Albuquerque, NM

Joined November 2020

A mixed bag, but overall a very nice stay.

We stayed here for two nights in mid-June, 2020…so grateful to have an RV so we can travel during this time of COVID. We came up from Albuquerque to do some hiking in some mountains(cooler). We had great rain both evenings and sat under the awning and just relaxed after a long day on the trails.

The location of this park is its best feature, I have to say. Nestled right against the mountain. Lots of trees and shade. There is a little stream, which is nice to listen to. Our site was on the edge of the stream, but there was a short, steep bank down to the water, so we didn't really spent time at the water. Site 1& 2 appear to have easy access to the stream(in case you've got kids who would like to splash around a little). We had a full service site, and everything worked fine. Water pressure is a smidge low, but not a big deal.

The atmosphere here is pretty laid back. There were overnighters and long term and everything in between. Some tent camping, and then all sizes and ages of RVs. The operators were friendly, although as is the case during these interesting times, we had minimal interaction.

As other reviews I've read have stated, there is a bit of junk around the area. It's mostly corralled into separate areas, but no doubt you will note it and perhaps feel just a little bit like you're camping in a junkyard. This is NOT a pristine campground. It's a bit rustic overall. If you have to drive to any of the sites a little further from the office, just watch out for tree branches. They hang pretty low and haven't been addressed by trimming in awhile.

There is NO cell service. Not a bar to be found. And the wifi (free) is REALLY spotty. I had very minimal luck just checking email. Forget about streaming anything. Just be prepared…it was hardly a major issue for us. But if you need good cellular, you'll have to drive up the road a half mile or so.

Although humble in many ways, we were already discussing our next visit here. So we DO recommend Sierra Village…with some caveats.  (Note, we also stayed here one night in September, 2020, with my daughter & SIL.  Aside from the drought having dried out the stream, it was again a very nice visit.)

Just be ready for a "casual" experience

This RV Park is the most haphazardly laid out place I've seen. Imagine if you had a really large lot. Near the front, you own a small beauty parlor. On your land are a couple of old mobile homes. You decide to add some RV hookups(probably 20 years ago) and you just kinda scatter them about in what is only a semblance of order. That gives you an idea. I had called a few weeks before and"reserved" a 50 amp site(there are only 2). She took my name. That was it. No confirmation#, nothing. I had a bad feeling from the start. We arrive just before 7(that's when we said we'd arrive) and both 50 amp spots were taken. She had forgotten we were coming. She offered us a 30 amp site, which for one night, was more than fine. We backed in(sites are uneven, we had to add blocks to keep our motorhome from being held in the air by the jacks) and started set up. I got my money's worth from my EMS that day! We got a reverse polarity error!!! Fortunately, the site near us(unused) was close enough I could run my power cable that way, and it checked out okay. After that, all was well.

It's a very good location, on the north end of Cuba(tiny town). We grabbed take out dinner from the historic El Bruno restaurant, which was phenomenal. The next morning, we struck camp and drove away. It all worked out okay, but don't expect your reservations to be honored. Theresa is super friendly, but clearly relies only on her memory to help her with reservations. Be prepared with a Plan B, I guess, in case you show up and she's rented everything. But at$20, it's a reasonable stay.

Somehow a bit disappointing

We stayed here for just two nights, and it is pretty clear that this is a campground with LOTS (a hefty majority) of folks who stay here for long stretches.  Lots of little mobile homes with rigs parked by them.  I suspect there are snowbirds & full-timers.  Not so many short termers like us.

We were given Spot #2, right by the exit and really, even outside of the main gate.  A LONG way from the amenties…so much so that you really wouldn't want to walk to the clubhouse.

It's an expensive place, and does seem to have nice amenities, including bocci ball, pickleball, pool, clubhouse, etc.  For such a big "fancy" place, it's funny that you can't reserve online and when I called to reserve, they didn't even give me a confirmation # or email.  "Us talking right now is your confirmation."  And then, when we checked in, it was a painfully slow process, whereby they wrote down everything SLOWLY by hand.  Wrote down all my credit card info, and then just ran the card.  So I left the front desk with not a great feeling.

