Rachel S.


Santa Rosa , CA

Joined September 2020

Literally a 10 out of 5

I’m hesitant to tell anybody about this gem because I want it to remain as peaceful and perfect as it is. There is a toilet and there are fire rings. There are some established spots off the beach or you can set up right on the beach (does it get any better???) If you’re going to do the lost coast, this is the way to do it. Plan on packing everything you need in and out!

The Crazies got Crazy on us!

Absolutely breathtaking views with a long, beautiful dirt road in to the campsite. The campground is rural but perfectly well equipped with vault toilets (which needed tending to when we were there TBH), rock fire rings and picnic tables. We were looking forward to exploring this gorgeous area, but Mother Nature had other plans for us. We were able to easily find a private site and set up camp and have a peaceful evening under the stars, looking forward to our hike in the morning. We went to sleep all happy and cozy. We woke up to the craziest wind storm around 1am!!! Our tent took quite a beating, we are estimating that winds were above 50mph!!! Needless to say, we were exhausted in the morning and packed up promptly and promised ourselves we would return!

A true gem

This is a truly hidden piece of paradise. Absolutely beautiful alpine lakes, awesome 4x4 trail in through stunning terrain and complete serenity upon arrival. There are no amenities here other sites than a stone fire pit (perfect!) and we were lucky enough to happen upon a site with a wooden table some previous camper had built. We originally planned on staying only one night, but this place was so perfect we decided to extend our stay. There were a few other people around, but you never really knew they were there as everyone was quiet (always a bonus). The lakes were a bit chilly in late August, but that did not deter determined kids! I think I fell in love with this place and we will be back for sure!

Perfect in every way

Quiet, serene and absolutely beautiful. We were basically alone in the entire campground the week before Labor Day. Completely off the beaten path. The road in is actually quite easy and the area has many 4x4 trails to explore, although the campground should be easily accessible in 2wd. We camped back beyond the developed sites, so we just had a rock fire pit and no picnic table but it was easy to adapt. There is a vault toilet at the developed campground. Absolutely beautiful. -also, there is a ghost town you can reach via a short hike. -when we were here, many spots were “held” by hunters leaving their trailers in a spot, so the developed sites looked very full, but were basically uninhabited.

Beauty on the rocks

Camping,kokopelli trail and views are amazing here. High ground clearance vehicles recommended. There were a few other campers, but we never heard a peep.