Randy H.

San angelo, TX

Joined June 2019

Nice Park

Its a nice park, i was here for some end of summer camping and even though everyone had the same idea as i did, it was still a nice area. It was crowded but im assuming due to it being a holiday. The hiking and views while hiking are TOP NOTCH, especially the waterfall a cool reprieve on a warm day, however the fishing from the bank is extremely lacking. I expect its due to to such shallow water near shore and im assuming would be better from the boat. All in all, would definitely stay here again just would pick diff time of year


Wide opens fields surrounding the lake, shelter/shade type enclosures and boat launch

Primitive camping

Stayed at a primitive site up the highway a bit thinking the distance from the main amenities would mean less people and less noise. Boy was I wrong. The spots we looked at were all trashed and filthy. Broken glass, McDonalds trash, and lots of old garbage that hadn't been cleaned. The dumpster for the sites was overfilled onto the ground. The day use in that area was ridiculous, alot of loud teenagers and partying. I get it, I was a kid once too but I stayed out in the sticks specifically to keep away from crowds and it was absolutely not worth it. The lakes are nice and the things you can do at this park are awesome but between, the trash, the people, and the highway bisecting the park, I can't really see myself staying here again. 2 stars

4.5 STARS!!

My son and I have stayed here multiple times. We love it! The campgrounds are clean and beautiful, and even during peak times the people that stay are usually very friendly, as are the rangers when they make their nightly rounds. There are some amenities, a small restaurant and gift store and the cave tour is really cool although a little pricey. All in all its a fantastic little hideaway. The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is because sometimes the park closes or they have to evacuate due to the quick rise of the river. Easy fix though, just call ahead to see if they're open