All hook-ups worked.  That was good.  I used my Verizon hot spot and because we were on the edge of Phoenix, we certainly had a good signal.  

The plain gravel sites are VERY close to each other.  I barely had room to hook up without walking onto my neighbor's outdoor dining area.  My wife and I had a good laugh about how close we were.

It's a clean, tidy and "secure" (if your spot is inside their gate) location.  But it really wasn't for us.  We felt like 2nd class citizens.  Won't stay here again.

Top notch campground!

First RV park we've EVER stayed at. We were driving our new RV from Alvarado, TX to Albuquerque, NM and stopped in Amarillo for the night. After 6 hours of my first RV trip, I was really ready to rest! We arrived a little after 7, so they had called me mid-afternoon to confirm we were coming and gave us instructions for after-hours check-in. We found our spot immediately (they had left us a map with our spot circled and arrows to guide us…low tech but simple). Settled in.  Power was great. All other hook-ups a breeze.

The next morning, we had a chance to look around. I doubt any RV parks are glorious to look at, but I appreciated that they had curved streets, so it didn't just look like row after row of RVs, but like a little neighborhood. Plenty of dumpsters around to get rid of trash. A nice "club house" with necessities as well as gift items. Friendly staff. The restrooms were a bit stark…but serviceable. The bar is now pretty high for RV parks of the future for us.

(By the way, we had never eaten at The Big Texan even after years of driving past it. We decided to celebrate there. Call them and they will send a limo over to the RV park to transport you! That was fun, and frankly, since we didn't have a tow car…a big cost savings over Uber.)

Nice and new!

We spent one night here in early April, 2020. We live in Albuquerque, and it was the middle of the early Coronavirus lockdown, but were looking to just get away from the house and still be away from people. With all the state and national parks closed, we had to go commercial. Rt. 66 RV Resort is just loaded with amenities (none of which we used, thanks to social distancing). It was not crowded at this time, so we requested and received a lot well away from anyone else. Full hook-ups, all in great shape. The park is less than 2 years old, I think, and it shows. Everything is pretty much immaculate. Service was VERY friendly and the guy led us right to the lot in his golf cart. Nice and flat. Picnic table. Fire pit. We had lovely weather so sitting out as the sun set was a nice treat.

In the morning, we walked around the whole place, and they really do have excellent amenities, all still in great shape. The pool area (not open) looks very inviting and attractive. The club house, while simple, looked very inviting. A couple of bathhouses around and a couple of dog parks. A big outdoor pavilion with a batch of grills and sinks and loads of tables in case you want to have a big party. The casino, restaurants and hotel were all closed, of course…but if you were looking for a place to stop and eat at a decent restaurant and do a little gambling…this RV park puts you just a couple hundred yards from the casino doors. Would be fun!

(Since that time, the casino has reopened.)

Great overnight stay

We stayed here one night in April, 2020, during the height of the Coronavirus shutdown. We live in Albuquerque, and just wanted to take our little Class A out to stretch her legs and let us have something resembling a getaway! The park is very in tune to the Coronavirus. Essentially, it's become a non-touch park…the gift shop/front desk is closed and all the transaction was done by phone, with our papers waiting for us on arrival. We asked for a spot with a little distance from others and they easily accommodated with a lovely pull through spot with a picnic table, some grass and some nice trees to either side. Some of the long term campers were still pretty close to each other, but based on signage we saw around, they are working to clear folks out and to be open primarily for overnight guests, which will keep the crowds WAY down. Needless to say, we didn't need to use the laundry or restrooms/showers. There are restrooms& showers in the main building and there is also a freestanding facility in the middle of the resort. There is a pool and hot tub…neither looks terribly impressive, but not bad either.

The overall park was clean, and the leaves were just starting to burst out on the trees, so it made for a nice spot. Electric was in good shape. The pad was pretty level, so we had little trouble setting up. The water hookup is below ground so that was a little bit awkward. We enjoyed sitting at the metal picnic table on the bit of grass we had, and I used our new portable grill for the first time! So why not five stars? Well, I'd do 4.5 if I could. The water hookup is a slight deterrent. And as others have said, the noise from the interstate is there when you're in bed, for sure. We were in the middle of the resort, but we could hear the traffic all the time. It is NOT terrible…a bit of "white noise" perhaps…but if you think this might be difficult for you, please be prepared. Although most of Albuquerque's nicer RV parks ARE right along the interstate, so it'll be tough to avoid! We had a nice stay, and look forward to a return visit.

