Park

We tent camped at Foss State Park in August 2020. We stayed at the Cottonwood campground site #6. All the tent sites were very spacious. There was a picnic table and grill and a water faucet nearby. The sites were nice and grassy and mowed. The bathroom was nice and clean with individual showers, each with their own door. So they were nice and private. Some of the old reviews mention needing quarters for the showers but they are now free. The playground was new and the kids had fun playing on it. The RV spots were a little crowded on the backside of the campground but pretty spread out closer to the entrance. We drove through the Sandy Beach campground and it seemed nice and secluded but the picnic tables were a little run down. The playground was really old too. But I think the bathroom was newer. Also, there was no sandy beach in this area. 🧐

The swim beach was nice and sandy. Much better than a lot of Oklahoma lakes. But like most lakes in Oklahoma, the water was super muddy.

There are two cabins for rent here. They looked pretty new as well. They have a marina and I believe you can rent boats but we never checked it out.

Overall, I definitely recommend Foss. It was a nice family friendly park to visit.

Lake Keystone State Park

We stayed here for the weekend at the end of June. We tent camped at the Red Carpet campground spot #25. One of the things we really liked about this park was that the bathrooms are new and kept clean. They also have showers that are through a separate door from the toilet side. I like that the 2 sides are separated. Also, the playgrounds were all new equipment, which is great compared to lots of the other OK state parks. We could walk down to the lake and jump in the water which beats having to go to a specific swim beach. The park has a nice little store with gift shop items, firewood and snacks. There is also a marina with boat rentals and a restaurant but we didn’t visit either place on this trip. There are a couple hiking trails here. We took the Ranger trail which is a mostly gravel loop that goes through the trees and past the children’s fishing pond.

Overall a good park with new amenities and great for lake activities.

Small state park

We just came here for a couple hours on our way through to Beavers Bend. The park is really small and there isn’t a lot to do but the facilities are pretty decent. The bathroom was one of the cleanest I’ve seen. Kudos to the camp host/ranger. There is a pretty big playground and a big picnic pavilion too.

Cabin rental

We rented a resort cabin for a night in May of 2020. We opted for one of their 16 “resort” cabins. These cabins have 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom and kitchen and a nice porch overlooking the lake. The cabin was pretty nice compared to most state park cabins but it definitely wasn’t resort quality. The TV was super old, there was a hole in the carpet, and water leaked in from the front door all over the living room floor. (However, it was raining super hard that day). They also have 10 primitive cabins. 7 of which have a full bathroom.

Before the rain started, we were able to have a picnic at the picnic pavilion near the swim beach. It had good quality tables and a nice grill and was next to a playground.

We didn’t tent camp or stay in an RV but we drove through some of the campgrounds to check it out. One of the RV areas looked pretty nice with paved pads but the other was a little more rugged with unpaved pads. From what we could tell, the tent area looked decent. Sites were grassy and mowed. But they just had the pit toilets instead of a bathroom with flush toilets and showers.

We weren’t able to hike any trails due to the rain so I can’t comment on those.

Overall, it seems like a pretty good state park. Especially if you like the lake activities.

McGee Creek State Park

We camped at McGee Creek State Park over Memorial Day weekend. We camped at tent hill #3. The thing we really liked about this particular site was that there are only 4 tent sites here, so it’s secluded and nice and quiet. There is very little traffic driving by as well. What we didn’t like is that there is only a pit toilet and no water faucets. There is a real bathroom with a shower about a 10-15 minute walk away. The bathroom was pretty typical of a state park. There is an area that has some lake huts for rent as well. They don’t have bathrooms but the are heated/cooled.

There is another area about 1.5 miles away called Buster Height campground. This is where the swim beach and another boat dock is. There is also an RV area and a bunch of tent sites. Most of these tent sites are pretty small and crowded together. If you have a big tent or don’t like being near others, you might want to consider tent hill if it’s available.

On the other side of the lake (about a 25-30 minute drive) is the natural scenic recreation area. There are a ton of hiking trails that lead to backpacking campsites, equestrian camps and there are boat in sites as well.

Overall a pretty decent park but definitely not one of our favorites.

Nice little park with great hiking

Fairly small state park but they have a lot to do. They have 17 tent sites and about 45 RV sites. There are also nice looking yurts you can tent. Our tent site had a picnic table, lantern hook, charcoal grill and a fire ring. Bathrooms were clean and had flush toilets and a shower.

There are 4.5 miles of great hiking trails at the park. You can find some great hidden spots along the river and enjoy the quiet.

Of course, the best part of the park is the 77 foot tall waterfall. The hike to the bottom is fairly steep but there is a sidewalk that takes you to an overlook at the top.

The park has probably the longest disc golf course I’ve ever seen.

Overall, I highly recommend Natural Falls State Park.

Really nice place

We stayed at the lodge. Nice rooms. Really good restaurant. Nice hiking trails. Haven’t stayed at a campsite though.

