Rae W.

Portland, OR

Joined July 2018

I'm a retired RN who is disabled and used a walker. With the help of good friends, I still love to camp anywhere my van can travel!

Kingfisher, MHNF

Kingfisher CG is on the road to Bagby Hot Springs and Campground. I've never camped there before, but it was on the Collawash River and I've loved that tributary of the Clackamas for years. We were in #19 one of the few sites available on Reserve America. It was large enough for two or three tents. There were both old growth Cedar and Douglas Fir all around, with understory vine maple shading the whole campsite. Each site was spacious and private. Pit pots were clean with no smell. The campground host even rescued our chronic runaway Husky, Sage, as he snuck out of the van one morning. In all a beautiful place to escape the Valley heat.