Great spot with a few oddities

This RV park is owned and operated by the Town of Bernalillo, a community about 15 miles north of Albuquerque(where we live) and is right next to Coronado State Monument, the ruins of an old Pueblo. It is right on the banks of the Rio Grande, but the river is not easily accessible from here. There are some sites that have great river views(A- D), but these sites are very small and have minimal hookups. Most of the sites here are gigantic, with lovely picnic areas. Not just a table, but a table under a fully stuccoed covering. We got a huge rainstorm the night we were there, and we sat in the shelter and watched Mother Nature's show and didn't get a drop on us. It was great. There are lots of mature trees in the area, so you'll get plenty of opportunity for shade as well.

We were in Site 4, one of 6 50amp pull through sites(although the camp host gets Site 1, so there are really only 5 such sites). Electric was easy to reach…water everywhere appears to be on the OTHER side of the site, so I was very glad to have my second hose on hand to reach it. There is no sewer on the sites themselves, but if you're staying there, the easily accessible dump station is included in the price.

The sites are blacktop and at first glance appear level, but when we actually put our levels down, we discovered there was a significant slope. Actually caused our passenger rear tires to be up in the air, which caused us to need to move around the site a little bit. Not a major deal, but I was frankly surprised.

The camp hosts were friendly enough, but they drive around in their golf carts quite frequently, and really seem interested in seeing what you're up to. I was grilling on my little propane grill, and they slowed down and really took a long look at what I was doing. Later, we were sitting outside(right before the rain) and again, a sloooow drive-by. Seemed a little much for a couple of 50-somethings. I'm glad they take safety seriously, but I didn't feel super welcome either.

But we'll go here again. It's right next to one of the best breweries in the area(Bosque Brewing) and I certainly like being able to walk to the spot. When the monument reopens, we'll be able to make a day of hiking, beer drinking and watching the scenery.

Humble but still pretty nice

We live in Albuquerque, but wanted to spend a day hiking the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge. Kiva RV Park is just a 5 minute drive from the NWR, so we stayed there on a Friday night, so we could get up bright and early for our hiking the next day.

The folks running the place were very friendly. Led us to our spot and made sure everything was okay for us. It's a fairly humble place…gravel roads and parking spots. No concrete to be seen. Each slot has a fairly wide planted area, but this is not patches of green lawn. They have mature native trees and shrubs that are well maintained. Plenty of big cottonwood trees provided shade. The place is clearly run on a low budget, but is well maintained and there is pride in the work here. When we visited, it appeared to be nearly full, and it felt like perhaps 50/50 mix between long-term residents and overnight(or nearly overnight) visitors. There is a large corral area for horses. We walked over to it but there were no horses there. There's a little dog park, a bathhouse and laundry. We didn't use any of those amenities, so I can't comment. I believe the laundry is listed as free.(This is not the case with the wifi, which was complex and had a fee.) I just used my hotspot from my Verizon service and because we had 4 bars, that worked just fine for streaming some Netflix that night.

We really like the place. Lots of neighbors, but everyone was very friendly, and no late partying. A few kids. But really, it was all very pastoral and nice. We'd stay here again. 

Not all was perfect. Aside from the less-than-friendly wifi: 1) The sewer hookup is just an open pipe. No threads. A little stinky when you take the cover off.  2) It is almost literally right next to the interstate. There's no denying those traffic noise is real. We slept with no issues, but if traffic noise doesn't act like white noise for you…you might want to look somewhere else. We're lucky; but I know this is a deal-breaker for some.

They do offer a Good Sam discount of 10%, so with tax, we paid $34. Well worth it. Very nice stay.

Lovely and quiet campground.