Unique Experience

This state park is really cool. There is a huge salt plain where you can dig for crystals. Bring your own shovel and start digging. After a foot or two the hole will begin to fill with water. You then use the water to wash away the dirt and reveal the crystals. They are very easy to find. It’s a great activity for kids. But there is no shade and it can get hot and windy so bring water and sunscreen. Crystal digging is only available from April 1 to October 15 due to the area being a migration stop for whooping cranes. We camped at the river road campsite. It was a pretty good campsite next to the river. Has a playground and the bathroom was pretty clean. Make it a point to walk up the stairs to the top of the dam. There is a great view of the lake.

Great view at the top

This area of Oklahoma is very unique to the rest of the state other than the far western panhandle. Mesas rise up above the land and provide some great scenery. It feels like New Mexico if it weren’t for the red dirt. This park is basically just a stop on the side of the road. There is a primitive bathroom and a vending machine and that’s about it. The hike up the mountain is pretty steep but it’s mostly all stairs. It probably takes 5-10 minutes. The top of the Mesa has some great scenery and picture ops. It gets pretty hot here so bring some water. I probably wouldn’t recommend taking a trip just to Gloss Mountain but if you’re in the area it’s worth it.

The cave tour is worth the drive

We really enjoyed the cave tour. A very knowledgeable guide took us through the cave and showed us all the cave features. The cave tour is a great idea in the heat of the summer since it’s nice and cool down there. We hiked a couple of the trails. There were some strenuous parts but the scenery is worth it. The RV sites looked nice but I don’t think I’d want to tent camp here. The tent camping site is on a slope and there doesn’t really seem to be a good place to pitch a tent. Great for a day trip though.

Lots to do

Pretty close to OKC. A lot of things to do. Miniature golf, paddle boats, hiking trails, golf course and pool. There is a little store and restaurant in the park. You can even rent a teepee for the night.

Lots to do!

Great place to camp. Lots of trees. Great scenery on the drive in. Tons of hiking trails. Also a good pizza restaurant nearby. Tons of cabins to rent nearby if you want. The river has great trout fishing too. There is a playground, horseback riding, swimming and a little museum. Lots of stuff to do. You could easily spend a week here.

Amended review for May 2020

This was our 2nd trip to Beavers Bend. We stayed in a tent at the dogwood campground. So, here are my thoughts from this particular trip.

We arrived a few days after Memorial Day, which might explain some of our experience but I have a feeling our time was pretty typical. We reserved a tent site at the Grapevine site and when we arrived the grill was broken and there was trash everywhere. Maybe this was because of the holiday but it was 2 days after Memorial Day. I’ve never seen so much trash on any of our camping trips and this was our 18th OK State Park to visit. We ended up switching to the Dogwood campground which was a huge pain because you normally have to pay online but our Verizon phones had no service so we had to drive back to the office a couple times to sort everything thing out. Our campsite was nice and quiet and secluded but they only had a pit toilet. I find that pretty disappointing considering this is probably Oklahoma’s most visited park but I’m sure there’s no money to make much needed improvements. A few times we would drive to the Fern RV campground bathroom to use the flush toilets but those were pretty bad as well. There was a pile of fast food trash in the men’s room for the entire 3 days that we were there. So, obviously the camp host/rangers don’t even bother with trying to clean up. Also, no soap in the bathroom. Of all times, with Covid-19 going on, you’d think they would have soap. On our last day, we walked through the Acorn and Cypress RV sites and these seemed pretty nice and newer than the others.

Now, on to the things we liked. There is so much to do here. Tons of hiking trails. You should definitely do the Cedar Ridge trail which leads up to the cliffs above the river and has one of the best views in the entire state. We also did a canoe float trip. They take you up the river in a bus and put you in the water and you float back at your leisure. Super cheap by the way. I think it only cost $23 for the 4 of us in a canoe. We also did horseback riding, a little train ride and rented kayaks. There is a museum at the park office that is focused on the lumber industry if you’re into that type of thing.

In conclusion, this is a great park aside from the bathroom situation. Plan to spend a few days here. Verizon gets no service in the park (other than at the top of the cliffs on the hiking trail) but you can drive 3-4 miles to the highway and get service. The office has WiFi as well.

Close to OKC

Pretty decent campground. You can swim in the lake of course. It’s also close to civilization which makes it a good first camping trip if you’re new to it.

One of my favorites

We camp here every October at group camp 1. It’s a big site with cabins and a great dining hall. New playground as well. The hike up and around robbers cave is fun. Very nice view at the top.

We stayed at the lodge a few years ago. I can recommend that as well.

Wilburton is about 10 minutes away. There is a great Mexican restaurant there.

Great Park

I would give it 5 stars but the bathrooms weren’t very clean and there was no soap. But it does have great tent sites and lots of RV sites. Has a small playground with swings and a merry go round. A few good trails. We saw turkey and deer at the campground. Close to a few nice sites to visit. Black Mesa trail to the highest point in Oklahoma, the tri state marker, and picture canyon about an hour away in Colorado. And maybe the best part, no mosquitos!

Definitely recommend

Has a few good hiking trails. 4 or 5 playgrounds which was fun. The bathroom seemed to be cleaned a few times a day. We would stay there again.