Rachel O.

Minneapolis, MN

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Arnold Wulf’s Rural Oasis

I’m a bit biased on this one as Arnold Wulf is my great-grandfather, but I do have a lot of fond memories from this park.

Near Lost Nation, Oxford Junction, and Wyoming, IA this park is an unexpected find in rural, eastern Iowa. The camping areas have expanded. Plenty of hook-ups for RVs and such, but there are also some backcountry, hike-in sites off of the main trail. Most of the available camping is right off the road that goes through Eden Valley County Refuge, so that’s not the most ideal.

The swinging bridge and observation tower are the main structural attractions, but there are also several caves scattered about. Overall, very enjoyable and there aren’t a lot of places like this nearby. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.

Nice Campground

It’s a ways out, but very nice. Off of the Gunflint Trail, down a gravel road you’ll find this peaceful campground. Very pleasant.

Large Campground along Superior National Forest/BWCA

Large, busy campground. You have to check in at the Sawbill Canoe Outfitters across the street from the campground entry. Even if you reserved online. It’s a bit bizarre, but whatever. Campsites are hit or miss. Some are spectacular. Some are on top of each other. Mine was right next to another site. However, it was also near water and the bathrooms.

Temperance River Camprground Not w/in the State Park- cute, isolated campground

Welcome to Superior National Forest. First come, first serve is not a joke on Labor Day weekend. I didn’t get to camp here, but I grabbed a couple of pics that provide info I didn’t find elsewhere about the campsite. I definitely will be back to stay here. Super secluded. Campsites aren’t on top of each other.

Prairie dogs are reclaiming their land and I love it.

Holy cats it was windy when I set up camp here. It's so flat that when the wind comes through, it just does not stop. AND the ground was SO hard. Super glad I had a real, metal hammer in my car to get my stakes in the ground. 

Lots of available spots when I arrived mid-afternoon, but the sites with covered tables were all taken. Lots of prairie dogs. 

Vault toilet was fine, but a line formed during busy times and ran out of tp. 

THERE IS NO WATER HERE. And the spigot at the entry was broken, so I had to drive to the complete other end of the Badlands to get more water. Bring your own in if you can. Sage Creek could be used with a filter, but it was pretty shallow, slow moving, and a nice sage green color. I took the drive.

Campground Perfect for an NCT Section Hike

Lots of campsites here and not many of them being used this Memorial Day weekend (thank you, COVID-19). This allowed for a pretty distanced visit and relatively quiet experience in the middle of the country. If it was full, it could have been loud. Horses are also welcome here, so there are some horse noises that may be startling if not expected (clanking metal, etc). Great stargazing. Clean water and vault toilets. Great access to the NCT. Great signage. Well kept. I enjoyed my stay here.

Quality Campsite

Stayed at Campsite 17. Very spacious. Close to trail to vault toilet (without being too close). Speaking of, vault toilet must’ve been cleaned recently. Smelled nice? 2 air fresheners inside. Pretty buggy in early July. Being serious bug spray. My site didn’t have direct water access but some do. I had to walk 50 feet for lake access. $14 well spent.

Camping Beside a Mini Waterfall

Serene campsite with the perfect mix of tall trees and a large bluff. Drinking water was palatable. I personally think campsite 7 was the best. Path down to the creek and there was a small waterfall right there. Rod & Gun is a great location in Spearfish Canyon. Great for hiking and a quick drive to multiple full-size waterfalls.