We spent 3 nights here, using our camp spot as a"command center" for exploring the area around Cottonwood(including Sedona, Jerome, Montezuma's Castle, Tuzigoot, etc. etc.) We kept busy and were really not"home" during many daylight hours, but it was a great base to return to each evening. Dead Horse Ranch State Park has A LOT of camping spots, and can accomodate pretty much any vehicle. We were in a pull through site(31) that we really liked. The only surprise was that our nicely blacktopped spot was not very level…we had to put two blocks under the front passenger tire and one under the rear passenger tire. Hardly the end of the world though. One night we were there was Monday night, and folks were outside enjoying grilling and watching the game. But nothing ever got anything close to rowdy. It was a very quiet campground, and even though every site was full, and honestly, the space between sites is only about average, we never felt squeezed in or encroached upon. Every site has a picnic table and a grill. The electric and water hookups were fine(water pressure not the best I've ever had, but more than okay). Because it's such a busy place for camping, the two dump stations on the way out of the park DO sometimes have a wait. And one of them doesn't have access to water, which is tough when you prefer to also backflush your black tank.

The park itself is lovely, but unless you like fishing, probably won't hold you there too long. It's more as a quiet, inexpensive pretty place to stay rather than a destination in and of itself. We walked around a couple of lagoons and enjoyed some bird activity…but I would say don't think of this place as the be-all, end-all of your trip. But you're 30ish minutes to Sedona, 20ish minutes to Jerome, etc. We would certainly stay here again.

Lovely campground with some unusual layout issues

We had a pull through spot for our 30' Class A. In order to have the electric and water hookups(dump site only) on the"correct" side of our rig, we had to back into our pull through because we would have had to drive the wrong way down the road otherwise. And the picnic tables and grill are on that same side. So in the future, we'll park"correctly" so we can enjoy the table outside our front door and just run electric cable under the rig, along with the hose.

Otherwise, this is a really lovely spot. It's not right in Winslow, but the extra 5 minutes is worth it. It's a very peaceful spot…you don't hear the interstate noise and this place does NOT have a party atmosphere. Everyone was just super quiet and friendly. Due to traffic issues in New Mexico, we didn't get here until nearly 5(instead of original plan of 2 pm) and we had to leave early in the morning…so didn't really get to enjoy the place as we had hoped. But I saw enough to know we would NOT hesitate to return.

Lovely campground with some really tight campsites

We stayed one night here in June, 2020. Just wanted to get out of hot Albuquerque and into the mountains for some cooler hiking and cooler air in general. Because of the ongoing pandemic, campgrounds at State Parks were still closed, so the National Forest campgrounds offered the only real option for something close to home. Black Canyon really fit the bill. It took us about 90 minutes to get to our site from our RV storage facility in Albuquerque. It's in the mountains, on the road to the ski area. Not quite as high as the State Park, but still out of the"pinion/juniper" mix you get in the hills of NM and up into Aspen and Pine territory. The sites here have no facilities. There are a couple of vault toilets, which smelled pretty bad when we walked by them. A couple of very primitive looking water areas; no idea if they actually work(I've seen earlier reviews that imply they don't). I never saw anyone using them. And they have non-traditional connects, so if you want to try your luck and get water for your rig here, you'll need a Water Bandit. The campground is well wooded. Campsites come in all shapes and sizes. Our rig is 29 feet, 3 inches, and we were in a spot that maxed out at 32 feet(per description on web site…Site 15). We barely fit. We saw very few sites that could have accommodate much more. I don't think any site would have been able to handle more than 35 feet. Our little Thor Hurricane 27B was the only Class A we saw on site, and the place was pretty packed. Lots of tent camping.(Our pad was narrow enough that back in took more than one try. And there was no space for bringing out the awning. The fire pit area and such were BEHIND the rig.) It was very nice though and in the evening, the temps were fantastic. It was actually chilly enough that my wife had to put on a small wrap while we ate dinner outside.

