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An excellent choice

Such positive energy at this grounds. Friendly and kind staff eager to help, tons of nearby trails through dunes, trees, beaches, good for all kinds of motor sports with the dunes close by. Grounds are clean, peaceful and quiet with some residents.

Clean, Rocky grounds

This is a great spot if proximity to water is important to you. Sites are well maintained but hard to come by—make reservations in advance! Hop away from water and another highlight are the nearby monarch groves where the butterflies migrate to the trees and you can walk through on paths.

Definitely the better choice in the neighborhood

We popped over here after peeking around next door and it seemed like a hidden gold mine! Easy walk straight to the water, good for bikes (fairly flat well maintained road) and we felt really safe since it’s gated.

Coastal side of the highway

Positioned directly across from Morro Bay high school, these grounds are directly off the exit and can’t be missed. It is on the coastal side of the highway with almost a direct shot to the flat beaches of Morro Bay with a direct view of Morro Rock. Staff was friendly, easy check in/out process (yay!)

Friendly folks

Spacious, well maintained grounds with friendly and helpful staff. Highlights featuring laundry and showers! This was the perfect stop for us after a couple sites without shower access. Quiet for being in such a small city and easy access to gas and market

Seaside haven

We stopped here after having heard wonderful things about Trinidad from a close friend. DO NOT miss this sweet little seaside town. Uber tiny community on the cliffs of the redwoods dropping right down to the sand and water. Unreal location great for families—plan to stay awhile, you’ll want the time to explore the nearby trails in the state park

Highly recommended for families

Grounds were clean with plenty of room for families and children to play, though at the time we stopped here in December, it was pretty quiet. $35

Excellent location

Directly off the highway (which can get congested around eureka) this ground has location for it. Removed enough from the activity of the city and road it’s a good option if you like the convenience of city comforts without actually staying within its limits

Oh! Also! There’s an In & Out in Eureka not to be missed :)

Excellent stay

This regional park campground ensures less competition for a site than state parks and is well worth it. Surrounded by thick redwoods, trails run off every campsite. Close proximity to neighboring sites, but numbers are so limited right now due to covid there were only two other parties staying here the night we stopped. Incredibly clean and well maintained grounds. Spacious coin operated showers, dark restrooms with flushing toilets, the highlight for us was definitely the sense of being submerged in nature while really only a short shoot off the main road. Curious raccoons come close at night and there are some very cool tent sites to walk out to that definitely get hit with the coastal breeze and road noise. The cool trees around those sites almost make up for that fact

Excellent midway stop

We took a breather on a longer drive from the north headed back toward San Francisco and we’re happy we did! Fort Bragg was very charming and like most sites off this road, it was a pretty direct shot towards the water. Perfect proximity to the water on the coastal side of the highway

Missed out

We wanted to stop here based on previous reviews but it was unfortunately closed

Highly recreational

Agree with previous reviews that it’s best suited for RV camping. Spacious beach, cozy neighbors, consistent traffic, excellent sunset with shockingly beautiful waves

Great family stop

We stopped through while passing Eureka on our way north and we’re so happy that we did! The cabins are cute and charming (be prepared, no kitchen) and the grounds clean.

Right in the trees

We checked out these grounds on our way to the Burlington campground as this site is just east off the same exit. While it might be an excellent place if you’re not too picky about sloping sites, we were very pleased to be staying at Burlington which ended up being nice and flat. Excellent facilities otherwise

Grew up camping at Siskiyou

Whether with family or the Girl Scouts, Siskiyou was a repeat camping destination growing up. The lovely red earth, thick green trees and uniquely beautiful blue/teal water makes for a welcoming lake day for all ages. My cousins and I used to fish in the evenings after a day of playing in the water or hiking. Have seen deer and bears here

Peaceful dune walks

We stayed here for a night at the tail end of a December California adventure before flying out of SFO the next day. We wanted to get close enough to the city that the morning drive in wouldn’t be too taxing, while also sleeping beachside one last night. This location accomplished the task and made for an interesting close to a fairly remote trip. We camped on the jetty facing the water, so the view helped. But sites are very close and very packed in. With little to no cover from plant life, you will want to be prepared to be seen at all times. Benefit—gentle dunes covered in succulents lead the way to the waterside where there’s a long stretch for walking punctuated with benches. And if you’re able to get to them at night, the dunes offer a fairly beautiful view of the stars. Coin operated showers connected openly to the restrooms, plenty of nearby towns for supplies, group fire pit areas near the restrooms and host—don’t forget to reserve in advance and expect a line during the check in process

Basic rec area

As a SLO native, this colors my interest in this park. Highlight coming from a local are the different events held here throughout the year such as the Renaissance Fair. Makes for a nice midway stop between San Luis and Morro Bay for kids to stretch their legs or to have a picnic lunch

Elephant seals and sunsets

This is a great stop if you want to spend some time with the elephant seals without the crowds of Big Sur.

Proximity to water

Proximity to water is definitely the highlight of this coastal grounds. Sites themselves are a bit small and very visible to neighbors, but we made a couple work for four families and were cozy. A stones throw away from the water, this campground is easy to visit at any point in the year weather-wise. Just don’t forget to make reservations!

Convenient location

Convenient location right off the 101 in a very lovely little central coast city. Nearby markets, swap meet, drive-in and gas stations. Location is really what this grounds has going for it as San Luis Obispo is such a treasure