Great Place.

It been a while since I spend time here in the summer. This is a great place to get away and spend time with family and friends. There is different enough to do to keep everyone entertained. I will come back here again. Try it, I dare you! You will have fun.

Keep on going and don’t stop!

I stayed here a while ago. It is too noisy with the highways and cars passing by on the roads. People do block you in here, due to not enough parking. Spaces are limited and too small! A big camper or even an RV is not comfortable and can barely fit with another camper/rv on the side of it. I couldn’t even move all of my slides out with a camper next door. The rules are no strict, you can’t have anything on the ground. Also, I will add this if you are a Christian and not a Mormon; DON’T STAY HERE! The place is run by mostly Mormon! They do judge and do look down on you. I would prefer more privacy and being open minded and excepting.

Skyline Ranch RV Resort

First off, this place is really outdated. The spots are too small, so I would suggest staying on gravel. The camps and condos are so undated. I wouldn’t stay in them. The camp/rv spots rent monthly for $800 for water, sewer, and electricity (doesn’t include extras like wifi), which is way to much. The water has problems and runs orange and ruined some of my clothes. They will not reimburse you for anything being ruined. Don’t get me started about how much the condos/camps are a night. Too much for an outdated condo/camp!!

The staff is friendly. Bathrooms are okay, but outdated.

The event they have once a year is too loud and too wild! Which is sad for a family camp ground. They should be more morally grounded for family. That event is not kid friendly at all. I didn’t care for the other events.

They have two washer and dryers on site, but you can only use one at a time and it cost, so it’s better just to go to the laundry mat.

The pool is not just for Skyline use. They let the public come use it as well. Which really sucks for renters paying $800 a month, the public shouldn’t be aloud to join in on the pool. It should be private.

I would not recommend this place or return any time soon.