At the end of the campgrounds is the entrance to the Black Canyon Trail. It's only about 1.3 miles, but for about.4 miles of it, there is considerable steepness. I wouldn't call it a workout, but it's not a totally whimpy trail and it was lovely. We saw lots of plant life and grabbed many nice photos. We went late in the afternoon(around 5:30) and NO ONE else was on the trail. The next morning, we hiked the nearby West Circle Trail on the State Park site, and that's a MUCH tougher trail. You go up 1000' in one mile, and it's an often rocky trail, so careful plodding is recommended. It's a nice trail too! Black Canyon Campground was just what the doctor ordered. Unless, you want/need cell service or wifi. We had read there was no mobile service and they weren't kidding. Over the air TV doesn't come in either, and even radio stations were spotty at best. No problem for us.

(By the way, less than 20 yards from the entrance to the campground, the National Forest ends and the Hyde Memorial State Park begins. And another 50 yards up from there is the State Park RV dump station. Right now, IT IS CLOSED. Don't plan to dump there. In fact, finding a place to dump anywhere in Santa Fe is a tall order.)

Nice campground with a few issues you should know about

We stayed here two nights in July, 2020. We're from Albuquerque, so this was just a quick"local" getaway. This is a pretty sprawling campground, with all kinds of sites(tent only, large sites with only 30 amp service, some sites with full hook up, others with just water& electric and a few water only. Shop carefully! We got a full hook up 50amp site. There is a row of these in the southwest end of the park. These are VERY narrow sites. We snugged right up against the hookups, and still didn't have room on the other side to put out our rug. There are low bushes between the sites, so the awning worked, but very little room for chairs and such. Also, the water pressure was quite low. Weakest shower I've had in our rig. Not sure if this changes with the number of campers, though, since it is well water. Our area was VERY busy and full of some big rigs(most from Texas). Oh, and wifi is spotty. Our site literally had a repeater stuck in the ground right next to our rig, and we got a strong signal, but pretty weak internet. I had better luck just using my Verizon iphone's hot spot. But it was still nice. It's got a rustic feel, but didn't necessarily feel run down. BRIEF interactions with the staff were friendly enough.

We also enjoyed the on-site hiking trail. It is only.5 miles, but making the circle a couple of times was nice on our last morning. I can certainly see us staying here again. It IS pricey(our two nights, with Good Sam Discount plus tax, came to $102), but that's Santa Fe for you!

Lovely campsite with access to some GREAT trails

First things to know: there are no sites with any hookups. And phone connectivity is VERY limited. We had one bar, so we could send some text messages, but forget about surfing or streaming. It's a beautiful campground, and large. The sites, for the most part, are spread apart nicely, affording a lot of space and reasonable privacy. There are not, however, any sites that will accommodate truly big rigs. We are 29' 3" Class A, and were the ONLY Class A on site(and it was 100% booked). We had a small tow vehicle. We just fit in our space, a pull through of sorts. There are, it seems, a lot of back in spots, but again, not for the largest rigs. There are TWO Campground hosts…so many spaces here. Our interaction with both was quite limited, but very friendly. The best things about this site are 1) being here in summer, it's SO much cooler than areas like Albuquerque, where we live,& 2) there is GREAT accessibility to two of the truly most popular trails in NM. Behind campsite 28 is a short(0.4 mile) trail that leads to Trail 137. When you hit that intersection, go left to visit Jemez Falls(beautiful) or right to climb to McCauley Springs(warm springs). Each of those spots has other, much more trafficked trails, so in both cases, you feel like you're sneaking up on the hot spot. Also, we were a short drive to perhaps the mostly LOVELY of all NM trails, the Las Conchas Trailhead, a 3 mile round trip hike through the most lovely pastures around. Wildflowers and chipmunks abounded, and the trail parallels the Jemez River. VERY popular spot; go early or forget about finding parking. Only drawbacks to the campsite(which is really 4.5 stars): trash bins filled quickly and were overflowing. The vault toilet areas smelled; you could smell them as you walked by. The wonderful trailhead I mentioned by Space 28 is only accessible by walking THROUGH the campsite. The folks staying there were nice, but I felt bad about breaking Rule#1 of camping. The campground is about.3 miles off the main highway. The road between highway and campsite is pretty narrow. Two RVs passing each other would be a FRIGHTFULLY tight fit. BUT, we highly recommend, and look forward to many return visits.

Very nice and simple little park right in the middle of Cortez

Neat and tidy and friendly. This park is in the middle of Cortez, so you literally drive through"historic downtown Cortez" to get there and pull into it right off the main street. That's a little unusual. The park itself is a simple layout; the typical racecourse layout. An oval with sites on both sides as you drive around. The pull through lots are in the middle, of course, and that's where we stayed. When we arrived, we were greeted nicely and directed to our site. Pulled right in, and all the hook ups were in reasonable spots, making our set up easy. We did have to use ONE block on our front passenger tire to keep from hanging by our jack, so I wouldn't say the site was 100% level. Enough room to easily park our rig(29' 3") and our tow vehicle, a Honda Fit. Everything worked fine: water, sewer, electric. Did not use the cable TV that was available, and never even tried the wi-fi. My cell signal was strong enough(middle of town) that I just used a hot spot for the little bit of Netflix streaming we did that evening. The campground is spartan but nice. My only gripes, really, are that the sites are quite close together, and it's near enough to the main street that you do hear some traffic at night. You don't forget you have neighbors. But we'd still recommend this spot.

Very solid RV park...nothing fancy, but super friendly folks

There are several RV parks in the area, including one right across the street from J&J. It's clear that J&J is the newest of the bunch. The trees are new and landscaping overall hasn't"filled in." So it's a little more exposed to the elements if you're parked there. But everything is brand new. The hook-ups were all immaculate. Water pressure good. Electric hook-up wasn't sketchy. Just good, solid stuff. The layout is the simple racecourse, with back-ins along the sides of the oval and pull throughs in the middle. We stayed in a pull through, and there was plenty of room for our 30' rig and our Honda Fit toad right behind. The spacing between lots is average, I would say.

The best part is how friendly the folks are. The young man who signed us in was great. And when we asked if we could park our rig on site for part of the next day after(after check out time, but we had a tour we needed to do) he had NO issues. He founds us a nice,safe spot, and our rig sat there until about 3:30. The lot is right on the main road and convenient to the heart of Kanab. Easy to access.

Oh, we did not even try the wi-fi. My Verizon Hot Spot was so strong, it worked for our brief Netflix needs. It's a simple place. There aren't pools and clubhouses. Just nice lots, nice people, restrooms& laundry facilities(we only saw from the outside) and that was certainly enough for our one night stay. When our travels bring us back to Kanab, we'll be back to J&J!

Top-notch overall (wi-fi & connectivity excluded)

First of all, you CAN find RV Parks in Springdale that are closer to the main south entrance to Zion(which is THE Main Entrance). But we had a toad(our little Honda Fit) and we preferred just driving the 16 miles or so from Virgin to the park and being able to camp in one of the nicest parks you'll find. We had read that Zion River Resort was a great place to stay. And it truly is. I have only one significant complaint. But first, the good:

1) The lots are huge. Very wide and with lovely grass and gravel. Everyone gets a grassy area. The concrete pad is very level.

2) The hookups are great. I get so frustrated when parks put the water hookup really low to the ground and you can barely get your hose hooked up. No such issue here. Electric is great, as was sewer. Just want you want.

3) The clubhouse/ gift shop is nice. Basic stuff, but also some nice gift items. And beer!(In Utah!!) Everyone was friendly.

4) When you first pull in there are several clearly marked, LARGE lots for"check in". Although with COVID, there was no check in process, we used this spot to unhitch our toad so that we could get to our spot more easily.

5) Being near the Virgin River is great. What a peaceful place to visit.

And the one downside. There is virtually no cell signal in Virgin. Certainly not enough to even begin to create a hot spot. There is wifi(and we even had a booster on our site)…but there was still terribly connectivity. We could, in the early morning, check our email and such. In the evening, forget it. No streaming, no surfing. Being out of touch with the world is fine, but it's still nice to be able to do some last minute park research, touch base with the kids and post some photos on Facebook. Most of that was impossible during the 3 nights we spent here. We've stayed at many humbler parks and had no issue with connecting and streaming. Not sure what Zion River Resort could do to improve things, but they should do it. Probably need more than one source of wifi. HOWEVER, this was a friendly, peaceful, lovely place. We'd stay again without hesitation.

3.5 stars. Nice enough but a little long in the tooth

When we arrived, Bob met us at the front and was super friendly. Really helpful./we appreciated that, and both my wife and I were favorably impressed. The campsite itself feels old and haphazard. The lots are scattered around and not orderly. The site feels a little overgrown. I enjoy mature trees, but they are EVERYWHERE and can make squeezing into the tight sites even trickier. It's pretty, in its way, but also feels very "lived in." We were in spot 11, right by the front(although to point in the correct direction, we had to drive all the way around to pull into our spot…made leaving the next day easy.) We had neighbors pull in after us(Spot 10) and they were REALLY close. The hookups, although older, all were in good shape and we had no issues. And despite appearances, our particular lot actually ended up being pretty level! We'd stay here again, but it was nothing fantastic. 3.5 stars, I would say.

Outstanding little campground with great sites

Although there are no hook-ups and currently, you can't reserve spots in advance, this campsite is absolutely worth the effort to secure a space. It is relatively small but it is VERY peaceful. About an hour from Albuquerque, but it feels worlds away. While some of the sites are a bit close together, most are quite large. We stayed at one of the"medium" sized spaces and there was room for our rig(30 ft) our tow vehicle and 2 large tents(our adult kids), plus a great fire pit, grill and sturdy picnic table. Our space(#16) backed up against the forest, so we had huge amounts of room and privacy. Cell coverage is VERY spotty. While you can make phone calls almost anytime, expect a garbled experience. As far as data…it popped in occasionally, based on the sudden arrival of hours worth of emails, but do NOT expect to stay here and enjoy those advantages of "modern life." You will be largely disconnected. Forget about surfing the web. The lots are relatively level. Some back up against a very nice stream(these are grabbed up first, of course). There are toilet facilities(vault toilets) throughout the grounds and the camp hosts do a remarkable job of keeping them clean and the odors at a minimum. 3 of the sites have wooden shelters, built in the 1930's. These feature chimneys! You're also quite close to the start of Paliza trail, which is a roughly 4 mile roundtrip, and ends at "Goblin Village", a rather amazing collection of hoodoos. This ought to be a more major site, in my opinion, but when we hiked there on a Saturday noon-time, we had the entire amazing place to ourselves. That was a great experience. The little village of Ponderosa is just a couple of miles away, and it contains Ponderosa Winery, a small winery with a modest tasting room, but you can buy a bottle and sit out on their grounds and enjoy the views. We had a GREAT 3 nights here, and look forward to coming again. Certainly recommend this spot!

Mixed bag for a one night stay

We stayed here in late October for just one night. We were travelling from Phoenix to Albuquerque, and had not made reservations because we weren't sure how far we'd get that day. About 4 hours before we arrived, we decided Deming would be our stop and we were able to get reservations at Little Vineyard. Granted, we were late in the day, and "beggars can't be choosers", but considering we saw many open spots(it's a pretty big RV part), the fact that we were place DIRECTLY under one of the few street lamps scattered around the park was truly awful. Unfortunately, we didn't really register this fact in our minds when we first were parked, and really saw the impact when we went to bed and the light was blaring through our vents! Our bedroom was lit all night. Truly awful; not sure why they would place lamps in such a way. Also, about every 4 spots has a picnic table. We received a spot WITHOUT, even though we saw nearby sights with tables and no lamps. So maybe we were punished for not reserving earlier. All this could be corrected in a future stay and we could chalk it up to bad planning/communication. 

HOWEVER, the site is VERY near the interstate. We've stayed near interstates before and not had any real issues, but with the blaring light…we noticed. And then there are the trains! It felt like the trains(I think there were 4 that night) were passing right through the park itself. So in the end, my wife and I got a terrible nights sleep.

The staff we interacted with were VERY friendly. The park is a little rundown, but has plenty of amenities from what we saw. On our site, the electric and water worked great. Sewer was right there. It has all the pieces you could want, especially for a brief stay. But I think if we stop in Deming again, we'll look further up the road to get away from the trains and interstate noise. And if we DO stay here again, we will insist on a spot away from that godawful light!!